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Twist of Fate @ Santa Fe Cafe

Fullerton, California, USA

Fullerton, California, USA

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West Hollywood, California, USA

West Hollywood, California, USA

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(06/01/05 @ Red Eyed Fly)

Former NIN axeman Ralf Dietel’s L.A. band lives up to its name. -

- The Austin Chronicle

And in the beginning there was Suicide Holiday. It was brought from the old world of the Eastern Block...An intimate screaming voice that carried with it emotion, ignighting guitars, imploding bass, and explosive drums...over the rusted and decaying ruins of the iron curtian and above and beyond the usual cookie-cutter, stem-cell cloned, Bad Religion/Nirvana sound-alike bands.

There are no words to describe the Suicide Holiday mistique or their incredible neat little box to contain them within...
Real, euphoric, intense, sad...all attempts at labeling would be misnomers.

It has been said..."Suicide Holiday don't play a song, they live it."

Under the facade of the fake, commercial, materialistic-desire driven world of today, it is refreshing to know there is a band like Suicide Holiday.
A band who can be subtle, raging, boisterous and still make a more important contribution to our music scene than many who choose to contribute to its ever-increasing desecration.

This time Suicide Holiday will burn it all down...ashes to ashes...and dust to dust. - Laura Defelice


Demo released in April 2005:
The Poison
Head First
The End

Additional Tracks to be released in 2005:
Seen it All Before
Tears of Gasoline
Follow me Down
Suicide Holday


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Suicide usually isn't something someone randomly commits; it is typically a well thought-out, planned course of action.... just like someone would plan for a long deserved vacation......sort of a Suicide Holiday."

Career Suicide, such was the general consensus of his peers revolving around Ralf Dietel's premature departure from multi platinum goth rockers Nine Inch Nails. But what they didn't know was that Ralf, although thankful for the chance, uniquely did not share this point of view. Most Musicians would have considered an opportunity such as his, the fame, the money, a world tour, to be the realization of the ultimate in rock and roll success. However Dietel had felt oddly uninspired and restricted under the direction and control of musical genius Trent Reznor. Upon leaving, he chose to define his path as the realization of his own unfulfilled musical vision.

In a sense, Suicide Holiday was born from the first chords of discontent that rang out from Dietel's battered Les Paul in the underground clubs of Stuttgart, Germany. Having established himself in Europe by constantly touring, playing festivals, and sharing the stage with bands like Rammstein, the Foo Fighters and Faith No More, Ralf felt the pressure of a glass ceiling bearing down on him. Longing to ascend to the next level, he departed his homeland for the smoggier pastures of Los Angeles, California.

On arrival he plunged head first into the music scene. He joined the successful L.A. rock band Intangible, was signed to Larkio Records, and recorded an album with them. Around the same time he also hooked up with Kaizer a founding member of the Santa Cruz Punk band No More Heroes. Together they formed Feuer to perform some of Dietel’s original music.

When their original drummer parted ways, Hirsch came into the fold. With his Copeland-esque technique and power, Hirsch had marked his territory at major European festivals including Fete de la Musique in Paris and had rocked in support of American and NATO troops in Bosnia and Kosovo.

From that point, a new sound began to emerge from the trio. Kaizer moved to bass guitar and Ralf found a newly homless young kid to take over on Lead. Jared - a guitar virtuoso from Indiana, who's skills also provide smokin' lead guitar for his band Pet The Dog. Together the four chose to abandon their preconceptions of how rock music was supposed to sound, shed their inhibitions, and go on Suicide Holiday.

Welcome to the dark side of rock…