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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Origivation Magazine"

GUT REACTION: Awesome. This reminds me a lot of The Pat McGee Band or

INFLUENCES: PMB, Dave Matthews Band, Hootie and the Blowfish / Darius
Rucker, Jimmy Buffet, Phish and Edwin McCain?


HIGH: Great light hearted jam tunes executed delightfully.

LOW: The quality of the recording. My guess is that this wasn't mastered
which is a no-no. With so much happening on this album I want to hear it all.
Some of the parts are being buried. I sounds almost like I'm listening to
this through old car speakers. Also, the storm into on track #5, Rain, makes
me think Doors.

MUSICALITY: Great sounding, well put together jams. Balanced and on target.
Nobody is stepping on each others talent. The flow and transition between
parts is smooth.

LYRICALITY: Great storytelling value on love and relationships, usually along
the lines of breakups and reconciliation down to the last line of the last
listed song- "You won't let me swim" from the song Fish in the Sea.

FAVORITE TRACK: #4: Jersey Shore. Obviously a topic that Philadelphians can
identify with. Also, #5: Rain. Memorable and easy to find a groove. My guess
is that this song is a fan favorite. The hidden track was a nice addition as
well. One man and his acoustic brings the album to a tidy end.

REVIEW: Suits Jones combines the best of the influences listed above into a
jamalicious boogiedelic groove machine. Obviously each member of the band
is talented and know their boundaries so as not to trample over each other.
This would be a great band to see live. The CD alone had me up and groovin'
in no time, and since I do the reviews dressed only in a hoola skirt and
coconut bra, it wasn't a pretty sight, but... TMI. Anyway, You gotta check
these guys out. I've never done this before, but I think this is a
GUARANTEED successful group, a truly must-see.

- Mike Brennan


The only thing to be said here is that THIS is a party band. They had tons of fans, tons of fun, and tons of laughs. The masses flocked to party with these boys, and I'm sure they'll follow them anywhere. The positive energy and gaping smiles filled the place, and this 'bare-naked-ladies' style can best be described as FUN. Good time had by all- party on!
- J.C.


Suits Jones
You either love this band or more than like them. I think they put a cover or two in there, but you wouldn't even notice it since they do it in their own Suits Jones gospel-rock-party band-hallelujah style.

Firstly, everyone in the band can sing, and sing well, which automatically makes them very intersting on stage. That quality, coupled with the soulful almost Southern Baptist-sounding voice of the lead singer, combined with frolicking energy of the bassist and the awesome rapport with the crowd always make their shows fun. One thing I think that goes unnoticed is the great lead guitar play. The acoustic and bass are loud and really drive, but sneaking in there is the lead guitar of Kirk, which makes the band different, to say the least.

While they have radio-friendly songs already, I'd love to see some more "rock out" songs, but once again that's just me. Suits Jones makes you dance, and that is freaking important. DO NOT miss these dudes when they come back to town to do a "Moke" chant. - George Wacker (writer for the Allentown Times


While the roots of the band have been recording tracks for over 7 years now, Suits Jones considers their debut CD to be Suitable, released in February, 2003. The CD has seen airplay on major radio stations such as Philadelphia's Y100.3 and WYSP 94.1, and Allentown's WZZO 95.1. The CD has also had airplay on many smaller stations such as Villanova College Radio, Cabrini College Radio, and Rutgers University Radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The roots of the Suits started in North Jersey when a young Jason Byrnes and an equally young Kirk Rupprecht met in '93. From there they played under various names, and devised the style that would come together in 2000 to create Suits Jones. Scooter Adams and Gavin Inverso joined at that time, bringing an already developed rhythm section from their previous band. With influences ranging from the Spin Doctors, Barenaked Ladies, and Counting Crows to jam bands like Phish and Moe, and to soulful artists such as Stevie Wonder and and the Jacksons, Suits Jones captures and maintains an upbeat and positive atmosphere at all of their performances. In a time when the radio is saturated with Nu-metal, Suits Jones tries to bring a positive outlook on music. The core belief of the band is that music is provided to humanity as gift so that it might bring happiness into the lives of those listening. This belief is quite evident in the fun-spirited songs and performances of the group. Reviews have illustrated Suits Jones by saying such things as, "positive energy and gaping smiles filled the place (" ; "You either love this band or more than love them. . . I think they put a cover or two in there, but you wouldn't even notice it since they do it in their own Suits Jones gospel-rock-party band-hallelujah style. ("; "The CD alone had me up and groovin' in no time. . . I've never done this before, but I think this is a GUARANTEED successful group, a truly must see (Origivation Magazine)." Suits Jones will continue to branch out beyond Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York this year to more devoutly pursue their love of music. In addition, they are now promoting their debut CD, Suitable. Containing influences from pop, rock, college, latin, and funk genres, this eclectic mix is their finest accomplishment. They recorded this album at the notorious FTM Studios in Denver, CO, under the insightful production of Courtney Shaw. The band looks forward to a fun year of playing, recording, promoting, and growing as a group.