Sukker Punch

Sukker Punch


Absolutely wicked, positively mean; this is the rock and roll that's sick and obscene. Dynamic, forceful rock held together by an F'n little loud chic.


Sometime around 1996, Sukker Punch was not Sukker Punch at all, but just a solid connection between 2 friends, bassist Amber Kelly and guitar player Tom Dooley. Together they  wrote intense, rock driven rhythms and melodic lics that would later be used in some of Sukker Punch's most forceful tunes.  In January of 1998 they stumbled onto Tia Bocker, a powerhouse singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY who would add sledgehammer-like lyrics and music to the mix. These three would be the core of
Sukker Punch. They endured some growing pains and a few line-up changes, starting
out as Stargazer, and then a few years later re-tooling the band to create BlueScream.
They never stopped stomping the scene and they never stopped hunting for the perfect
element to make them complete.  In 2005, drummer Michael Cooperman  would join the band and become that force to hold them together. Sukker Punch is gonna kick some
serious ass all over the tri state area's music scene with their strongest line up ever!!!!
You have lived through the earthquake. Can you handle the smack of the sledgehammer?


It's How I Feel

Written By: Tom/Tia

It's like being underwater. It's like being under glass. Should just smack my head with a fucking sledgehammer then maybe I'll feel today. Oh, maybe I'll feel today.

Chorus: Can anybody help me? Can anybody relate? Woa, anybody feel me? I gotta know if you relate.

It's like being just...numb. And they like it like that when you're under their thumb. I just lie here while they crawl all over me. God don't let me feel today. No don't want to feel today.

Part 2 Elemental

Written By: Amber/Tia

Talk down to me I'm addicted to your sucker punch. Curse me ya know I go numb in the heart everytime. She's creaping up to protect me you better get ready for me.

Pre chorus: I'm sorry baby. Now look what you made me do. I'm sorry baby I'll never do that again.

Chorus: It's elemental, you're going mental well we gonna put you down. It's elemental you're going mental well we're gonna put you down.

Beat me you know your words don't leave a scar you can see but I feel the blow to my gut everytime. She's creaping up to take over, you better move over for me.

My Thing

Written By: Amber/Tom/Tia

You do it your way and I'll do it mine. You don't tell me and we'll be just fine. I'm very stubborn in the way I like to do things and if you'd be so kind as to stay behind - it's my thing yeah.

It's my thing, it's my thing yeah.

You do it your way and I'll come on my own. You don't tell me or I'll rip u to the bone. I'm very stubborn in the way I like to do things and it'd be so cool for you to choke on your rules, it's my thing yeah.