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Simply put, Phoenix based emcee Sulai is know for his relentless wit, keen insights, and recounting of life in a truthful manner, all the while his rhymes are laced with an element of humility that makes for effortless delivery. Sulai, is unadulterated and poignant hip hop with over a decade of music making and a recording contract under his belt.

Originally from Detroit, Sulai channels the revolutionary fervor of Motown and its unmatched spirit of creativity. With his positive content, eloquent and powerful rhymes, Sulai has proven to be one of the Valley’s most well-known and respected emcees.

Known to many as Novelty, Sulai recently decided to be go by his real name (Sulai, short for Sulaiman), which in Swahili means ‘wise and peaceful leader’. This is a natural change as he has come to epitomize that within the hip hop community.

Sulai is known throughout the mid and southwest for putting on an extraordinary show. Whether the set includes a DJ or live instruments, Sulai is guaranteed to get your mind and body moving. He has performed in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and dozens of other cities throughout the U.S. and has had an overwhelmingly great reception every time. He has opened for major label artists in various genres of music, including most recently Ne-Yo and Common.

In today’s age when words are spoken haphazardly and without much thought to their influence, Sulai reminds his audience of the weight of the tongue by carefully orchestrating artistic sequences in a manner that leaves music lovers hopeful and wanting more.