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The Sula Ventrebinco mix modern sound and atavistic quid. The Band offers a visceral and hot rock that remid for afar the System of a Down but they shine on his own, for the greatest originality of his sound and the voice. Salvatore Carannante has a rough voice that mixes well with that of Giuseppe Cataldo ( guitarrist and second voice), becoming an explosive vector of adrenaline, as “Occhi nei cuori”. It's nice to see as new rock band can follow its own. The album “Cosa?” it's an hand grenade that breaks the wall of the sound of the italian rock, for delineate a new mediterranean horizon. - Anna Marisco


Ventrebianco dirty-heart. If you belong to some kind of people that needs to read the first page of magazines or million copies sold for appreciate a band, please do not read this review. Unless you forget all prejudice.
Sula Ventrebianco aren't arleady on the cover in the music shops, but they will come very soon. Specially if they continue along the road of the debut album “Cosa?”.
Stuff to worry mr. Capovilla, because very soon someone will steal his job, as well as the Italian record, able to combine a dirty rock with lyrics cured to perfection. Even more they put inside their land, using the dialect, than mediterranean melodies.
You just need to turn up the volume. - Micaela De Bernardo


Cosa!? Lp - 2010

Via la faccia, Lp - 2013 - Ikebana Records



Sula Ventrebianco are like a grandmother, with wrinkles and hump, dressed with dirty clothes, chasing you while holding strange objects, to cancel that grin on your face. Redeemed, she’s back to fill your afternoons with fables and apple pies.

Sula Ventrebianco were born in 2007, and in the same year they won the Critics Prize and the award for Best Drummer at Rock In Naples. The next year, they won Italia Campania Wave and consequently had the chance to perform on stage at Italy Wave Love Festival in Livorno, won the ARCI award at the interpreters Festival Alternative Version, and participate to the Farcisentire festival along with bands like “Il teatro degli orrori”, “Fratelli Calafuria” and “Zen Circus”. In 2009 they released the promo disc "Cosa!?", selling 700 copies in a short time and over 1500 downloads from Web portals

The same album has good reviews by experts and allow them to participate, in 2010, at MEI (meeting indipendent label) and win Martelive Italy contest.

In 2011, they have carried around their music in the major italian cities: Milan, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Pescara and many others, being indicated as one of the most interesting emerging bands in Italian rock scene and have the opportunity to share the stage with best rock bands of the moment. At the end of the same year, Sula Ventrebianco signed a contract with Ikebana Records, an independent label based in Naples, and in August 2012 they recorded "Via la faccia" at Massive Arts Studio in Milan. The album, which will be released on January 15, is distributed by Venus and supported by Jacopo Rondinelli’s videoclip and the promotion by Lunatik.