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Montréal, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE

Montréal, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Americana Folk


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"SuLE Rocks to the top with 'The Fall'"

Montreal, Tuesday, September 18, 2007:
Montreal, QC– Rising star, prodigy, renegade, phenom, chameleon - over almost a decade, Sule (Heitner) has grown from a quintessential sideman into a solo phenomenon. Now more than ever, the eyes of the world are upon him, and with THE FALL, he comes out swinging, surpassing the pressures and expectations placed upon an artist rising from the urban confines of Montreal, Canada. The artists will release this highly anticipated debut album entitled "THE FALL" in November 2007.

With THE FALL, Sule is putting himself out there like never before. Every one of the disc's 10 songs are written by the artist himself, exploring themes both deeply private and resoundingly political. Collaborating with Platinum/Grammy-nominated Engineer/Producer JesseJaeo Tolbert (who has worked with everyone from George Clinton to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, from Yin-Yang Twins to Aretha Franklin), Sule, the artist, has truly pushed himself to new heights both as a writer and performer. This is a world-class production produced at Montreal’s renowned recording facility Planet Studios.

"This album was total therapy," says Sule Heitner "Writing these songs and saying everything I had to say makes it possible to move on."

Inspired by such classic rock artists as Lenny Kravitz, Seal, and soul artists such as Marvin Gaye and Gil Scott Heron, THE FALL's alternative/rock/soul vibe speaks to a wide international audience. THE FALL's lyrics cover an impressive range of territory, addressing everything from War ("Duck and Cover") to the psychology of celebrity ("ZERO"). "Alive" examines the freedom experienced by opening one self to one self and to others, uncovering personal secrets and unleashing demons. "Go On (With Your Bad Self)" motivates listeners to overcome adversity and to find the strength from within.

Sule, singer and songwriter, born in Montreal is a musical prodigy. Sule produces and writes music for
artists from around the globe. He has contributed vocally and performed as principle guitarist with the
world-famous Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir. Sule can be heard on Tribal Groove's independently
released EP “Party at the Sun”. His artistic pedigree includes concert appearances with Celine Dion.
Studio jazz guitar performances with Bet-e and Steph (Universal) and Atomic Cocktail. Sule accompanied
multi-platinum French R&B singer Corneille on his promotional tour of France and, additionally, performed
with French R&B singer Gage.

Recently, Sule's composition "Song For Lea" was released on the Cafe Melies CD compilation Vol. 1, and was awarded the Black Theatre Workshop's "Gloria Mitchell-Aleong" award for excellence in the arts.
- Unity Gain Productions

" review"

Well this is hardly your typical prog cd, but when this package came to me i was almost immediately intrigued. With the cd there is a comic, wich visualizes the music. Now I've never seen a ConceptComicAlbum, so this will surely raise a few eyebrows.

The music is far from your typical prog-album. I read in the Bio that 'Sule' is influenced by Prince and Curtis Mayfield, but it also reminded me of Massive Attack and other Bristol based Trip-Hop bands. Some parts also reminded me of St.Germain with the four-to-the-floor beats with some excellent jazzy musicianship played over it (fantastic guitar-work on the track 'On the main').
The album has a cool urban vibe to it, with lots of reggae, funk and jazz influences. You can hear dubby drums, funky wah guitars, cool vocoder effects and a vocalist with a smooth dark voice. The lyrics deal about (the troubled) life in the city, and the music and the comic complete each other perfectly in a SinCity kind of way.

I know this isn't your run of the mill prog-cd, but there is enough musical talent and original concepts to keep this progger happy. Overall this is a perfect chill-out album for those late nights. Fans of St.Germain and the Bristol sound should definitely check it out.

For more info, Samples and artwork visit

Posted by fenderberg on May 16 2006 23:44:26 - progforum

"Bars And Clubs Nightlife"

Keep an ear open for original singer/songwriter Sule, A guitarist who also sang with the Montreal Jubilation Gospal Choir for five years. Sule is beginning to put his own stamp on the town that shaped him with rock, soul and R&B stylings that lean towards the likes of Prince and Curtis Mayfield. Catch him in the act at Quartier Latin on March 8th starting at 10:30 pm. - The Hour

"The Hour Feb 1, 2007"

Tuesday, Feb. 6: After the realness of last week's show with Ashes On The Table, Karma and Lotus, Global NTT's Plug & Play continues with special guest Sule stealing the spotlight. A prodigy of sorts, Sule is a graduate of Vanier's and Concordia's music departments, founder of the internationally renowned Tribal Groove project, contributing guitarist and vocalist to the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, and has toured with Sky, Corneille and Atomic Cocktail. Give it up for real music (at Jello Bar).
-Steve Lalla- - Communications Voir inc.

"Modern Times"

I found this wonderful artist named Sule while evaluating a bunch of tracks for my Broadjam Pro Reviewer gig. At first, I was having a tough time deciding who would be the top five, until I heard “Duck And Cover.” I kept listening and the more I heard the track the more I ‘heard’ and enjoyed. After that, it was easy; Sule was my hands down winner.

Modern Times is concept album in development and the 16 tracks I listened to on this CD are sneak preview of what is to come sometime this year. Sule told me probably by early summer we should see the finished product. Along with CD comes a comic book, set in modern times with all the trappings you find lurking in the street, just waiting to snatch every ounce of sanity you have left.

Sule is not a stranger to the street; you can hear it in his voice. When I chatted with him, I detected no Canadian accent but a New York one, which I thought was unusual. He called it New York/Canadian accent with a twist, the twist being the street sensibility you hear all over the place in his music and story of Modern Times.

“Duck And Cover” is the most interesting track on the CD. There are five different versions, don’t worry though its not overkill, each one stands on its own very well. Sule is well versed in exploring all the genres and he does it convincingly, not just with the five versions covering prog-rock, R & B, reggae, dance and trance, but some cool jazz for a hot day on tracks like “Spring On The Main,” an instrumental diamond that changes the pace of the entire album. As soon as you feel nice and relaxed with that tune then “Sneakin’” comes at you with some funk, rap, street beats, and some nice piano to add some soothing elements to a song with an edge. The title track is a great R & B number that focuses on Sule’s talent for singing as if he was born to make this kind of music. “The Riot” has commentary by a radio announcer’s voice to start things off to you make feel like you are right their experiencing the event, with the sound of the crowd in the background, all set to a reggae-jazz-funk groove. I love “Zero” as well, it rocks then steps back with some soft keyboards, and the guitar jumps right back in the saddle with rocking rhythms and that driving fuzz guitar sound backed by thumping bass.

What does it all boil down too? Well that is not an easy thing to explain when one artist covers so much ground. Think of The Brother’s Johnson in the new millennium with hints of progressive rock, funk, reggae, and rhythm and blues, if that makes any sense, well, guess you have to hear it and make your own call. I can say one thing with assurance, I love this music, and it is refreshing to hear such variety from one artist.

There is a lot to this man and his music, much more than I covered. I am really looking forward to hearing the final mix down of this project and seeing how the final comic book turns out.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-


- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-


Review: Wow – what a voice! Thoroughly enjoy the musicianship on this album from the very first note. Sule hits the ground running on “Who do you Burn for,” and never lets up through 12 original tracks and three remixes. Although he considers himself an Indie Folk Rock artist, we believe his music would fit very well into both contemporary Country and Americana genres. His voice is eerily similar to that of Darius Rucker, both as a solo artist and as the lead singer for Hootie & the Blowfish. “Love Me” (both the original and country swing versions) has the makings to be a huge smash hit, as does “Drop Your Guns.” Truthfully, ever song is a winner here, and we don’t believe you will be skipping any of the tracks. For a change of pace, check out the waltzy feel of “All I Need is You” and the bluesy feel of the title track. He closes out the record with an amazing rocker “Banquet for the Damned.” What a trip!

Recommendation: Another potential greatest albums of 2018 – Get this one as soon as possible! - LA MUSIC CRITIC

"Bistro artist : Sule Heitner"

Often compared to Lenny Kravitz, probably because he’s a guitarist who bears a resemblance to the American superstar, Sule Heitner isn’t just a beautiful hunk. Beneath his imposing coif, this deep-voiced Concordia graduate (a bachelor’s degree in music) also happens to be supremely talented.

He works the Indie-Folk and Blues genres, offering interesting adaptations of lesser­ known works. A Sule performance is a real musical Back to the Future. No flux capacitor needed here: banjo, harmonica and guitar are the devices used to transport the audience back in time.

His recent appearances on the wildly popular Quebec TV show La Voix helped raise this singer/songwriter’s profile. But he’s been at it for years, performing and recording, paying his dues. Sule (pronounced Sue-Lay) has worked with Corneille, Gage and Sky. He’s opened for no less than Kool & the Gang, Celine Dion, Sean Paul and Akon.

He’s comfortable in a wide range of genres. He’s as inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as he is by RnB, Blues, Funk and Soul artists like Marvin Gaye, B.B. King and Prince. This Hochelaga-Maisonneuve resident knows where he’s from, knows where he’s going, and knows what he can do – and do well.

For his most recent project, the Sule and the Very Bad Men trio, he recruited 2 excellent musicians – one of the city’s best drummers, and a bassist who’s worked on several TV shows. The 3 of them can sound as if they’re 8. Their musical numbers are simple and efficient – a difficult goal to achieve for the most proficient of composers.

Sule is working on an album. With his happy memories of La Voix, he’s got a wider audience waiting to buy up any CD featuring his original compositions. We here at The Social Eyes got a “sneak peek” at some tracks, and we give them two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Ever the B.Mus. grad, Sule also teaches music. He is never shy to share his skills and knowledge with up-and-coming musicians. He does so with characteristic humility. The young and the not-so-young lucky enough to profit from his advice find Sule to be a model of perseverance and self-esteem. As a youth, Sule sometimes found himself the victim of bullying. But he managed to survive and thrive, thanks to strong family values and the support of friends who shared those same values.

Sule Heitner’s many new fans who want to take a selfie with him will get their chance at the Bistro Ste-Cath. Between his sound check and his show, he’ll be there with his wife and young child. Besides being a dynamite artist, he’s also a dynamite father. - THE SOCIAL EYE

"Sule: "Love Me (Country Swing)""

Sule’s new song has swept us off our feet like a cool summer breeze. You won't want to miss this one, Gas Maskers!

“Love Me (Country Swing)” is an incredibly smooth showcase of Sule’s exceptional talent. Sule managed to use his velvety voice, blues influence, folky guitar, and a country blended chorus into the PERFECT swing track!? What!? Only a musical master could pull something like this off. This tune is rich in subtlety and musicianship, and we simply can’t get enough. This is an absolute office favorite this week, so we’re adding it to our Gas Mask FAVORITES Playlist! Don't forget to purchase your copy on iTunes today too.

Has Sule got you swingin’? Let us know on social media @GasMaskMagazine, and of course, stay tuned for more of the best tunes around right here on Gas Mask Magazine! - Gas Mask Magazine

"Le chanteur SULE se confie sur son parcours"

SULE lançait le 12 avril son premier «véritable» album, Hold On, au Biddle's Jr. de Montréal. L'opus de 11 chansons a des relents de country, de folk et de roots.

Un style éclectique

De son propre aveu, l'auteur-compositeur-interprète reconnaît qu'il est difficile d'affubler une étiquette précise à son style musical. «C'est plus facile de dire ce que c'est pas comme style! C'est pas du véritable country, c'est pas du véritable blues, c'est pas du véritable folk. C'est un mélange d'un petit peu de tout ça», réfléchit le musicien.

Élevé à Pierrefonds, SULE roule sa bosse depuis une vingtaine d'années dans l'industrie musicale québécoise. Fort d'un diplôme en musique de l'université Concordia, il commence à jouer avec un groupe avant d'être recruté par d'autres formations afin de les accompagner en tant que guitariste. De fil en aiguille, on peut l'entendre sur des enregistrements de Lionel Ritchie et l'apercevoir en première partie de Céline Dion, Kool And The Gang, Sean Paul et Akon.

Malgré ces réalisations, il décide par contre de se lancer en solo, jugeant qu'il bénéficierait d'une plus grande liberté créative: «Suivre les directions, ça fait partie du travail, quand tu es professionnel. Mais quand tu fais partie d'un groupe, d'une équipe, tu n'as pas vraiment ta voix à toi.»

La musique dans le sang

Sa passion pour la musique est une affaire de famille. Son père, un mélomane averti, avait une volumineuse collection de vinyles, tandis que sa mère chantait et jouait du piano. Ses deux soeurs, plus âgées que lui, l'ont également beaucoup influencé au niveau de ses inspirations musicales. Parmi celles-ci, on compte d'ailleurs notamment Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix et Prince.

Une expérience à La Voix enrichissante

En 2013, SULE se rend jusqu'aux quarts de finale de l'émission La Voix et se fait ainsi voir par trois millions de téléspectateurs. S'il a trouvé son aventure un brin stressante, il a toutefois adoré son expérience. «J'étais dans mon élément, j'étais entouré par d'autres artistes, je faisais des chansons, je pouvais donner mon avis», raconte-t-il.

Il y a certaines chansons avec lesquelles je suis tombé en amour, plus qu'avec les miennes!
Ce sont d'ailleurs les producteurs de l'émission qui l'ont poussé à chanter en français, lui qui malgré son bilinguisme, avait toujours chanté en anglais. Il a toutefois apprécié l'exercice au point de demander à un parolier d'adapter certaines de ses chansons en français. Et il n'a pas eu à le regretter: «Il y a certaines chansons avec lesquelles je suis tombé en amour, plus qu'avec les miennes!» Hold On compte d'ailleurs trois chansons en français.

Au cours des prochaines semaines, SULE fera quelques spectacles au Québec. Dans quelques mois l'attend un projet inusuel pour un artiste québécois, alors qu'il a quelques dates de spectacle prévues en Italie. - HUFFINGTON POST


The latest single from songwriter/musician/vocalist Sule, “Love Me”, is one of the most ingratiating new singles anyone will likely hear in 2018. Sule has logged years and miles working and sharing stages with some of the greatest performers in popular music such as Celine Dion and Lionel Richie, among others, and the lessons learned supporting some of the art form’s most popular talents serves him well in his own music. There’s intense soul, however, that he brings out in songs that, essentially, has its roots in R&B music, but shows a chameleon like ability to work within any style. “Love Me” is a tune straight out of the Americana playbook with its roots in jazz, blues, and classic country that Sule smooths out with deceptive gravitas and impeccable timing. “Love Me” is a song that gets under your skin with the first hearing and its impact only deepens with each additional listen.

The song opens with the steady amble of acoustic guitar paired up with Sule’s bluesy, smooth vocals. It’s easy to latch onto the tempo from the first and the song has an infectiousness sure to have you bobbing your head from the outset. It’s impossible to not admire the arrangement as it values directness over any unnecessary ornamentation and uses its best elements with some welcome discernment – harmony vocals strengthen Sule’s already fine singing, but they are employed only at key points like the chorus and, thus, exert much more of an effect on the song’s overall quality. The easy unfolding of melody is also handled in an understated, yet immensely artful, sort of way that does even more to distinguish this tune from customary offerings in this vein. There’s no question the track has a distinctly commercial edge, both vocally and musically, but there’s undeniable substance behind the tune.

The lyrics are on target without ever attempting to overshadow the music. There’s obviously great care taken to dovetail the words according to the arrangement’s needs, but this never subverts its chance to make a statement on its own. It’s raised up even higher by Sule’s superior vocal treatment and his mix of slinky smooth phrasing running right alongside an appealing soulful edge replete with a hint of gravel in his vocal chords. This mix of R&B style soul with just enough blues gives the vocal an emotive and never self-indulgent air. The percussive nature underlying the musical arrangement lines up well with the same qualities in Sule’s delivery to make for a more unified track. “Love Me” is unforgettable for a number of reasons and marks what, undoubtedly, will ultimately be rated as one of the most memorable moments in this Canadian artist’s career. One listen to these polished verses and exultant chorus will convince you he’s a first class talent you want to hear more from and, undoubtedly, we shall. It’s a great moment for music fans both young and old. - TOO MUCH LOVE MAGAZINE


EP- Tribal Groove "Party At The Sun"- 1998
Bet E and Steph "Bet E and Steph" Fever- 1999
Sule "Sule"- 2002
Single- Song For Lea "Café Meliés Vol. 1"- 2003
Sule "The Fall"- 2007
Sule "Alive" - 2009




As a regular performer at the legendary Jello Bar in Montreal, Sule (pronounced Sou-Lay) had many chance encounters with musical royalty. Although each would make for a great story, one such encounter remains particularly dear to him. “I remember this night specifically because I was going through one of those inevitable moments of doubt that happens periodically with young artists. I was genuinely considering throwing in the towel when a gentleman approached me with his hand extended and said, ‘You’re Sule. I’ve heard of you. You’re a very gifted artist’.” The gentleman was Edward Ellington, son of the great Duke Ellington. “He and his sister April’skindness and encouragement helped me put any self doubt I was feeling to rest.”

Sule‘s solo career may seem shiny and brand new by industry standards, but calling him an emerging artist falls somewhat short. An experienced artist known for his dedication to his craft, he’s supported acts such as Sky, Corneille and Stephane Moraille (Bran Van 3000) to name a few. He’s also shared the stage opening for acts such as Celine DionKool and the GangSean Paul and Akon, and is heard on albums such as Lionel Richie’s “Coming Home”, Bet-E and Steph’s debut record, singer songwriter Katheryn Berry’s EP and the Café Méliès compilation series Vol 1. He reached the quarter finals on season three of “La Voix”(Quebec’s version of “The Voice”). Now, Sule is now forging onward under his own banner.

Whether writing and recording or performing live on stage, Sule shoots for excellence, aiming to give listeners the kind of experience audiences must talk about the next day. “ I want people to have to tell their friends, their neighbors, their co-workers, what they saw and heard. Surpassing expectations is always the goal.”

Consuming a healthy diet of everything from Rock, Folk, Americana, Soul, R&B, Gospel, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae and the music of the Caribbean, Sule is clearly well acquainted with various styles of music. He’s achieved a unique yet familiar sound through cross pollination of these genres, which has enabled him to easily stride over musical boundaries, it’s an important element of all of his original compositions and informs his approach to material he decides to cover

To truly experience Sule‘s music,artistry and energy you must hear him live, this is where all the colors and versatility of his work come out in their full spectrum. Sule is committed to putting on shows audiences can’t ignore and won’t forget. His live act is a dynamic sonic experience with a full range of emotions. He adeptly goes from intimate ballads to head bopping rhythms to high octane, full out rockin’, and combines these to suit any audience. The repertoire is a careful selection of Sule’s original compositions and exciting new arrangements of songs from some of his favorite artists.