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BOUT 2 Blow "700 Sold"


Feeling a bit camera shy


From Alabama comes one of music's most diverse cliques since Murder,Inc.
Sulfur 8, a music conglomerate started in 2001, covers every aspect of urban music, from R&B to Hip-Hop. Each artist of the self-proclaimed "New Age Rat Pack" bring with him/her a uniqueness that ranges from their personal preferencs to their individual backgrounds. Chello, who brings a new brand of gritty, street-wise R&B to the table hails from Gordo, Alabama. His music hits from all areas, from the ballad, to the club-banger. His song writting has been compared to that of Tupac and R.Kelly. Definitely one of the most diverse singer to ever hit the music industry, Chello is set to take the world by storm - yet his efforts are only boosted by his alliance Sulfur 8's emcees, also hailing from Gordo, Alabama by way of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Actually, Ca$h isn't just from Pittsburgh, he is from all over. H'es a well-traveled young man and that fact is well represented in his music. Ca$h does not have a definitive "sound"; per se, but what he does have is a distinct flow that separates him from the rest of the hip-hop world. Add to Ca$h's diversity The Empire's grimy street tales and often-sidesplitting macabre humor, and the plot thickens. The Empire consists of two battled-tested emcees from the streets of Detroit in DAI Holocost and Craz Grand Theft. They cover am entirely different area form that of Chello's smooth lyrics and Ca$h's troubadour-type tales. Quite simply, they are a combination of the gutter-type lyrics od M.O.P., and the zany, often off-the-wall humor of their city mates D-12. With this musical gumbo already spicy enough, after adding the cosmo funk of Sam Addams, the producer as well as an artist, and you have a culinary delight that is guarnteed to satisy your musical palate. When you add in Pac's self-proclaimed "hollow flow," which is the best way to describe his Barry White-esque voice and tales from the streets of New Jersey, you begin to see why these guys are called the "New Age Rat Pack"They are destined to change how music from the South is viewed. Frp dessert, add in Insaicha's sultry sound that sits somewhere between neo-soul and classic R&B. Her smooth voice is the perfect cap to a great musical experience. Listening to Sulfer 8's music is indeed an experience. Be sure to check out their compilation, "Bout 2 Blow," and catch the wave that is sure to cover the airwaves very soon!!!