Sue Johnson's music sounds like Sheryl Crow and Amy Winehouse got together with Norah Jones and Regina Spektor for deep conversation and espresso martinis in a rustic bar. Sue's performances reveal a deftly-stirred blend that mixes energetic and ethereal with vulnerable and gritty.


Sue writes personal, powerful songs and delivers them with a versatile and exceptional voice. She plays and sings with delicate finesse in one moment, then electrifying with potent rawness in the next. Sue is a strong songwriter with a keen ear for a memorable hook and a unique talent for blending sounds and vocal harmonies.


Weighed Down by Tears

Written By: Sue Johnson, Ken Summers, Steve Parkin.

Verse 1:

I remember the time, oh
Though years have gone by
And I've wondered what path you have walked along
Ever so long
So long

Verse 2

Do you remember the way that we broke
Though years have gone by
Are you living a fortunate life
All wrapped up in pickets of white?


Did you find, over the years
Love so true
Did you rise above your fears
Or just make do?

Or do you sleep
Weighed down by tears?
Weighed down by tears, my dear?

Verse 3:

I guess I may never know .. now
But I'd like to find out
What road took you from me
In my heart, I need to know



Weighed, weighed down
I'm not weighed down by tears


Devil in the Detail

Written By: Sue Johnson, Steve Parkin.

Verse 1:
Pick a card, any card
Black or red
It doesn't matter, any one
She said

If you find the Jack of Spades
Walk away and come right back again

Verse 2:
Take a chance, show up, show your hand
Win or lose, she don't give a damn

If you find the Ace of Diamonds
Better show cos you know they'll find you

But if you end up losing it all
Don't blame the dealer's hand
Cos the devil's in the detail
Not the game

rpt Chorus

Verse 3:
Got two kids Work two jobs
One at night and one in daylight
She keeps a hip flask in her purse
for guys like you who like to play this way

If you find the Jack of Spades
Walk away and come right back again


Ooh, seen it all
Ooh, watch 'em fall



Debut EP currently in progress...