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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Pop Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"SULK "The Big Blue""

There ain't a damn thing "2013" about "The Big Blue", so we can assume the all-caps moniker of SULK is less a trendy stylization as it is a command: "THOU SHALT SULK." The London five-piece assumes you were much more prone to glamorous moping in, say, 1995, taking cues from Suede's "Drowners", the Verve's "Blue", at least a dozen Oasis singles and of course, the Radiohead song which serves as their band name (which also serves as that band's last link to big-tent UK anthems).

Between the swirling guitars, the midtempo drums and a chorus that sounds like the most laconic thing 100,000 people were meant to sing in unison, you assume the guitarists playing on "The Big Blue" are staring down the entire time while the lead singer is completely stationary, and you'd be right. It's clear SULK learned a lot from their forefathers of shoegaze-indebted festival rock-- first and foremost, that while subtlety has a place in music, it's certainly not here. - Pitchfork

"SULK – “The Tape Of You”"

Last fall we heard “Black Infinity (Upside Down)” by SULK, a UK band that imagines a world where the Stone Roses were a shoegaze band. They’re back today with a darkly flickering burner called “The Tape Of You.” Like the prior song, it’ll be included on their upcoming album No Illusions. Listen below. - Stereogum

"SULK – “Black Infinity (Upside Down)” (Stereogum Premiere)"

Since London quintet SULK released their debut Graceless in 2013, they’ve been compared to just about every great British act to come out between the late-’80s and mid-’90s. And, sure, the lineage is clear — Ride and the Stone Roses loom large, with hints of Britpop creeping into the instrumentation here and there. All those reference points are still present (and welcome) on their forthcoming, currently untitled sophomore album, but SULK’s wielding a bolder brand of psychedelia this time around. These songs are massively and unstoppably hooky, from the blissed-out vocal melodies and harmonies to the guitar work. SULK resurrect that mesmerizing spiraling guitar that dominated British rock for a moment there, and they put it to stunning use. “Black Infinity (Upside Down)” is the first taste of the new album, and it boasts a guitar lead that’s emblematic of the album as a whole. It’s an oscillating, bright sound — like some vivid image flickering in and out of view underwater, that you can only begin to glimpse before it recedes back into mystery. Its a standout on an album lined with like-minded tracks, the kind of psychedelic music that takes some DNA from shoegaze, then bursts it outward and upward towards something more euphoric. - Stereogum

"Song of the Day: Sulk – Black Infinity"

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part of our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJ’s think you should hear. Today’s song, featured on the Morning Show with John Richards, is “Black Infinity” by Sulk from their upcoming 2016 album, No Illusions, on Echo Drug Recordings.

Sulk – Black Infinity (MP3)
London band Sulk’s first release, Graceless, found the band asserting themselves as the reincarnate of the best British rock bands of the early 90’s. Comparisons to greats like the Stone Roses were plenty, and their songwriting is reminiscent of the best of the Gallagher brothers. The latter is certainly a fitting sentiment, as the band excels at harnessing elements of shoegaze to create melody drenched sonic oases. With the release of their sophomore album, No Illusions, on the horizon, the band ventures forward with song of the day “Black Infinity,” showcasing an increased utilization of psych elements that get along quite well with their already winning formula. The track features a whirling guitar climbing a seemingly infinite stair case to the airy vocals floating above, with marching drums serving as the anchor and tying everything together. If No Illusions is anything like “Black Infinity”, the album will surely carve a place for Sulk along side its predecessors, shaking the comparisons and establishing themselves in the context of their own sound.

Sulk does not currently have any scheduled shows, but keep an eye on their Facebook and website for upcoming tour information. In the meantime check out their video for 2013 track “The Big Blue” below: - KEXP

"SULK stare into the unknown with new track “Black Infinity (Upside Down)”"

With their second album No Illusions on the horizon, London quintet SULK are taking their psych-infused sound into a new scope of reverie.

Picking up where debut Graceless left off, "Black Infinity (Upside Down)" sees the band inject their sound with a new intensity. Guitar refrains ebb and flow, weaving a vast tapestry that scales to new heights. Rolling drumbeats drive through the verses, urged ever onwards by an energy that's tinged with ferocity.

Accompanied by appropriately shadowy and psychedelic visuals, SULK have taken their trusted template and are using it to pave the way for something remarkable.

No Illusions is released via Echo Drug Recordings later this year. - The Line Of Best Fit


Brace yourself for some cosmic bagginess today, we’re going to infinity and beyond with the first look at the latest vid from London Brit rockers Sulk. Black Infinity is the first offering from the quintet’s forthcoming second album, No Illusions.

Following their 2013 debut album, Graceless, and some tour time with Happy Mondays, the connoisseurs of new century psychedelia hit the studio to work on album number two. Apparently they shacked up at Big Jelly Studios, a converted Neo-Gothic church located in the seaside town of Ramsgate, for a month to record the LP with producer Jonas Verwijnen.

Black Infinity picks up where their debut album left off – it’s pure Brit rock bliss, dreamy melodies and sundrenched sounds that will lift you up into the stratosphere. Oh and the video is pretty trippy too! - BEAT Magazine

"Exclusive premiere of new single 'The Tape Of You'"

SULK have been on our radar for a while now. Their debut LP 'Graceless' was released in 2013, and before that songs such as 'Wishes' echoing the heady days of The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and other Madchester greats. Unlike a lot of other 1990s revivalists bands though, SULK have the songs and substance where it counts, and their second LP 'No Illusions', will reportedly push their British indie-pop sound forward to win new ground.

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Exclusive premiere of new single 'The Tape Of You'

SULK have been on our radar for a while now. Their debut LP 'Graceless' was released in 2013, and before that songs such as 'Wishes' echoing the heady days of The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and other Madchester greats. Unlike a lot of other 1990s revivalists bands though, SULK have the songs and substance where it counts, and their second LP 'No Illusions', will reportedly push their British indie-pop sound forward to win new ground.

For a taste of what's to come on the new album listen to our exclusive premiere of new track 'The Tape Of You' below:

After Graceless and numerous shows and tours, including a full UK tour with Happy Mondays, SULK entered the Big Jelly Studios, a converted Neo-Gothic church located in the seaside town of Ramsgate, to record 'No Illusions' with producer and engineer Jonas Verwijnen. Embracing cinematic themes, sitars and Motown beats the new album promises to be a real treat for new music fans, and existing subscribers to the modern rainbow of baggy beats and psychedelic sounds. - Fred Perry Subculture


Just when the January blues are at their most bitter, London five-piece SULK have swooped us up in a gust of guitar pop euphoria and subtle shoegaze undertones, guiding us eagerly to the release of their forthcoming album ‘No Illusions ‘ in April . Seeking influence from 90s britpop, Sulk come out glistening like a sun drenched Suede, proving pop music can have a mature side afterall. The album was recorded within a month at a converted Neo-Gothic church located in the seaside town of Ramsgate and is sure to provide a wash of psychedelic tinged sunshine anthems for the warmer months ahead. With promises of motown, pop and some ethereal edges to get your ears around, ‘No Illusions’ is another great reason to look forward to 2016! - See more at: - London On The Inside

"Sulk - 'Graceless'"

To say that Sulk sound a bit like The Stone Roses around the time of their still-cherished first album is like saying Syria's probably not been the most relaxing holiday spot this winter. The five-piece might be based in London, but it's clear that their hearts are clearly all firmly in Greater Madchester. Their debut album, which arrives over a year since their first singles emerged, is baggier than Bez's eyes after a four-day bender. Vocals and jangly guitars wash together into what is, to be honest, a pretty accurate facsimile of their heroes, and tunes like 'Wishes' and 'Flowers' have just enough wide-eyed enthusiasm and wide-legged swagger to lift them above pastiche. - NME

"Download: SULK, ‘Flowers’"

The 90s barely seem like a distant memory, and SULK are already trying to revive it. Check out our free exclusive download of their new single ‘Flowers’.

Oozing baggy Britpop swagger, rebellious mischief and echoes of greats like Blur and The Stone Roses, SULK‘s debut record Graceless is applauded by industry insiders. Wonderland caught up Jon Sutcliffe, the frontman of the northern quintet to grab a free exclusive download of their new single ‘Flowers’.

How did the group come about?

A few of us were friends from back in Harrogate, we moved together to London with an old band. We met Tomas at a psychedelic night watching one of our favourites The Tamborines. Tomas told us he was forming a new band around some great demos he had recorded in his bedroom. Once we heard them we wanted in!

Where do you think you’ll fit into the market within the current industry?

In a way I don’t think we do fit. We have kind of existed one our own hence that’s probably why we are not bigger. I don’t personally hear the bands the industry chooses to champion having the same assets as us. It’s like melody and well crafted songwriting is no longer the flavor of the day, it all seems to be about who’s got the most connected friends. I feel the industry tries to choose what we should be listening to instead of what we actually like. The bigger picture for me is that SULK and our fans help kill off this trend and can open the door for more like-minded bands to have a chance

Your sound is very 90s Britpop inspired. Who were your favourite bands as you were all growing up?

I think from listening to our music the clues are quite obvious and that is intentional. We carry our influences on our sleeves. I was and still am into bands like Curve, Love, the Roses to name a few.

So… Oasis or Blur?

For me it was both. I think most people were the same, they are and were both great bands with their own thing going on and you can see with them both being as successful as they were there was plenty of room for both of them.

Can you tell us a bit more about your new single ‘Flowers’?

It’s one of the first songs that Tomas ever played to us and we have been playing it for quite some time now, but it never seems to get stale. The song is fresh and full of optimimism and that can never be seen as a bad thing, plus the playing on it is outstanding!

And the album Graceless? It’s got crazy hype around it in the industry…

A proper album with no fillers. The record was well thought out and works as one solid piece with tons of potential singles. I feel lucky we had such a catalogue of songs to pick from and feel we got it 100 percent right. Graceless is the perfect start to SULK’s LP catalogue

What would you consider to be the best gig you’ve played to date?

My personal favourite was supporting The Dandy Warhols. Our van broke down and we only just made doors. There were no soundchecks due to us being late but it didn’t seem to matter. We as a band just played a great set with no time to think what had happened in the day. We totally smashed it to a great receptive audience, there was an amazing vibe to the whole evening.

What else is happening for you guys this summer? Any festivals?

This summer is all gonna be about SULK live and our agents are currently putting together a tour. There are a few festivals on the cards and hopefully more will be added. The album will be out and we know we are going to have to put more effort to get it out there. It’s gonna be hard work in a good way. - Wonderland Magazine


New psychedelia connoisseurs, London-based tight band SULK, share new single, ‘The Tape Of You’, a solidly suasive and timeless gem lifted from their new album ‘No Illusions’, out April 15th via Perfect Sound Forever.

“Under the rainy skies of London, the shining sounds of Britpop, Shoegaze and Psychedelia are back in bloom…” - FAME Magazine



Graceless (15 April 2013)

No Illusions (15 April 2016)



The time is suddenly right for well-crafted British pop – there’s a thirst for new century psychedelia which is where London five piece SULK fit in. Steeped in the rich traditions of classic British songwriting, the band could be said to begin where the 90s ended – or as The Guardian put it, ‘like the Stone Roses if they signed to Creation’ – with solid musicality, joyful uplifting harmonies, giant psychedelic guitar riffs and of course, tambourines.

i-D Magazine said they were a ‘Five piece with a soaring British sound, full of attitude and swagger”, NME called them ‘Pretty damn catchy’ and they’ve been compared to just about every great Britpop band of the 90s, but SULK are very much their own men; musically tight and lyrically beautiful with sun-drenched vocals, ethereal guitars and pounding drums, rooted in 90s vibes but with their gaze to the future. This is anthemic bliss for a whole new generation.

The band released their debut LP, Graceless, in 2013. The ten track album was recorded and produced in Brussels by former Suede, Pulp and White Lies associate Ed Buller and mixed by Jonas Verwijnen and Antti Joas in Berlin.

After releasing Graceless and having done numerous shows and tours, including a full UK tour with Happy Mondays, SULK entered the recording studio to continue their journey on the musical atlas’s uncharted routes. Big Jelly Studios, a converted Neo-Gothic church located in the seaside town of Ramsgate, was the host of a month long recording session. Supervised and conducted by producer/mixer Jonas Verwijnen over twenty demos blossomed into a colourful mix of well crafted pop tunes. Sticking to their basic musical values of classic indie, pop, shoegaze and psychedelia, but adding elements of motown beats, sitars, Love-esque vocal harmonies and Lynchian cinematic atmosphere SULK’s sophomore creation, No Illusions, stays true to its heart yet elevates itself to a point seemingly different to it’s older sibling.

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