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Sullee J's music exposes internal human struggles as well as society's problems. Sullee J's music promotes positive action and personal enlightenment. He writes from a deep inner reflection upon his life and his environment. He is a refreshing new voice of hope for his generation.


"I don't call myself an artist; I call myself a Poetic Scar. I was born with a talent, and raised in a struggle." – Sullee J
Sullee J was born on March 25th, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in a Pakistani/American culture. He struggled with neglect, racism, multiplied mistakes, and heartaches. Sullee J moved to Chicago's Stony Island area in 2004 where he was greatly influenced by the music scene. On December 28th, 2005 Sullee J was in a life changing car accident that landed him in the hospital for over a month, and bedridden for a year.
He now reflects, “before my accident I was always on the edge, didn't care, would get into anything, and didn’t care if I died right there. After it, I realized how much I had and how much of a change I needed to make. I realized that death wasn't for me yet. I almost gave up before the accident and then something came into me. It felt like God put something in me, which now I know is my faith. That’s what keeps everything at a positive level for me."
Faith is truly the backbone to Sullee J's existence. Through his signature delivery and versatile flow, he methodically injects his reality with a positive outlook.
Sullee J began writing poetry to express him self when he was in the fifth grade, and started laying down his words to music in 2008 after self-realization of his gift. Sullee J's fans echo that he is comparable to other hip-hop artists, such as Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, and Nas. Sullee J is driven to reach a diverse audience with his music, and inspire, move, and entangle entire generations with his words.
Sullee J's single, "Billy's Conscience" has already led him to international acclaim as he and his song have been featured on Fox news affiliates nationwide. "Billy's Conscience" shows how Sullee J captivates listeners as he tells the story of Billy Anderson, a young man whose struggle through a mysterious illness has received vast media attention
Sullee J flew to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to meet Billy Anderson at the hospital. He did several news interviews with Billy's family to help bring awareness to Billy's mystery illness. Billy's wife exclaimed, "The only thing that Sullee J has more of than talent is heart. His heart is so big; you can't help but listen and be taken in by his words. They are consuming." Since that first news interview, Sullee J has done two more to help the Anderson family and be a voice for Billy. This is the epitome of who Sullee J is, and what he is about.


my music is currently on mainstream radio rotation across the United States for my hit single 'Nothing Else Matters' for the most part, but there are other stations which are playing additional singles on top such as 'BismiAllah', 'Nothing Stronger' and more. My music has also received international recognition in Norway, Uganda, Russia, and France radio stations! The states are listed below in these countries.

Animateur Radio in Marseille 97.6FM

Radio 1FM
Radio Revolt

Russia -
Russia VVV FM
Russia Silverstone FM

Uganda -
90.4FM Dembe
91.3 Capital FM
93.3 K-FM
88.2 ANYU FM

You can also find me on over 55 college radios across the United States broadcasted through The Big Corey Fresh Show, and they can call in 1-800-219-0308 to request Sullee J anytime! Along with several Live365 Radio Stations online including Dj NO coast to coast, Deep Flow, Kust Radio, Got Dro, Nobody Cares Show and more.

Set List

God's Wrath
Stars in the sky
Nothing Else Matters
How Much Longer

about 20-30 minutes