SullivanBurton is a full-on powerhouse of sound blending new world and old world, traditional with contemporary sounds for an audience experience that is more than enjoyable. It's a party!


A short bio:
SullivanBurton's latest CD, "Monkey Bars [self-released 2005] is an energetic acoustic/electric mix of largely Irish material that goes well beyond the usual pub standards, with crisp playing and strong singing and a good mix of the sensitive and the silly. "Winnie's Morning Tune Set" begins as a quiet acoustic guitar piece that morphs into a hot fiddle reel with resonating bass lines as Winnie presumably wakes up. Among the songs, there are fun versions of the Oysterband's cheerfully cynical "Blood Wedding" and Tommy Makem's bawdy "Town of Ballybay"."-Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen Magazine

SullivanBurton (yes, all one word, both ampersand and hyphen-less) is a duo consisting of two good friends backed by two wonderfully talented musicians and friends who all share a passion for Celtic music and a penchant for adventure. Founding members Shannan (Sullivan) and Bruce (Burton) previously played together in the popular Illinois band, the Bogside Zukes—Bruce (1993-2003) and Shannan (1997-2000). Shannan and Bruce finally decided to collaborate in August of 2003 as SullivanBurton. The remainder of that year and the following one turned out nicely successful for the brand new group even including a concert date with the group Danu. The later additions of former Zukes member Tom Jones on percussion rounded out their sound and turned the name SullivanBurton from a descriptor to a title.

The music created includes both traditional and contemporary Irish/Celtic colored and tempered with the unavoidable influences of growing up in American pop culture resulting in a fusion of Celtic/American/Urban/Folk. Audiences love this group for their disarming charm, sharp wit and good-natured ribbing with each other—not least to mention their fantastic musicianship. SullivanBurton brings you into the mix and leaves you soaring...

SullivanBurton are:
Shannan Sullivan- Fiddles, Keyboards, Vocals
Bruce Burton- Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bouzouki, Bodhran, Fiddles, Lead Vocals
Tom Jones- Bodhran, Dumbek, Djembe, Vocals

"It was such an honor to hear you guys and you were HOT!"--Bruce Bergethon, WGLT, Station Mgr and Host /Producer of the nationally syndicated, weekly “Accousticity” program

"Hi there, Hope you returned home safely...Your group was terrific and we enjoyed the lovely style of music you performed. Thank you for the memorable day at Celtic Fest (Chicago) 2006..." -Pat and Tom Liss

"...just a note to say 'thank you' to you...for your time and wonderful music talent at the Great Strides Walk. It was a great day & everyone loved the music..."--Kellie, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“I heard you when you were in Springfield at the reception at the Renaissance Hotel on March 7 (’05) and thought you guys were fantastic”-- Mike Murphy

“SullivanBurton is one of the most prominent catalysts to the local scene”-- Heather Binder, WCBU

“I have enjoyed hearing you play so much! My Scot-Irish ancestry is really drawn out in me when I hear you play! I would really like to pass that on to my next generations. I thank God for your gifts!....Eireann go brath”—Deborah Beard

“Just wanted to let you know that everyone raved about your music the other night. It was wonderful!! In fact, I had several people call me yesterday telling me how much they enjoyed it. I appreciate you guys doing this event for us! Thanks again, Roxanne”—Roxanne Owens, IL Senate Campaign Committee

“This dynamic duo consists of two of the most talented performers on the local Irish music scene. Bruce Burton and Shannan Sullivan bring a fresh flair and energy to their performance that makes their love of Celtic music evident to all.”—

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SullivanBurton (2004 self-release)
Monkey Bars (2005 self-release)

Set List

2-3 hour shows, including appropriate set breaks.
Material includes traditional Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Shetland, Welsh) songs and tunes, plus some originals and covers from modern Celtic songwriters/bands such as Luka Bloom, Tim O'Brien, Great Big Sea, Boiled n Lead, Richard Thompson, Woody Guthrie, the Pogues, U2 and more.

Set List (in no particular order):
Shetland Set
Going Up
Red Haired Mary
Stuck in a Moment
Town of Ballybay
Rosemary Brown
Nil Se Na La
Blood Wedding
Winnie's Morning Tune Set
Vincent Black Lightning
Snow on the Hills
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Pastures of Plenty
Rambling Irishman
A Minor Consideration
Do You Love An Apple?
Set You Free
Brigid O'Malley
Reel Beatrice
Beat the Devil
Van Diemand's Land

...and much more...