Sullivan Fall

Sullivan Fall


Neurotic rocking pop from the abandoned Brill Building basement.


Sullivan Fall is the nom de rock and roll of Timothy A. Thompson, a currently Calgary based songwriter. The self-titled "Faulty Tenor," he began his musical life playing tuba and bass in school bands and was soon writing songs of his own. From early homemade cassettes to more recent homemade CD-Rs, his songwriting reveals the absorbent psyche of a pop music obsessive. Indie rock, A.M. gold, 80s new wave, girl groups, twang, and the great American songbook are forged together in a ragged construction of tune and fuzz. Embedded in this sound are lyrics rife with dark humor, self-deprecation, and the matters of "lurve". Reflecting a life lived in basements in six cities and four provinces, a singular musical experience arises from listening to Sullivan Fall as he attempts to meld the ridiculous and sublime in a 3 and a half minute pop gem.


Honey's Too Hot

Written By: Sullivan Fall (Timothy A. Thompson)

Honey’s too hot to hang around here, to hang around here keeping us distracted
Honey’s too hot for us to be near, the intentions are clear but not enacted

For fear

Instrumental part

Mother nature makes a cruel division between the beautiful and those who call it love
In the corners waiting for permission, for a moment to be graced by the presence of

A pretty face like yours can only lead to dreams that don’t come true
And what’s more, kiss this frog and he won’t turn into something good enough for you

Honey’s too hot as she smokes in the cold, in her coat and blindfold until break is over
Honey’s too hot for us to behold, to be so controlled, they all want to show her

To punch out for lunch an hour, punch in til afternoon is done
Punch out now that the day is over she’s too beaten to go out for fun

Honey’s too hot to stay in this light, her smile once bright now kept for weekends
When honey gets caught in some singleton’s sight, he’ll do for the night
But he’s not worth keeping for more


A pretty face like yours was meant to see your dreams never come true
And then one morn, you’re face to face with what has become of you
Honey we all do what we can not what we want to do

Honey’s too hot to stay here for long, to sing the same song like some one-shot wonder
Honey’s too hot as she waits at the door, her eyes on the floor
She’s there waiting for her one to take her home

Carry You Out

Written By: Sullivan Fall (Timothy A. Thompson)

Sad-eyed girl you’re looking worse for wear
Not enough sunlight, one too many cares
That aren’t worth caring about
But I promise to carry you out

That blind drunk look still hanging in your eyes
Happy with the consolation prize
And when you kiss me with that morning pout
I will still carry you out


The winter’s coming, girl, we’ll freeze to death
Hold the mirror on each other’s breath
And when the spring reveals us, there’ll be no doubt
Someone will have to carry us out

Someone will have to carry us out

Carole Lombard

Written By: Sullivan Fall (Timothy A. Thompson)

Wish that I could love like Carole Lombard can
Though those silly boys would run, she’d always get her man
And take them for a ride from the dump to the upper west side
But those movies lied

Spent the weekend in, drinking down my shame
And lusting after her, the screwiest of dames
The passion meters rise with that fiery look in her eyes
All those beautiful lies

And when those Hollywood blondes hit their marks in the spotlight
It makes a mere mortal like me so easily lose sight
And how fast these red-blooded dreams turn into black and white

So there’s nothing left for me to fill the afternoons
So I’m watching her parade through hoodlums and buffoons
While looking for the one who’ll giver her heart a run
Until the movie’s done

Could anyone?


Chorus end:
Because love, it ruins soup love does
You wonder what the point of it was
Until you’re waiting for the taste of it once more to find you
And love, it makes you dumber than dirt
You lose your hat, your tie, and your shirt
And leaves you asking for a little more l’amour
Anything that binds you

I wish that I could love like Carole Lombard can

I Earned This Trophy Wife

Written By: Sullivan Fall (Timothy A. Thompson)

When we walk around this town we get our share of looks
From the jealous and the justified, the righteous and the crooks
But we don’t care if people stare, we’re doing just fine

Peep her, yes sir, you can bet that I sure
Earned this trophy wife of mine

Well I did my time on a factory line and I worked a while in coal
I’ve built bridges and brought down farms and taken highway tolls
But from there to here it’s very clear I much prefer this life

Of kissing, hugging and Sunday morning lovin’
With this my trophy wife

Now who’s to say there’s nothing else to keep us to each other
but looks and lucre, well I never took her
So tell that to your nosy mother

Some times were hard and left us scarred but that was long ago
Now it’s champagne breakfasts and first-run movie shows
If it all ends tomorrow well I sure had fun today

I’ll be happy as long as she looks at me
And promises to stay


Now who’s to say there’s nothing else to keep us to each other
Than looks and lucre, well I never took her
So tell that to your nosy mother

Well they can talk or take a walk, it don’t matter much you see
When we’re out dancing, drinking, and romancing,
My trophy wife and me

And we’ll be as long as I can afford to keep such company

Annie None

Written By: Sullivan Fall (Timothy A. Thompson)

She’s too pretty to be perfect, it’s the law of averages
She says “show me a love that is worth it and I’ll show the bandages”

Sad attempts at sticky fingers in the light of a dull movie glow
While the wish on his breath may linger, she’s gone with his pockets still full

The only choice for a girl is to desert in the war of the losers and generous jerks

By the time she could tell she was sinking on one who convinced her to care
She said “sorry, it’s just wishful thinking to think that I might be there”

Cause what do you get when you fall for a man?
A run in your stockings and blood on your hands

And they say “hey, annie none, why are you such little fun”
But she does what she wants cause all that she’s known
Is “all that you got is your own”


All that’s good goes to hell in a heartbeat and I won’t be staying that long
Close your eyes and think of England, well that was some grandmother’s song

Promise comes first and heartbreak follows,
You can’t trust a man who believes true love swallows



Self-released CD-Rs by Sullivan Fall.

EVERYBODY'S GOT A REASON TO CRY ("country album", 2008)

Set List

Up to an hour of material of original songs.

"She Bop" (Cyndi Lauper)
"Rome Wasn't Built In A Day" (Sam Cooke)
"Wonderful World" (Sam Cooke)
"He's Sure The Boy I Love" (The Crystals)
"Talking In Your Sleep" (Gordon Lightfoot)