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"I have been listening to these tracks and reviewing for hours and this is the first song that I have Loved. This could possibly be the first 5 star rating I'm giving. Another first. I'm listening to the entire song. Man, so catchy. I wish all the songs on this site could be like this. man, i'm even singing along to the chorus now. You are unbelievable."
Review of "Little Lady Luck" by: imonfireburn from Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Silence shows brilliant confidence...
"The intro hits you in the face, spewing confidence with style and power. What really makes this song, though, is the creative use of silence throughout, a technique far too few artists have the bottle to use. After the punchy start, the artist shows incredibly sensitive guitar playing and vocal strength, with clever harmonies and great variation. This track is absolutely brilliant, and I'd give it six stars if I could."
Review pf "Little Lady Luck" by: silverline from Liverpool, United Kingdom


Born into a very multicultural society of Trinidad, West Indies, Jason Sultan-Khan was immediately exposed to eccentricities in musical styles that led to a passion for music of all genres and further ignited his drive to create flavors for the moods that are altered by the seasons. Co-founding member of the Ottawa Alternative-Rock band TWEAK (, the other being Francois Beecher of Chaotic Sound,, Sultan-Khan wishes to share material that, though perhaps not best suited for TWEAK repertoire, is none the less written and written to be heard. Having had the pleasure to work with such artists as Default, Swollen Members, Smoother, Not By Choice, Kathleen Edwards, Staggered Crossing, Stabilo, Doctor, Grindig, Morning Maker, Hennessey, Stuck on Saturn, Stone Melodies, Nine Mile, The Populars, Bif Naked, Sultan-Khan has learned and continues to learn that learning about this industry never ends, but it is refreshing to know that having met so many talented people thus far, one will get out of this ‘journey’ whatever one is willing to put into it. Sultan-Khan, as more of a singer/songwriter, has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Danny Michel, Jian Ghomeshi, Chris and Kate, The Rockin’ Highliners, Jeremy Fisher, Craig Cardiff, Martina Sorbara, and most recently, as support on two consecutive nights for Sarah Slean. Educated by experience, but experienced enough to realize that it’s always the beginning of a new lesson, Sultan-Khan has an ambitious ugly agenda that involves debt, dues, and a lot of tired shoes. “The secret of life lies in the essence of passion. Set me on fire once again.” (from Empathy, by Jason Sultan-Khan)



Written By: Jason Sultan-Khan


My syndication, my jubilation
You say things won’t matter much
If I cannot call, can’t keep in touch
Until tomorrow, a bitter sorrow
A vision stained by cedar red
A misconception’s realm instead

I hear you knocking, I’m sorry I’m talking
You said I ditched you yesteryear
I didn’t then but now I care
So don’t surrender, don’t try to cry.
You’ve been forgotten and dejected
Above all you’re disrespected. . . don’t even try.

Confusions this way, I have so much to say
It’s so hard. I’ve been crushed by
The hand that I trusted
Visions of aisles spun around me and then
Sometimes whispers unwanting, and taunting but still.

My syndication, my mind’s elation
I’ve resurrected from the past
This time I’m gonna last
To see you tomorrow, a trust you can’t borrow
You say there’re demons in your head
Those pretty butterflies are dead.

Confusions this way
It’s so far away
This time I’m gonna
I have so much to say

Little Lady Luck

Written By: Jason Sultan-Khan


Why is there a haze in front my window?
And why is there a page ripped out of my book of lies?
And what’s with all the indecision hindering my progress?
Suddenly I get the feeling I get underneath a watchful eye

I don’t give a. . .
. . .forget about it.
I’d rather make mine.
I don’t give a. . .
. . .forget about it.
I’d rather make my own time.

Why is mine somebody else’s shadow?
And why do I hear lyrics I recorded years before?
And what’s it gonna take for it to finally come together?
I suppose a little lady luck or a little lash of something more

Listen to, listen to, listen to the sound of
Ugly indecision drag you up and down and inside out
Cry for me, cry if it didn’t go your way
Keep in mind somebody else will gladly come and take your place

It drags you down. . .

I don’t give a. . .
. . .forget about it.
I’d rather make mine.
I don’t give a. . .
. . .forget about it.
I’d rather make my own time.

Why is there a haze in front my window?
I refuse to live in somebody else’s shadow.


Written By: Jason Sultan-Khan


I love you best when you are in the dress that we purchased from that lady on the side of the street. It was in June. Slowly rose the moon – oh so fitting, as you chase the sun away from my parade.

You win. I will pack it in.
Don’t you try to change my mind.
Don’t tease me with possibilities.
You are absolutely impossible.

You love me still. You tell me everyday, but today’s the day you call me by his name instead.
You’re like a pill. Even though you are thrilling me, I feel you killing on the inside.

You win. I will pack it in.
Don’t you try to change my mind.
Don’t tease me with possibilities.
You are absolutely impossible.

I will miss when your dress wore the floor.
I will miss you not missing me anymore.
Sadistic, I must be, because I love the pain.
If compromise is a two-way split, why do I tend to get the shorter end of it?
Please, won’t you please come back to me?
Weren’t you knocking at my door?
I want it like it was before.

Impossible to love.
Impossible to please.
Impossible to trust – no possibilities.
Impossible to love.
Impossible to know.
Impossible. Alone. I told you so.

Copyright 2006 Jason Sultan-Khan


"Little Lady Luck"
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*#6 Rocking Track in Acoustic, all-time
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*Track of the Day on 4Jun2005 in Acoustic
*"Syndication" by Sultan-Khan made its debut at #90 on the Acoustic Chart and continues to steadily climb achieving a FIVE-Star Reviewer rating that same week.
*Debut Sultan-Khan EP in the works
*Jason Sultan-Khan is a member of TWEAK (, Debut album available online at

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