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Sum Ever After

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"Sum Ever After"

On August 15th of 2008 North Ga. hosted The first annual Battle of the Bands at the Dalton Trade and Convention Center with Sum Ever After taking home first place for the battle of North Ga. area Rock bands. On August 15th of 2009 Sum Ever After again took North Ga. by storm at Fred's Music Hall in Dalton Ga. by taking home the first place Prize again,battling both Country and Southern Rock band this go around from all around the North Ga. area. Congrates again on your success and keep "Rockin" North Ga. - Dalton News


Empty Room to be released September 2009.
Singles such as "Let it be", "You Said", and "One Night Stand" have been and are currently played on Chattanooga's Rock 105.5 every Sunday evening on the Homegrown Show. Check it out evey Sunday evening from 10 pm to midnight.



Sum Ever After has one goal in mind, and that is to draw you into their musical world. In this industry most often focused on image and money, Sum Ever After puts the music first and foremost, because after all that’s what it should be about.

Formed in 2007, Sum Ever After is the result of a group of highly experienced musicians, who want nothing but to make awesome music.

The name Sum Ever After is an ironic one. It represents the fact that there is indeed a sum of all of us for ever.

So what do they sound like? Well, that’s for you to decide, but Sum Ever After plays a very diversified, unique form of alternative and modern rock music. Their songs cover a broad spectrum of the rock category, ranging from the simple melodic ballads to massive, screaming riffs. The sound is undeniably unique and no matter what type of song you hear of theirs, you’ll always know who it is, by their very distinctive sound.

Sum Ever After goes to great care to fuse big riffs with lots of melody. ‘Its all about what to use and when to use it’, they say. ‘If you want to portray anger in your songs, that doesn’t mean you have to riff it up and make it as evil as possible. And this applies equally if you want to portray something positive, you don’t have to get the candles out and chill. Its good to keep people on their toes and make them listen properly. Music provokes emotion of various sorts in people and if you can provoke that emotion in people, then you’ve done your job’.

Sum Ever After's music, lyrically focuses on the darker side of life and whilst there is an overhanging sense of cynicism in the lyrics, the songs look at things from a positive perspective. Songs like ‘One Night Stand’ deal with loss and coming to terms with that and the blistering ‘You Said’ looks at the anger felt when promises get broken and lies are dealt. ‘I write songs about what people are going through,gone through and going to go through’ says Keith, the bands vocalist.

So all that’s left to say is, enjoy!

Sum Ever After came together through friends. Keith played for Twice For Tomorrow. Daniel played guitar for 7th Sorrow and drums for Against Autumn. Doug joined in 07' from This Anatomy and Detour. John Kirby joined in 2009. All memebers played various types of Rock/Alternative music, put together it made a unique sound of its own! WE ARE SUM EVER AFTER! Sum Ever After has produced and released its new single "One Night Stand?" off its self title album. The band builds its music out of a variety of influences that represents the convergence of modern rock influences, hard rock, and Alternative Rock as illustrated by "Betrayed?" The song is a fusion of hard rock , deep hitting tones, high-powered energy and vocals that make you feel the song. Guided by phenomenal melodies, heavy guitar riffs and well written, and well thought out lyrics, " The song is an amazing presentation of Sum Ever After's debut EP both with its hard rock tone and personally relatable lyrics. Sum Ever After's members Keith Chastain , Daniel Hooker, Doug Brock and John Kirby first hooked up in the recording studio, and persued their passion for music. Sum Ever After shows their love for music on the stage every single time reguardless if its a crowd of 5 or 5000 because they are doing something they enjoy.

Look for the release of our new CD " Empty Room " to hit around September of 2009. It contains all of latest tracks including "Empty Room"...