Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta based Progressive / Ambient / Electro Rock.



Formed in the classic city of Athens, GA, and together for almost half a decade, Sumilan has evolved into a sound uniquely their own. Showcased in their studio work and illuminated in their live performance, Sumilan blends prog rock, psychedelic trance, ambiance, and improv, all coalesced with infectious pop minded vocals. Apparent in their newest studio album, En Transit, Sumilan delivers a polished and powerful sound rooted in technique and grown with experience. 

With a live performance structured on embellished composition, yet played with rawness and attitude, their sound resonates beyond the venue. The symbiotic energy of the live show leaves the audience satisfied, yet thirsting for the next. With eyes into the future, the band is soul driven into an ever evolving sound that meets the challenge of today, while fostering continuity into the sound of tomorrow. 

Pronunciation  --  SUE-muh-lahn


Sumilan's New Track "Lamar" is being featured in Skratch Magazine's annual compilaiton CD for the Warped Tour.

Set List

Sumilan's song list currently consists of around 10 to 15 original tunes, with an interesting mix of cover tunes. Cover tunes can range anywhere from 80's pop, classic tracks, or cutting edge songs from some of the jam band greats.