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Summer Malia

New York, NY 10075, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

New York, NY 10075, USA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Hurt – Christina Aguilera (Cover by Summer Malia)" - Cliche Magazine

"You'll Remember"

Singer/songwriter, fellow Beyoncé stan, and my dear friend Summer Malia has begun her journey into the music industry. She has debuted her first single, “You’ll Remember” a folky song showcasing her pop yet soulful voice as well as her songwriting capabilities. Coming all the way from Hawaii, Summer brings everything you’d think a girl named Summer would. She comes equipped with tons of positive energy, a bright voice, and a happy heart. Her music comes straight from her soul and it shows through and through with her debut single, “You’ll Remember”.

I think it’s a great start to a promising journey! It’s a beautiful song - creating a beautiful image of a sunny day at the beach - enjoying nature and singing your heart out. The song feels like a refreshing cleanse. Summer’s voice is so interesting - there is so much power and so much emotion, yet so light and airy. She could totally cross into multiple genres, which is so beneficial when you’re just starting out. You have the option to dabble in genres, experiment, and find your niche. The song progresses very nicely and it’s extremely enjoyable to listen too. It reminds me of a more soulful “Girl Put Your Records On”, which is so different from the music of today. I love the musicality in the song as well. It’s not your standard song - there are elements that showcase a blossoming entertainer. When she pauses after “hold my breath”, the growl in the final chorus, the swelling in the second verse - these are all great musical moments that really grab listeners attention and make them remember - no pun intended. It’s always about the details people! It definitely feels like an organic freedom of expression and I love it.

I do, however, have some critiques. I find the transitions from the verses into the chorus can be a little corny and a little awkward. Maybe it was due to the engineering, but it sometimes sounds a little rushed. Also, there are times when it feels like the music is overpowering her voice in the chorus. Since the chorus is so big, her voice needs to be just as big to combat the loud guitar and the deep drums. I also think the album cover does not help the song at all. I find the album cover to be a little cheesy, and it’s not showcasing who Summer is. As a new artist, you want your face with your music so people can remember who you are, especially as a solo artists since you are your brand. Once an artist is established, then it would make more sense to put a picture of an object. But for someone who is just starting out, you want to show who you are - get that face time!! I love the image of the sun shining through the leaves, it reminds me of Summer, but I think it’s the font/dark black box around the font that makes it seem strange. It reminds me of a parental advisory symbol, which is definitely not the image Summer is trying to portray. It also has a really weird placement. I’m not sure why it’s not centered.

Summer is a breath of fresh air and “You’ll Remember” is just as fresh as she is. Knowing her personally, this song is so her and just showcases the bright aura she has. I love her voice and I think she has an infectious personality that would totally gain fans. Keep up the good work Summer and release some more music - I need it! I can’t wait to see what else she’ll come up with next - you all should definitely check her out on all platforms. - Tea4Tunes

"Summer Malia - You'll Remember"

Summer Malia's debut single "You'll Remember" is focused around her inspiring summer in Brooklyn, NY. Her debut EP will be released in the Summer of 2016 as well.

"Summer is an independent, self-made artist whose soulful vocals bring power and emotional presence to her blissful island vibe -- ranging from acoustic guitars to heavy beats that back rhythmic ballads." - Underground Industry


You'll Remember (Single) - April 2016

You'll Remember - EP / June 29th, 2016



Born in Cupertino and raised in Hawaii, Summer Malia launched onto the scene
as a brand new singer-songwriter. Her unique style mixes soulful
R&B vocals with an Indie-Acoustic sound and leaves listeners wanting

With fifteen years of professional vocal, dance, and performance training, Summer
Malia developed her passion for performing. In 2014, she left her home
in Hawaii to launch her professional singing career in New York
City. Just one year later, Summer Malia began collaborating with
Brooklyn producers and artists from various genres and backgrounds. 

On July 29th, 2016 - Summer Malia's official debut EP, "You'll Remember"
was released on all music platforms. Summer's EP samples many genres of
music to encompass her love of all formats. Download now on iTunes for
just $4.95!

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