Summer Darling
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Summer Darling

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"General Press Review"

“Simply one of the best bands in Los Angeles” LA Underground - LA Underground

"Good Feeling Review"

“Summer Darling churns up some engrossing indie rock on their recent EP, Good Feeling. Ben Heywood sings in a Thurston Moore sort of deadpan, revealing fascinatingly mysterious lyrics like “I stole honey from a horde of hungry bees” and “I’ve got cancers to reward for sticking with me,” from “The Zealot.” What’s even better is the way Heywood’s and Dan Rossiter’s guitars intersect with mesmerizing Television-style angles and are bumped firmly along by Heather Bray’s warm bass. “Born Again” starts out as a regretful tale of too much partying, but it soon ascends into the clouds, borne aloft by those interlocking guitar chimes and Bray’s soothing harmonies. There’s a bit of Neil Young on funereal ballads like “Young Forever,” but ultimately Summer Darling don’t sound like anyone but themselves, especially on the surging, expansive anthem “Ride This Wave of Good Feelings.” Ride on. (Falling James)” LA Weekly - LA Weekly

"Summer Darling Live Review"

“I was simply floored by what I heard. Summer Darling were catching full steam and plowing through a hyper tense set of amazing music full of tension and emotion. To say I am not easily impressed would be an understatement, but I was enthralled with what I heard coming off the stage.” Radio Free Silver Lake - Radio Free Silver Lake

"Summer Darling Residency Review"

“Summer Darling, who hold residency honors for the month, are simply terrific. Is that too generic? How about, ultra-terrific? I have to admit feeling a bit ashamed that before the show I'd only done cursory listening. But after a set filled with trading male and female vocals, dark riffs built off of obvious band chemistry, and some of the most controlled feedback I've ever seen, I promise to do penance.” Confessions of a Would Be Hipster - Confessions of a Would Be Hipster


What’s Done Is Done EP –Last Stand Records 2002
I Know You, I Never Knew You —Last Stand Records 2004
Health of Others EP –Origami Music 2008
Good Feeling EP –Origami Music 2008
Summer Darling - Origami Vinyl 2010



Summer Darling opens up a new chapter with their self-titled album on Origami Vinyl. The band battled alcoholism, divorce, interstate moves, and a number of family deaths to create an extremely personal record. Ben Heywood, frontman for Summer Darling, grew up the son of pastors in suburban California. Upon graduating from college with a degree In English and Creative Writing, he started the band as an outlet to come to grips with his dissolving faith and darkening worldview. His wife and band mate, Heather B. Heywood, who also fronts the Richard Swift produced band Kissing Cousins, was raised the daughter of Pentecostal ministers in Alabama and experienced a similar rebellion when she began playing in bands. They’ve shared the stage for the last seven years with guitarist Dan Rossiter. The newest addition has been Todd Spitzer, who replaced their previous drummer in 2008.

Musically, the new record walks the line of pop music and aggressive experimentation. The band set out to write songs that would challenge the close listener with a myriad of time signatures, interlacing guitar parts, and bombastic drumming while simultaneously pleasing the casual listener with hook laden vocal melodies.

Lyrically the album explores Heywood’s decade long struggle with alcoholism and the place of faith in modern society. Heywood has been quoted as viewing his band as his church, which explains the allegorical nature of the lyrics, expressing thematic elements through story narrative rather than expository self-reflection.

Summer Darling has played extensively throughout the West Coast since 2003. In 2010 Summer Darling brings their new album and live show to the national stage.