Summer Driven

Summer Driven


Summer Driven is a Rock/Pop Band From Lutherville/Timonium Maryland. Currently with 4 members in the band,Summer Driven has played with acts as,All Time Low, Adelphi,The Hint,Treaty of Paris, and Southcott (thieves and villains). Recently, we released an EP and now looking to play shows and promote.


Summer Driven is mainly a Rock/Pop band. Our main influence is All Time Low, due to the fact that some members in our band went to school with them, and used to play shows with them in our hometown alot.


EP "When The Eyes Meet Desire" Released on 3/20/08

Set List

we're currently playing our EP:
1) Chris Conners
2) Conscience
3) Bel's
4) A little New At This
5) CaliMarie
6) Sky In Connect

New Found Glory - King of Wishful Thinking
The Starting Line - Best Of Me