Dallas, Texas, USA

Whiskey soaked southern boys play their own brand of loud, raunchy, country tinged rock and roll. Sonically creative and endlessly fun, Summerfield takes the listener back to a time when bands actually knew how to play their own instruments and prided themselves on penning original tunes.


Summerfield is four friends who came together out of a love of music. Landon Atchison (vocals/guitar), Clay Dickerson (lead guitar), Trip Carmichael (bass), and Tobin Mienke (drums) each bring something to the table musically that contributes to the diverse sound that Summerfield creates. Sonically, the band has influences ranging from classic rock (Skynyrd, Doors, Zeppelin) to modern rock acts like Radiohead, Wilco, Pavement, and others. Twin telecasters snarl and spit the melodies, while the bass and drums maintain a steady thumpin rythm. The vocals and lyrics range from deep and brooding to party time whiskey ramblings. If you are looking for some southern comfort soaked, guitar oriented rock music from the heart of texas, you have found it. Summerfield.


Where Do You Run To

Written By: Landon Atchison

Where do you run to
Why cant I trust you
I guess I feel hollow
But you can prove me wrong

I have seen travels
Got my own troubles
I though you were my girl
For way too long

I have seen trials
Am I in denial
Why does my heart deceive me
When my my mind is strong

You made me feel worthless
You took all of my courage
So where did you run to
When you were gone


Demo 2011
Whiskey & Wine
Where Do You Run To?

Set List

Another Soldier Dead
Not Anymore
Whiskey & Wine
On The Run
Baby Don’t Turn Me Down
The City
Darkness Falls
Where Do You Run To?
You’ve Got Some Moves
No Looking Back
The Walls
Honky Tonk Heaven
Heart of Stone
Blues Jam
Moving On
Right Here
Bring Me Down
Son’s Shall Rise Again
Face The Sun
Ramblin Stone
Old Yellow House