SUMMERHOUSE, a Cobourg, Ontario band, debutes their album Outside. It showcases their unique music which blends traditional sounds of pop and indie rock sensibilities. Their refreshing and unique sound is already turning heads both on record and through the power of their live performance.


Tom Payton & Joe Azzarello met in the late 90s connecting immediately once discovering each others musical talent. During the summer of 2001 Joe introduced Tom to a drummer friend of his, Dave Cunnington who happened to have the perfect spot to jam. Soon the sounds of the emerging band were heard from a small outbuilding on the outskirts of Cobourg, known as the summerhouse. Other friends showed up to jam but Tom, Joe & Dave were the mainstays. Realizing their natural ability to create music together, they took the name of their practice spot & Summerhouse was formed. In 2005 Todd Garrison became the final addition to the band, his strong vocal talents being just what was needed to complete the band.



Written By: Thomas Payton

The smoke looks sticky as it swallows up the sun
The feeling I’ve got inside has more than just begun
I try to hide myself from the crowd
I don’t make a sound, but inside I’m screaming out loud


(‘Singing’) Maybe you’re really not away
Babies still cry in their momma’s arms
It’s not too late to say it once again
You’ve been my friend I have always depended on

I look back over my life and I wonder how you got where you are
The people that matter the most means you shouldn’t have to look too far
But time has changed me for the good
The time has come for me to make sure it’s understood


When the show is all over and the people have all gone
There’ll be one standing there waving me to come on
I’ll turn my head to say goodbye
You’ll smile and wave in a way that I don’t have to wonder why

Chorus...You’ll be my friend I have always depended on

Coe Hill Fair

Written By: Thomas Payton

In a town in Hastings County
With the summer in the air
All minds were tuned to dressin’ up
And going to Coe Hill Fair
The young man sat in silence
With sweat beaded on his cheek
And a pistol clenched within his fist
And a future that looked so bleak


Don’t the summer breezes blow so cold when you’re alone
Doesn’t anybody have the strength to carry on
When you’re tired and you just can’t seem to take it anymore
You’re goin’ home

As he pulled up to the window
And she said I’ll take your order please
He drew a heavy breath and gave the trigger a little squeeze
He said I’ll have some french fries
And some cold Pepsi for sure
And give me all that money that you’ve got on the register

Repeat Chorus

When at last they finally found him
He was lying in the rain
He didn’t put up much struggle
With a bullet in his brain
And the minister concluded
As they laid him in the ground
Dear friends here lies another soul
Who was lost and never found

Repeat Chorus

You’re goin’ home ...x4


Written By: Thomas Payton

When I close my eyes and pretend you’re there
It can help to make things right.
The weight of despair is beyond compare
And it gets so dark at night.

All my friends are sayin’ it’ll be alright
And I hope what they say is true.
I’m going through the motions of livin’ again
And I only want to be with you.

Understand x 3

Repeat 1st, 2nd verse

Understand x 4


CD Released: "Outside" Feb. 3, 2007
Single Released: Feb. 5, 2007
Single: Desperate Times

Set List

Set 1
Dead Lay
Lets Shake
Out Tonight
Powder Finger
Ziggy Stardust

Set 2
Come Together
Coe Hill Fair
Not for You
Honkey Tonk Woman
Tom Petty
Water Line
Fortunate Son

Set 3
Fiddlers Green
Jonny Cash
Rising Sun
Rocky Mountain Way
Already Gone

Knockin on Heavens Door
Free World
The Wall
Kisses from Me
Little Bones
Not for You