Summer of Glaciers

Summer of Glaciers

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Post-Rock Glitch


Summer of Glaciers is a project created by Dallas musician Ryan Wasterlain and Denton based Miranda Alvarado. The music can be loosely defined within the electronic and post-rock genres. While not sitting in either completely, Summer of Glaciers takes influences from both styles and weaves them together to create bleak down-tempo atmospheres, heavy with tense beats and quiet/loud swells.

San Fran
cisco was the birthplace of Summer of Glaciers. The energy of the city and the constant stream of noise helped inspire multiple releases that longed for more open space (fittingly, the albums were created in a walk-in closet converted into a studio). But after multiple tours through Texas and creating some really great friendships it was time to move. While in Denton, Ryan fell in love with the community of musicians and Texas in general. About 1 year ago he made the trek out and called Texas home.

Immediately after the move, Ryan began crafting the newest EP. After a lot of experimenting with new sounds he released a 6 song EP with Gutterth Records titled “Small Spaces”.

The most notably change on this album is the addition of vocals which have never played a role in previous recordings. While the vocals on Small Spaces are all Ryan, he asked Miranda to start performing live with him and taking on the singing role. The new partnership will continue to evolve the sound and lead Summer of Glaciers into new directions.


Small Spaces

Past Lives (split with Lost Trail from North Carolina)


These Last Days

Set List

Usually a few songs seamlessly blended together for a continuous 20-25 minute set.