Summer Rose

Summer Rose


"Summer Rose is a can't lose artist on the commercial success path. Summer is an absolute predator on stage. This woman has something else, she has pipes!!! A perfect pitch level, she fires off magnificent lyrical phrases like crazy and the content of her lyrics makes her even more amazing.


In a music industry mired in complacency and smothered with a ‘been there, done that’ attitude,
it takes a special and unique artist to remind us why we fell in love with this thing called rock
and roll in the first place. If the buzz and excitement in the L.A. music scene generated by the
emergence of Summer Rose is anything to go by, she just might be one of those special cases.
Hot on the heels of completing her debut CD (which has already garnered her two accolades;
Independent Superstar of the Year at the L.A. Music Awards as well as Best New Band at the
‘Rockies’) her live shows have met with rave reviews in addition to leaving audiences stunned
every time she and her band hits the stage.

The new CD ‘Big Mouth’ is almost impossible to categorize as its influences of rock, hip hop
and pop are almost as varied as the vocal performances and attitudes that Summer delivers on
it (check out ‘Save Me’ then listen to ‘Liar’ and you’ll see what we mean!) but it is all brought
into focus by the sharp production of David Holman (No Doubt, Bush, Adema, Beth Hart etc.)
Holman, who’s first major success was with Olivia Newton-John as musical director of the ‘Grease’
soundtrack, thankfully reneged on his resolution to not work with any more females when he
first met Summer and heard some of her material (it must have been very good!!) Soon after
Summer signed to Ruckus Entertainment and she and Holman got down to work in his Hollywood
studio. Amongst the various musicians brought in to help out was guitarist Mitch Perry ( Edgar
Winter Band, Michael Schenker Group, Cher, etc.) who liked what he heard so much that he
refused to leave the studio until he was asked to be Musical Director for the band.

After finishing the CD, the live lineup was completed by adding Sam Aliano on drums, Marshall
Thompson on guitar and keyboards, Taki on bass, and Andreas Brobjer on percussion and vocals.
Their debut performance was in front of 1,100 people at the 2006 L.A. Music Awards at the Henry
Fonda Theater and the response to their show there was so strong that they were then asked
to be main support act at the Knitting Factory’s Club Vodka night. All of the 1,600 people in
attendance needed no explanation as to why, when reviewing that performance ‘Rock City News’
was moved to write, “Summer Rose is a can’t lose artist on the commercial success path. With
calculated recklessness, Summer is an absolute predator on stage. Her martial arts style kicks
and jumps are signature moves for sure, but this woman has something else as well. She has
pipes!!! With a perfect pitch level she fires off magnificent lyrical phrases like no one I have ever
heard. And the content of her lyrics makes her even more amazing. Mark my words; this gal is
going to be someone in this business.” Hmmm...Need we say more?


Can’t Say No
Strap It On
Poor People
Save Me
Disco Nympho
Love Triangle
Big Mouth

Set List

A set consists of 6 songs and the set is 40 minutes long.

No covers, all material is original.