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The best kept secret in music


"Live at the Pontiac Grille"

Review, US1 Newspaper, Princeton, NJ
September 14, 2005

The Pontiac Grille on South Street in Philadelphia has a rich history of receiving celebrated acts onto its modest stage. Green Day, Courtney Love, the Offspring, Good Charlotte, and countless others have made their way up the narrow staircase to the performance space above the Grille's restaurant. On a particular Friday evening earlier this summer, Summit, an acoustic rock band from Lehigh University, hoped to catch a little of the magic left behind by these performers.
A super-casual atmosphere welcomes newbies and regulars alike as the friendly, inked-up serving staff of the Pontiac Grille brings an eclectic mix of patrons selections from the equally eclectic menu. The specials board immediately catches the eye, advertising grilled mahi-mahi with a pineapple mango salsa. The soup of the day is mulligatawny. The burger menu is automobile-themed, as each item is named after a Pontiac model, current or classic. After a pint of Stella and a GTO burger (cheddar and bacon), I know I will return to the Grille for its uber-friendly staff, fair prices, and homemade potato chips. My belly is full and I am happy. We head upstairs to catch the end of a happy-go-lucky sort of band playing a song called "It Must Suck to Be You."
As the bands switch off, the crowd in the small space grows to about 50 people, mostly college students in t-shirts and knit hats, despite the summer heat. Summit takes the stage and the atmosphere changes from one of irreverence to one of youthful, laid-back energy. Summit is young but despite their informal demeanor it is clear that they are well-rehearsed and serious about their band. Self-described as acoustic, jam-band rock, members Tim White and Peter Lanctot have a classical background that reaches back to their childhood in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Summit lists as influences Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and Dispatch, but most apparent is their affinity for Dave Matthews. Perhaps it's the electric violin, passed effortlessly back and forth between White and Lanctot throughout the entire set. Rob Guzzon underscores the group with interesting bass lines, adding a bit of five-string grunge to the acoustic flavor of the band. Eric Winokur lends to the synergy, tying it all together on a drum set that is firmly rooted in rock and roll.
Each Summit song features tight vocal harmonies and shows off the technical prowess of each musician. The tune "Funk Jam" highlights the versatility of each member, as it seems that each instrument is played confidently by every member of the group over the course of the song. "And" is particularly fun, with a singable chorus that fans of DMB would love. Duets between violin and guitar punctuate many of the tunes, and the communication between the players is a certain crowd pleaser.
Founded just recently, in 2003, Summit is quickly growing into its sound. The band gained popularity on the Lehigh campus almost immediately, and this early success has surely contributed to the exuberance the group demonstrates in performance. Summit is constantly gaining performance experience that will surely improve the flow of their already engaging show. They are currently working on a full-length album with producer Gene Perla that is scheduled for release next summer.
- Jamie Bunce
- US 1

"Summit - Vertiginous"

Artist: SUMMIT
Release: Vertiginous (2006)

SUMMIT offers an amalgam of many different styles and genres ranging from the edgy sounds of alternative rock to the grooving rhythm of funk and reggae, to a more laid back style of singer/songwriter acoustic rock. While SUMMIT’s music is heavily influenced by contemporary jam bands such as The Dave Matthews Band and Dispatch, their roots in classical music, as well as jazz and funk, create a new sound that is all their own.

IndiePro Comments: SUMMIT has a musical style very reminiscent of Peter Cetera and Peter Gabriel. The lead vocalist has a style and vocal quality similar to early Phil Collins (”Easy Lover”), with a contemporary twist. Upbeat songs, sung withfeeling and sincerity.

- IndiePro


Vertiginous June 2006
Track List
1. The Seven Train
2. And
3. Mooneyes
4. Who You Are
5. Everything
6. Last Words
7. Great Tragedy
8. Over the Edge
9. Winter
10. We Don't Take No...
11. Late Summer Falling
12. Windows


Feeling a bit camera shy


While SUMMIT was founded in the fall months of 2003, its roots go back years earlier when ten year old Tim White and seven year old Peter Lanctot were growing up studying classical music together in their eastern Pennsylvania home town. Their knowledge and appreciation of classical, jazz, and contemporary music simultaneously grew as they both got older.

During his sophomore year of college at Lehigh University, Tim started a band with fellow students Rob Guzzon, Eric Winokur, and renowned Irish musician Terry McLaughlin. They were immediately successful in landing numerous high-profile shows and their initial recordings spread rapidly via the internet. In the winter months of 2004, it was decided that Peter join the group with his virtuosic violin, guitar, and vocal talent.

While SUMMIT's music is heavily influenced by contemporary jam bands such as The Dave Matthews Band and Dispatch, their aforementioned roots in classical music as well as jazz and funk create a new sound that is all their own. The group's success is most attributed to their exciting and innovative live act. From trading instruments mid-set to creative jam sessions, the band is constantly shifting the musical canvas to entertain their growing fan base.

In spring 2006, keyboardist Mike Paquet officially joined SUMMIT. Mike's aggressive and artistic sound has allowed the band to continue to explore many different musical styles while expanding on their original sound.

The group is currently in an active production agreement with famed Jazz bassist and record producer Gene Perla. Their critically acclaimed first album, Vertiginous, was released in June of 2006 and the band is currently promoting the record with extensive touring and showcases.

Eric Winokur is sponsored by Zildjan Cymbals, RMV Drums, and Joe's Drum Shop of Beverly, MA.