Summit Avenue

Summit Avenue


Summit Avenue is a radio-friendly pop-based band that has strong bluesy lead vocals, a piano, and stage presence that is sure to get the crowd in a frenzy.


The music of Summit Avenue is shaped by the life experiences and musical exposure of its four members. Summit Avenue tells life stories through an energetic live show that has established them as one of the up-and-coming acts of hte Twin Cities. By incorporating aspects of rock and roll, blues, funk, and pop music, Summit Avenue's style appeals to a broad base of music listeners.

Since its inception in February 2004, the band's focus has been to play as many shows as it can, gaining exposure to as many fans as possible. Each member gives everything he has on stage for every show the band plays and always strives to make the crowd feel as if they are a part of the show. Summit Avenue recently shared the stage with Blue Merle and Pete Yorn.



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Set List

Summit Avenue can play a four hour performance or can scale down for an acoustic performance of two hours. Summit Avenue is an original band but can play up to 50% covers.