Summoner's Circle
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Summoner's Circle

Knoxville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Knoxville, TN
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal Doom Metal


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"The Strange Cosmic Saga of Occult Metal Band Summoner’s Circle"

Summoner’s Circle is not like other Knoxville bands, and not just because they play spaced-out heavy rock laced with occult and astrological symbolism borrowed from H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and other pulp writers of the early 20th century. The band’s six members claim to be refugees from a cosmic war on the planet Mercury, intent on completing a series of arcane eldritch rituals—which, when performed, just happen to resemble heavy-metal concerts. Is it a publicity stunt or a postmodern prank? Or have mystical metal aliens really landed in our midst? Guitarist Gog answered some of our questions in a recent email interview.

Tell me about the band—who you are, how you came together, previous experience, what you’re trying to do with this new band?
It is a long and ongoing story.

Allow me to summarize to the best of my ability. The Circle was formed by Magog and myself early in the Earth year of 2015 during the calendar term you refer to as February. The war on our home world of Mercury led to the death of our Creator, and we were tasked by our order to gather together all of the old Creator’s spilled blood in order to perform the Rite of Making, which would summon him back into being. Magog and I had grown weary of serving this now deceased god and his order, and decided at this juncture to, yes, collect his blood but, instead, perform the Summoning ourselves and assume the power of the old creator unto ourselves. Mercury is currently in chaos, and it seemed like the most opportune moment to strike out on our own in a quest for ultimate power and vengeance. We are now an alliance of Six. We have assumed earthly avatars and adopted your instruments to assist in creating the incantations necessary to perform the Summoning. The Six are Gog (lead guitar); Magog (rhythm guitar); the Fallen One (bass); Blind (throat and screams); Sol (keyboards and vocals); and B.G. Scios (drums).

Any particular bands you find inspiration from? You seem to draw from classic doom, modern metal, some black metal.

Your observations are quite astute. We have researched doom pioneers on your world such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Candlemass, and Draconian, in addition to others such as Opeth and Emperor. Their works, and many others, have greatly contributed to the incantations you can now hear on First Summoning. Each of the Six has studied many varied and distinct artists, and each has brought those together into what is now the core, or essence, of our being.

You guys obviously have a flair for the theatrical. Where does that come from, how does it influence what you do, and what are your ultimate plans? I get the feeling there’s a bigger picture.

That is just part of being when you are a Summoner by trade. One cannot work blood magick and conjure and bind interdimensional beings and not have a flair for the theatric. What is it the kids around here say? This is how we roll? The larger the scale, the more powerful the Summoning. Our Acolytes and Nones (followers and fans) deserve to be treated to more than watching several beings standing there performing incantations. We feed off of the energy, and that energy gives us more power. In turn, it gives them more pleasure and a spectacle to behold. It is a perpetual cycle. When you come witness us performing a Summoning, be prepared to view a spectacle and something that could be deemed over the top.

Who’s the singer, and where did you find him? I imagine it’s pretty hard to find anybody around Knoxville who can (or will) do extreme metal vocals, but you seem to have found a really good one.

That would be Blind. Magog, Fallen, and I were about to be devoured by the Parasite at the base of the White Pyramid when, and I might add in no hurry, he finally decided our lives were worth saving. We knew he had the ancient wisdom we needed to complete the Circle and perform the Summoning, so we were seeking him out, traversing across the blasted deserts on the sun-facing side of Mercury, where no sane being should live. He is, indeed, a very unique and powerful summoner, and we are fortunate that he joined our ranks.

In your live clips, there’s some tongue-in-cheek humor in the presentation, but it’s not apparent in the music. Do you find that’s a tough line to navigate—acknowledging that what you’re doing is over the top but remaining committed to it?

Ah, yes. Blind is quite snarky in his old age. Seeing that which is not supposed to be seen has a way of doing that to a being. He doesn’t get out much, and spends most of his time locked up in the Fortress of Chukar. I surmise he jests for the attention it gets him.

First Summoning sounds top-notch—tell me about writing and recording it. And are there plans for a full-length?

First Summoning was chronicled over a span of several months by Dalton Skinner at Anchor Sound Studios. Each Summoner contributed to the writing of each incantation. The Six are currently in the process of writing material for a full-length tome, which we hope to chronicle during the spring cycle of 2016.

Knoxville’s metal scene seems to be gathering momentum—you guys, stoner bands like Mass Driver and O’Possum, the prog-rock bands, and plenty more. Is anything in particular spurring that?

Most likely the cosmic energies being released by the war on Mercury are fueling this resurgence. Doom, death, and destruction travel swiftly and quietly. - Knoxville Mercurt


First Summoning - EP // 2015



Epic doom metal from the wastes of Mercury.

“A new God… a new world… a new reckoning.”

Gog and Magog had long walked the surface of Mercury, both in its cold shadows and in its scorching heat. They had gathered the lifeblood of the Old Creator from all corners of the world by the order of the Sor, but had grown disillusioned with the mission of the Holy Order. They grew tired of following orders from the clergy of a dead god and decided to follow their own path… a path leading to power and vengeance.

Using the ancient knowledge of the Sor, Gog and Magog drew out a Circle on top of the world with the Blood of God… but knew the Circle was not complete. The Summoning would require Four Elements: Unrelenting Power, Ancient Wisdom, Forbidden Knowledge, and Binding Magic. It was their fate to wander across the wastes of Mercury in search of these elements, gathering all of the Old Creator’s blood on their way. For Power, there was but one being with the might to complete the rite whose will could be bent to match theirs, a great Balrog residing in the city of Dis.

Dis, located in the region of Mercury farthest from the Sun, was a city of demons and outcasts filled to the brim with those who defied the Old God and those unworthy of divine favor. Whilst war was upon Mercury, the forces of Dis remained idle as the war god Raggoth crushed the forces of the Sor and the Centric Order, being enemies of all that is Holy and lavishing in the Death of God. However, when Raggoth pulled his sword from the heart of God and turned to claim Mercury as his own, the Lord Beael, Ward of Endless Sleep, rose out of Dis with his hordes and legions to drive back Raggoth and his armies, who had been weakened from battle. Returning to Dis triumphant, Beael crowned himself the new God of Mercury and there was much revel among demons in the Deep Shadow.

It was this Deep Shadow which Gog and Magog sought out, for therein was Balrog General Scios, a hero among demons and a scourge among all else. Scios was one of two second in command to Lord Beael, the other being Supreme Wizard Golgoth; Scios was bound by the Magic of Golgoth, but Golgoth knew that the Balrog General could crush him on a whim. This was the balance of the High Court in Dis, and at the throne was Beael. Scios had the Unrelenting Power necessary to perform the Summoning, but as long as the magic of Golgoth held him, his will was bound. In order for Gog and Magog to utilize the Balrog General, it would be their task not only to undo the spell cast by the Supreme Wizard, but also to bind the will of Scios to their own. For such a task, they would require the Wisdom of the Fallen.

Once the highest ranking officer in the Centric Order and Right Hand of God, the Fallen was now a Black Knight who lurked in the Deep Shadow among demons and their ilk. His Ancient Wisdom was handed down from the Old Creator and it governed his mighty axe, Kazamammot; even those who were more powerful than the Fallen knew his name and regarded him with great caution and respect. With his help, the Centric Order could have driven back the forces of Raggoth and protected the Creator as was their charge. Alas, the Centric Order was dead and the Fallen regretted nothing after how they had betrayed him in the time before the war.

Initially, when Gog and Magog approached the Fallen on a mountaintop outside of Dis, he was upon them with great speed. He raised the edge of Kazamammot to Gog’s throat, taking hold of Magog’s robe in his blackened gauntlet and lifting him from the ground. “Assassins, sent by the Sor,” he said, noting the markings on their robes.

Gog retorted in a dry tone, ignoring the sharp bite of the blackened axe: “We are not slaves to a dead god, and were we assassins, you would already be dead.” The Fallen laughed, throwing Magog to the ground but holding his axe steadily against the throat of Gog, “Were you assassins, you would have killed yourselves upon receiving your charge, knowing you could not kill what has already Fallen. Speak quickly, and do not waste my time.” As Magog gathered himself, Gog began to explain the Summoning, growing impatient with the cold steel of Kazamammot against his throat but keeping his composure.

Under the shade of his helmet, the Fallen’s eyes narrowed, “Speak no more, Summoner. I know the ritual well… I was one of the first Summoned to life by the Old Creator, and I was there for the Summoning of many ancient beings, most of which have already come to perish. I do not know if your plan is more or less foolish than that of the Sor; Raggoth is strong and so is Beael, how can you hope to defeat both?”
Magog smiled, “It won’t be long until they have defeated each other.”

To Be Continued...

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