Thanks for Click'n in. We are SUMTIMES Y, also known as SUM X Y, +XY and (+)Y, out of Southern California's, Inland Empire. We Are 5 guys who enjoy playing music infront of anyone wether it be One , or 100's. All we care about is pleasing the crowd.


The band formed in 2006
We have many diffrent influences. We are consistant with mainly rock/pop. What makes us diffrent then other bands is we are organized when it comes time to work .. we work ..
We meet all set deadlines, never cancel, always sell all presale and to top it off we always try or best to make our show better everytime we play.


Live It Up

Written By: George Taylor

I got a chance
And I’m gonna take it
I got a smile, but I can’t fake it
If I want to win
I got the words with understanding
The audience was so demanding
They come in between

You better live it up
With what you got
The dreams you have, won’t ever stop
Until I reach the end
Better live the life you want to live
The more you take, the less I give
Until I reach the end

The life I never had
Was more than gold and cash
It was a story of
A boy with hopes and dreams
Hard work is what it seems
Got me to where I am
Well I fell asleep last night
And I waited on a light
And it told me not to wait
For the sake of
Making big mistakes

Wait, the choice you have to make
The things you never say
You stole the only thing
I know
And that’s the way you like
To take it over

Jack and Jill

Written By: George Taylor

He was a pretty boy
With light brown eyes
And he’s trying hard
To realize, if this is right for him
And where do I begin

She’s a lonely girl
Got to make that choice
Gonna spend her life, chasing boys
You want to get on out
Of this two star town

The times get old
And people change
But we stay the same

Love, brings you home
When you’re lost
Love, brings me hope
When your gone

The times get old
And people change
But we stay the same

In his heart he truly believed
That all her love was all
He’d need to get by

She was born for breaking hearts
Till she fell in love and realized
That she would see it in his eyes
See it in his eyes

Well there came one day
With no surprise
That the boy grows old
And the woman dies
Oh what a happy life
That they did live

They had a big old house
About fourteen kids
And a life of love
They didn’t miss
And they won’t
Their work was done.

Rest of My Life

Written By: George Taylor

I see you more than ever
And now that were together
We’ll sit back and know
That through the stormy weather
I’d love to fight to get her
She knows that were home
And I think back and I remember
When your lips touched mine
And I sit back and I know
That you know, that I know It will be alright

We drive along that road where
We loved to taste the fresh air
It was a moment held
My arm around her shoulder
She knows I love to hold her
She’s right where she belongs

And I know, that you were, my only one
And I know, that you were, my only love
And I think back and I remember
When your lips touched mine
And I sit back and I know
That you know, that I knooow!!!

I see you more than ever
We’ll always be together
Now that we are going home


We recently finished our self titled CD and are in the process of having it pressed and ready for distribution.Our first releases "Live It Up", "Jack and Jill", "Rest of My Life" and "Letters" made their debut March 1st and we instantly jumped from an average of about 100 plays a day to over a thousand.
Those releases could be found on our myspace.

Set List

We Currently have 10 original songs . Our sets varie to 45 minutes to an hour
List of songs ...
1.) So I say
2.) Live it Up
3.) Rendition
4.) Rest Of my Life
5.) Heart Scene
6.) Love Triangle
7.) letters
8.)Fame Shots
9.) Jack and Jill
10.) Chasing The Truth
Somtimes we make exceptions and we will do a cover song or 2