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Sun Cut Flat

Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFTRA

Brooklyn, NY | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Electronic Chillwave




"“Being Swept Up (In The Golden Tide)” – Sun Cut Flat"

Genre: Experimental / Singer-Songwriter / Indie / Electronic

Layered on top of an immersive environment is a voice that hits all of the subtleties just right. You can actually feel yourself being pulled into the depths of the oozing, bubbling tranquility of the Sun Cut Flat experience. - Milk Crater

"Sun Cut Flat | Navigate"

Sublimity through song might not be a new aspect but its effects are still wonderfully far-reaching. By stripping it all back and gently revealing only facets of their creation, Sun Cut Flat instantly compel on ‘Navigate’; the bands effortless and often beautiful new track.

A trio from Brooklyn, the band released a collection of home recordings as last years debut LP and a further handful of tracks earlier this Summer. ‘Navigate‘, which forms part of their new EP, is perhaps their most alluring moment thus far, however; a sumptuously mellow parade of muted colours and foggy shapes, a subliminal moment of restraint.

Led by a grainy lead vocal every bit as facile as the overall atmosphere, the track adds soft keys and surprisingly frenetic percussion runs to the mix, creating the kind of enchantment that always feels just out of reach; an enveloping rush of the most wistful nature. Check it out below. - Gold Flake Paint

"Sun Cut Flat – “Warped Buddhism”"

Right from the start, Sun Cut Flat’s new single “Warped Buddhism” grabbed a hold of my ears and would not let go. The Brooklyn-based collective, fronted by Nick Lattanzi with support from a rotating cast of Berklee-trained musicians, is best described as a mix between early Caribou, Antelope or Nomo. Fans of the aforementioned would appreciate the driving/ethereal instrumentals combined with washed out vocals. Sun Cut Flat’s new EP, titled Obscurities, comes out this morning and is available for purchase over here. In the meantime, check out “Warped Buddhism” below. - BuffaBlog

"Sun Cut Flat – “Happiness Is A Wandering”"

It’s presently rainy and grey where I am, but Sun Cut Flat’s “Happiness Is A Wandering” transported me to a tropical land that looks serene and green even in the midst of a thunderstorm. On this track, the Boston-based project incorporates ocean-side fantasy-land soundscapes reminiscent of Air France and Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach, with unique touches ranging from soulful vocal samples to brass inclusions and Afro-pop wanderings. It all presents a fantastic stylistic hybrid, where lush synth-pop collides with the naturalism of Afro-pop and tropical funk to tout this landscape-shifting ability. “Happiness is a wandering,” is a line frequently repeated, aligning with the feel-good and stay-loose vibes of reggae, an influence that isn’t prominent but remains there in spirit.

What Sun Cut Flat accomplish with “Happiness Is A Wandering” is a demonstration of extraordinary stylistic chops that merge accessible genres with some more challenging ones. Through it all is a cohesive gem that showcases this as a project with tons of promise. Further flexing their stylistic versatility, “From the Sun (You and I)” is just as breezily enjoyable, but this time stressing an ethereal guitar-led quality that’s quite different from “Happiness Is A Wandering”. This track has the ability to lift one’s spirits after a bad day, while “Happiness Is A Wandering” can transport listeners to another world entirely. Both of these efforts are antidotes in their own sense, and excellent tracks to kick your weekend off with. With such an accessible yet idiosyncratic sound, Sun Cut Flat have huge potential to become big in 2014. - Obscure Sound

"Premiere: Sun Cut Flat – “Blank Soul”"

In choosing photos for a YouTube channel such as our own, one must consider every detail. A photo must convey a message to the viewer, much like the music must convey a message to the listener. When the two meet in the middle, you have a symbiotic relationship, and that appears to be the case with our latest upload.

“Blank Soul,” the newest single from Berkeley alum Sun Cut Flat, is simple and serene. Bereft of any bells and whistles, the song brings meaning to the word “relaxing,” blending lush atmospherics with bright acoustics and a taut bassline. While the song is more or less about drifting away and leaving that empty soul of yours behind, it lends itself a very natural and tranquil theme. Of course, you probably could have guessed that from looking at the photo that we chose to accompany it.

Stream the track below and visit our YouTube channel for more from Sun Cut Flat. - Indie Current

"Sun Cut Flat - Come So Far"

Yooooo!!! for those of you that know me well, you know that I am a J-Dilla enthusiast. For those of you who don’t know me that well, you should know that if your mom is hot, I am gonna be in there like swimwear. .. on the beach nude with free food… you know what I mean. So two things to know. If I mention Dilla, click on the link cos this shit is gonna be cool. Second thing, if I mention going to your mom’s place for dinner, just swerve homie. Swerve. So then, speaking of all that, the drums on this cut by Sun Cut Flat really bring me to that Dilla feel… the lazy kicks here and there, the relentless hat, the saturated snare. There has to be a hiphop head putting their mits on this music in here… hats off kiddos great work! Peep below! Educate yourselves on these guys. They got an EP coming up called “Obscurities” . Be on the lookout! - Future Classics

"Premiere Du Jour: Sun Cut Flat – Lil’ Yamaha"

So, on the back of breathtaking photos coming in from former-planet Pluto a couple weeks ago, here comes Brooklyn ensemble Sun Cut Flat - lending their name from a Bob Dylan reference. That's as far as similarities go though. The duo plays one of the finest pop sounds you will hear all year: a bit of indie vibes, a lot of almost funk like grooves and a distinct tropical stream to it as well. It is with great honour than that Team Poule plays host to the premiere of their new single Lil' Yamaha. A perfectly smooth soundtrack to the dreamy days of early August: roofs top swimming pools, orange air and Negroni cocktails. Take it away. - Poule D'or


Running of the Bulls (LP) - 2010

Copy Machine Dream (LP)  - 2015

EP 01 - 2015

EP 02 - 2015

Obscurities - 2016



Sun Cut Flat "incorporates ocean-side fantasy-land soundscapes reminiscent of Air France and Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach, with unique touches ranging from soulful vocal samples to brass inclusions and Afro-pop wanderings. It all presents a fantastic stylistic hybrid, where lush synth-pop collides with the naturalism of Afro-pop and tropical funk to tout this landscape-shifting ability". -Obscure

"one of the finest pop sounds you will hear all year: a bit of indie vibes, a lot of almost funk like grooves and a distinct tropical stream to it as well" -

With the release of the Obscurities album, Sun Cut Flat brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with digital and natural instrumentation, dreamlike progressions, and a jazz like landscape, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie pop anthems. Though the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds them all together much like a concept album. Most importantly, the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single, “Toy Chest”, grooves hard in a digital lounge sort of way. Complete with a bopping bass line, and atmospheric breakdowns, and driving percussion, the song seems to build and breathe as it plays on.

“Toy Chest” is the first song on the project. The intro reminds me of a child opening an old toy chest that was tucked away in some attic, covered in dust, and being excited but also nervous about what might be inside. Chris envisioned the sound and title for "Toy Chest", and I immediately loved the direction it was going in. The synths just isolated from the drums and bass kind of made me feel nostalgic for something. So the lyrics I wrote are partly about how we can barely scratch the surface of memories, or of understanding anything really. It's from the perspective of being 26, and wondering if in some ways we still live in those little play worlds we created in our minds as toddlers. The feeling of having your favorite toy broken or lost as a kid is pretty similar to having a close relationship end or losing a loved one as an adult,” explains songwriter Nick Lattanzi of the groups single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where Sun Cut Flat is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety. 

“This album / EP has taken us to a more experimental / psychedelic / electronic area of indie pop rock but is still just scratching the surface of our potential, as it is a bedroom recording done on no budget and in only a few sessions,” says Lattanzi of the album and recording process.

After performing as a solo acoustic folk act at open mics in his hometown of Cambridge MA, Nick Lattanzi had the chance to play his songs on the main stage after winning WUMB's 2008 Boston Folk Festival. Sun Cut Flat was created as the name of his project and was used to release material he wrote in his second year of college at Boston University, in 2010.It was around that time he began collaborating with other musicians to perform live Sun Cut Flat songs at small clubs around Boston.


The songwriter then decided to take a break from guitar playing and singing for about three years. It was then he became engulfed in the world of sampling / vinyl-based production. Falling deep into the world of making beats and mixtapes, Lattanzi went through different phases of record producing in different styles and genres. 

After graduating college, he busked full time all around the greater Boston area and received so much great response during this time, it revitalized his love for singing, playing and performing. He then decided to move to NYC to link up with friends and begin recording new material and performing. The artists in Sun Cut Flat whose work is featured on the newest release Obscurities EP are Chris, Angelo, and Nick himself.   There's been a rotating cast of musicians depending on the project or venue, but all have helped contribute to a unified sound.

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