Sun Also Rises

Sun Also Rises


A passionate band that combines creativity with energy.


Sun Also Rises, the talented 6-piece, post-hardcore…melodic-hardcore…screamo… which ever your preference, band is as confused as you are about what genre they should belong to. With an obvious influence of a soft, smooth and laid-back tone such as that of Copeland, and just as much an in-your-face, exploding and brutal sound that Norma Jean provides, Sun Also Rises somehow pulls off a mixture of the two.
The band started in 2003, when friends Brandon Lovelace, Zach Dumbleton, Jared Thompson, and David Bryant decided their love for music should grow into something more. Enter in Driven Stake. The band later decided to change their name as many new changes were happening to the band. Their sound slowly became catchier, and more melodic, they added two more members, Jacob Weaver, guitarist/singer, and James Harrison, keyboardist, and with these two new members, new horizons opened for Sun Also Rises.
The band soon found themselves playing in shows all across the OKC metro, and won two battle of the bands contests, one in Midwest City, the other in Shawnee. Word spread and a fan base grew quickly. With a growing fan base, local venues peaked an interest in the new sound, and soon played with many well known bands such as Copeland, Vertical Horizon, Minutes Too Far, The Hero Factor, The Slingshot Method, and Subseven.
A local fan base is nice, but the band wanted to grow even more, so they hit the streets and toured in Texas during the summer, signed a deal with Quickstar Productions, who distributed their self-titled album across the internet to Ruckus,, and itunes. The album includes more than 30 minutes of rock music with an average song length of four and a half minutes. The album begins with a piano and 7 songs later ends on a scream - diversity as promised. Because of the mass exposure, February of 07 became a big month for Sun Also Rises. The guys partnered up with One Hero Records and Management company as well as Substantial Records.
Each member has their own style, and when they put it all together, a sound like nothing you've ever heard surmounts. You can listen to tracks of Sun Also Rises' album on or

-Written By Jason Oser Of Stick Figure Entertainment


All The Kings Men

Written By: Sun Also Rises

Where are all the kings men today
It seems like forever, since the table was full
The family is broke, no unity in fault
Who can you turn to, when you brother stabs you in the back

Step on me
I will break for you
No matter if you notice

The roses which were red
Are now tilted toward the earth
And the ashes of the ashes
Still leave room for the hurt

Lets all turn around, and
Break the bread together

Just like the old times
When fortune didnt matter

The lighting is dim

The table is set

Five empty chairs


Come back

Smith And Wesson Beats Four Aces

Written By: Sun Also Rises

Hand in hand
we gently watched your rise
and when wrists exchange for swords
you'll still be by my side

The mouths of those who've seen
tell stories that ear the fine
but with the end of the rain
they'll betray you for the prize

these people around me
show me how they live
with the strum of a chord
they seem to commit
this isnt the way
i thought it would be
my voice has been drowned out
and i, i cant speak

coffin my thoughts murder than tame
its all my fault but you took the blame
(are you listening)

is your heart beating

seven by seven we marched in our rows
never believing but we, know who rose
seven by seven we marched in our rows
never conforming but we
we chose


2004 - Fight of our lives EP(Radio play)
single - LOOK INSIDE

2006 - Acoustic EP

May 2006 - Sun Also Rises (self titles debut album)
single -all the kings men (played on MANY radio stations)
release May 30th
carriers - napster, launch, itunes, RUKUS, and many other digital distributers. Also in the talks with Mardel

Set List

0. intro/The Single - (3:00)
1. All the kings men (3:00)
2. Facade (4:00)
3. Smith and Wesson Beats 4 Aces (5:00)
4. The wedding The Funeral (5:00)
5. The sound and the fury (6:00)

this is an example of one set list.. songs tend to run in different orders and different varieties.. We can play hour set lists, or 15 minute set lists