Sunbeam's music is old and new. It is smart and sincere. They are intentionally fighting the pressure to be streamlined, safe, and self-obsessed. They love to be themselves, and to share the highs and lows of life with others. They draw from folk, gospel, and contemporary indie influences.


Sunbeam formed in the spring of 2009 when Amy and I(Brian) finally decided to take it to the streets. We met Jon, Adam, and Charlie one by one and have become very good friends with them.

You should have heard us squabble over band names. Oh was it glorious. I think we all felt like we were in elementary school fighting over the name of our secret club. We were tempted by the shimmer of animal names, long names with exclamations and nature names, but ultimately Sunbeam won out. We like it because it's cheery and sincere. We also like it because it is not pretentious or self aware.

We all come from different places and have had some wonderful opportunities in life. We've been in some wonderful bands (Brother Juniper, The June Umbrella, Norman, and others) and have shared the stage with some lovely ones as well (Wolf Parade, Cloud Cult, and others).

Thanks and all the best.


Set List

We can play 30 to 50 minutes. We do not play covers.