Sun City

Sun City

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Sun City is an Electro-Indie-Pop duo from the sunshine capital of the world...Perth, Western Australia. Their sound blends classic analogue synth hooks with pumping baselines, dirty electronic breaks and dynamic vocals; resulting in energetic anthems that tell stories for the moment.


Sun City is an Electro-Indie-Pop duo from the sunshine capital of the world...Perth, Western Australia.Two young lads making a summery synth driven racket with far too many instruments on stage.

The duo consists of Daniel Mackey (22) and Tobias John (22) who are both multi- instrumental musicians. The pair met in high school where they both shared classical music scholarships and performed in a range of orchestras and ensembles.

Since their first live show in March 2011, the duo has played a range of the biggest music festivals in Western Australia; has had national airplay on Triple J and; has had their track Zoetrope synced to a TV ad for MasterChef Australia that is currently airing on Network 10.



Written By: Tobias John & Daniel Mackey

You are the reason i am here,
calls for help fall on deaf ears
What makes you judge and jury
I will never know,
I'll brake your hold on me I need to go


It's not my time to leave, theres so much more to this
I'll live, I'll love, my life's not yours
No you won't break me, you should know by now
the end for me will be the beginning of my story

To live again is such a strange high,
let nothing pass me like before
New love and dreams to make,
how will we ever stay awake
There's something in me worth fighting for

The Follower

Written By: Tobias John & Daniel Mackey

She says hey boy don't cut me out of the picture
he says, hey girl ill be back for you one day
Don't leave me here, I want you to take me with you
so please, just listen to what I say

If you should follow me into the night
I can promise I'll always be by your side
you know that I don't have the key
I'll do my best to set us free

He says hey girl would you walk with me through fire
she says, yes boy I will follow you anywhere
He says hey girl would you fight for life beside me
she says, yes you've listened to what I said


All music written, recorded and produced by Sun City (Tobias John & Daniel Mackey)

Set List

A set list will be tailored to the venue and expected crowd.

Our high energy stage show brings together a bunch of a live instruments like guitars, synths & drums and mixes them together with electronic samples and dynamic vocals.

We also love to throw in the odd cover or remix...usually a great indie track with our slightly electronic twist!