Ossining, New York, USA

World Fusion/New Age instrumental music created by gifted FATHER and SON guitarists. Intricate and beautiful melodies with a heavy dose of percussion and bass.


SUNDAD, composed of father and son guitarists, John Eurell Sr. and John Jr., and joined by bassist Kendall Buchanan and drummer Abe Speller, is making their name as one of a new class of acoustic bands whose compositions and live performances are filled with beautiful rhythms, harmonies, and chord changes. Their original repertoire consists of acoustic guitar instrumentals that have been described as a blend of "World Fusion and New Age" music.

Sundad’s 1st CD, Journey To Eternity  earned them significant acclaim, including Best New Artist and Best Acoustic Instrumental Album nominations from New Age Reporter and a 1st round Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary World album. Hitting the New Age radio spin charts at #3 it remained in the Top 50 for 6 straight months with airplay across the U.S. and Internationally.

Sundad’s next CD, The Journey Continues, brought even greater notice for the group. It hit the New Age Reporter airplay charts at #3, remained in the Top 100 for 7 of the next 8 months and ended up at #13 for the year. In addition it received a nomination for Best Instrumental Acoustic Album by NAR and a 1st round Grammy nomination for Best POP Instrumental Album. It has and still is receiving airplay on radio stations around the world that are undoubtedly responding to Sundad’s spicy international flavors.  

Acoustic World Fusion along the lines of "Strunz & Farah"  and early "Acoustic Alchemy".

* The song "East Meets West" a semi-finalist in the 2015 International Songwriting Competition.
* The song "Moonlight In Manhattan" 2012 semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.
* The song "The Midnight Express" 2009 semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

* 1st Round Grammy Nomination "Best POP Instrumental Album" for their CD "The Journey Continues".

* 1st Round Grammy Nomination "Best Contemporary World Album" for their CD "Journey To Eternity".

* Nominated for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album (New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards).

*  #13 in the NAR Top 100 Airplay Chart for their CD The Journey Continues.

* "Top 40 Most Played Artists" on Sirius Channel 73 for 13 straight weeks.

* The track "Chets Favorite" ranked in the "Top 40 Songs" for 13 straight weeks including twice at Number One (Sirius/XM SPA Channel).

* Nominated for Best New Artist 2005 (New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards).

* Nominated for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album (New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards).

* #23 in the NAR 2005 Top 100 Airplay Chart for their CD Journey To Eternity.

Their 2nd CD, The Journey Continues, ranked #3 in the June 2008 NAR radio play charts and remained in the Top 100 there for 8 months. It was picked for airplay by more than 180 NPR radio shows, by XM/Sirius satellite radio, by the popular syndicated radio show "Echoes", by "Music Choice" - the U.S.'s largest provider of cable music channels, and by stations in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Belarus and Mexico.

Their debut CD Journey To Eternity:
1. Debuted at #3 and made the Top 100 on Radio Airplay charts at NAR for 6 straight months.
2. Selected for airplay on NPRs All Songs Considered Open Mic.
3. Featured on XM Satellites The Best Music this week on XM listing.
4. Ranked in the monthly Top 20 for radio airplay on shows in Australia, Japan, Belarus, Bucharest, Galaxie CBC Canada, and Spain.
5. Ranked in the monthly Top 20 on public radio shows across the United States over 180 times.

RJ Lannan -
"Sundad is the name of the band and their album, Journey to Eternity, sounds like the sorcerer and his apprentice are weaving their magic on acoustic and electric guitars. How exciting to have father and son play with and against each other musically and blend so well in harmony. .....Sundads music is highly entertaining and will appeal to several kinds of audiences; mellow guitar, New Age or World fusion listeners. It is the soundtrack for a modern lifestyle that deserves a little breather."

Review by Mixed Media in All About Jazz
"Its often said that musicians, particularly singers that come from the same family, create the kind of harmonies you could never attain with non-blood relatives. Well, the Sundad team of John Eurell and his son John Jr. prove that family members achieve the same harmony with guitars. With father John on acoustic and son John on acoustic, the two make uncannily beautiful music; melodic, wondrous and as tightly wound as the DNA helix the two share...."


The Veil

Written By: John Eurell Sr

No lyrics

Set List

All original repertoire.
More than enough material to play for up to 4 hours. Sets are usually 40 on and 20 off, although this often changes based on the venue.