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"Thug Law: Thug Life Chpt.1"

Since the Outlawz represent Jersey, you might think this is an exemplary bi-coastal affair. Scratch that, cause "Thug Law Chapter 1" is tri-coastal. The third dimension, you guessed it, comes courtesy of the Third Coast, when Big Syke introduces a group named Swerv. Even though Bay Area producer Femi Ojetunde produces their "Fuck That", "South Bound" and "Do That", these cuts have a distinct Dirty South feel to them. To a lesser extent that also goes for Vachik's "Hood Nigga" and "Angelz Cried", which also feature the Swerv guys. A bunch of others make up the line-up of "Don't Make Me", including Kamillion aka Mel, who is Napoleon's little brother and comes off like the next candidate to be inducted into the Outlawz ranks. One last newcomer is female rapper Sundae (where is Storm, by the way?), who's on a couple of songs, including the male/female dispute "No Time", but that one is really singer Tyme's triumph. What's left is the closing "Thug Cycosis" with Thug Life. Rated R sounds rather strange on this one, but it's Pac's half brother Mopreme who shall have the last word: "My middle finger is my gang sign / muthafuckas imitatin' the great, them niggas still tryin'."

Music Vibes: 7 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 7 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7 of 10

Originally posted: December 18, 2001

- Rap Reviews


Sundae Features
#9. Gutter Livin w/57th St.RDV's on "Its On Now"
#14. Past Future w/Big Syke & Swerv on "Big Syke Daddy"
#16. Ride On Um w/Big Syke & Swerv on "Big Syke Daddy"
#7. No Time w/Big Syke & Tyme on "Thug Law" Thug Life Chpt.1
#10. I Am the Street w/Big Syke & various artist on "Thug Law" Thug Life Chpt.1
#12. I Need A w/Big Syke, Mac Mall & Mopreme on "Thug Law" Thug Life Chpt.1
#13. Hood Nigga w/Big Syke & Swerv on "Thug Law" Thug Life Chpt.1
#4. Bust Yo Guns w/ Mac Mall on Macin Louder Than Words
#2. Thong Thissle w/57th Street Rogue Dog Villians and Tech N9ne on "Roguish Ways"
# ?. Check Your Temperature w/Tech N9ne on Strange Music



The artist, Sondai Austin better known as Sundae was born in the Midwest on April 15 to a singer from Chicago and an angel from Alabama. Through these two people became a sun, born ready to shine.
Sundae, a female rap artist has never been a stranger to entertainment. She started her rap career on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri. Instead of walking the stage to receive her diploma she ripped the stage on her graduation day instead.
In the summer of 97’ Sundae released her first solo appearance on an independent compilation titled “Rush-N-Roulette”on Game Related Records. The double compilation sold over 20,000 units independently in the Midwest and West Coast area. “Rush-N-Roulette” has appeared in promotional magazines such as Murda Dog and 4080. Sundae gained her regional exposure doing background vocals on Yukmouth’s “Thugged Out: The Albulation.
The rap diva teamed up with the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians and Tech N9ne on “It’s On Now” Summer Edition album on Hogstyle Records. This album was a street classic it sold 32,000 independently and generated about 18,000 on SoundScan. This album gained spots on 103.3 FM radio in Kansas City and many promo magazines like Murda Dog, 4080, Mo’ Cheez and Blaze.
In 2001, Sundae ventured to the West Coast to gain some national exposure and met a famed producer by the name Femi Ojetunde. Who has produced for major artist such as Tupac, Ice Cube, Keyshia Cole and various independent artists. He is best known for arranging the production for Tupac’s poetry album, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete”. Femi Ojetunde was being managed by Tupac’s former manager Leila Steinberg and officially signed to Quincy Jones III better known as QD3. He produced many projects with QD3 as well as QD3’s documentaries, “Beef”. Together Femi and Leila teamed Sundae with Big Syke from Tupac’s original group, Thug Life. Sundae would soon gain that national exposure on Big Syke’s solo album titled, “Big Syke Daddy” on D3 Entertainment.
Then, more exposure on “Thug Law” Thug Life Chapter 1, a tribute album to the late great Tupac from his closest rogue dogs. With appearances from, The Outlawz, Thug Life, Krayzie Bone, Mack 10, Mac Mall and Tupac’s brother Mopreme.
Sundae made her way around the West Coast working with various artist when she landed a spot on Bay Area rapper Mac Mall’s “Macin Louder Than Words” album.
But home is in the heart, so Sundae traveled back to Kansas City to network with some old friends.
So, in 2002 she went back in the studio with the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians and Tech N9ne to record “Roguish Ways”. Sundae dominated track #2 “Thong Thissle” with her distinctive voice and unpredictable flow. She showcased many shows with major and independent artist for years.
In 2009, Sundae took on a starring role in Midwest Side Films up incoming hood classic titled, In The Game.
Strange Music, the #1 Independent Rap Label in the country co-founded by Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guinn reached out to the talented diva for a feature on their new project titled, “K.O.D.” set for release in the fall of 2009. Sundae heats up the track titled “Check Your Tempature”. Sundae is definitely a force to reckon with on the mic and give male MC’s a run for their money ANY GIVEN SUNDAE!!!!!!!!!