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Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Nashville, TN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Glam Rock




"A Deli Premiere: Sundaes' "Alright""

With their new release "Alright," Sundaes lives up to the title of Nashville Artist of the Month. The detached vocals and simple, yet refined lyrics ("My shadow walks with me, he keeps me company / he's alright, too") bear a striking similarity to early work by Lou Reed on albums like VU, although accompanied by a more modern instrumentation (and proper drums!). "Alright" is the final track to be released from the self-titled EP, which is set to come out on Wednesday, June 21st on Bandcamp. - Lilly Milman - The Deli Nashville

"Song Of The Day: Sundaes Yummy new tune ” Alright “"

Sundaes music always reminds me of summer, from the music that plays behind his deep voice to the colors and imaginary he uses in his videos. It is happy music, music to play while you are out chilling with you friends, music that makes you happy.

His newest single Alright is no different and as usual, it is just fab. Have a listen below: - The Girls at the Rock Show

" July 2017 Playlist" -


Sundaes, the Nashville based indie band, is working on a new EP and “Smoke Signals” is their first single from it. “Smoke Signals” is pure indie rock with plenty of guitar and a tight melody that is both fresh and reminiscent of early rock songs. “Smoke Signals” is an effervescent tune that you will definitely want to add to your springtime playlist. - Impose Magazine

"Song of the Day | Sundaes | Alright"

A refreshing, modern take on a weathered (but well loved) indie rock blues, “Alright” by Sundaes is the perfect song to coat your weekend with a sweet, sugary glow.

It goes without saying that listening to music, especially our favorite kinds, is equal to evoking all possible human emotions. There are just some songs that can instantly make anyone smile, and we believe “Alright” is one of them. From the friendly and almost vintage-sounding indie melody to the raspy vocals, “Alright” is a feel good track worthy of a listen. If your ears had a sweet tooth, this song is exactly what it needs.

As a band, the Nashville, Tennessee-based band draws inspiration from blues, sing-songy folk tunes, and a combination of all indie rock sub genres, resulting to a cooling soft guitar-driven sound. The band proudly describes their music as “ice cream music” and “rock ice cream,” as written in their Bandcamp page, where their flavorful 4-sound EP can also be heard. - The Violet Wave

"New Music: Sundaes - "Everything""

Nashville-based Sundaes released “Everything” as a part of their self-titled EP that came out on March 22. The band made their impact right away with two sold out shows at Chelsea Hotel Storefront Gallery in New York. A mellow guitar riff carries into the falsetto vocals. Towards the chorus, the guitar sets off on its own adventure, reminiscent of the blues style guitar of the ‘60s. While gritty with guitar, the song finds a way to fit polished vocals into the mix to create a genre-bending combination. Listen to “Everything” below via SoundCloud. - Buffablog

"New Vibrations Episode // Week of 04/19/17"

00:00 - Intro
01:41 - Introducing New Vibrations
02:48 - Mind Rot - The Mad Doctors
04:41 - Missing Wires - Soulwax
09:30 - Love Without Violins (BTR Live Studio, 2017) - The Gift
14:22 - Smoke Signals - Sundaes
17:19 - Mic Break
19:11 - Cheap Cherry Wine (BTR Live Studio, 2017) - Chillemi
22:27 - Don't Touch Me (BTR Live Studio, 2017) - Skout
25:48 - Narrabeen - Little Lapin
30:20 - I Want To Tell You About What I Want - Robyn Hitchcock
34:03 - Do You Want To Get Into Trouble? - Soulwax
38:36 - Outro
40:44 - Justin's A Cop - The Mad Doctors
43:57 - 1970 In Aspic - Robyn Hitchcock
47:12 - My Tired Eyes - Soulwax
51:30 - Drown - Omega Vague
57:30 - I Need A Change Of Scene - Little Lapin
60:51 - Finish - Breakthrough Radio

"Exclusive Video Premiere: Watch Sundaes New Video for “Lullaby”"

We’ve got the exclusive premiere of Sundaes newest video for Lullaby. It’s a dreamy mix of anime surrealism with brooding mid-tempo beat that escalates like crashing waves of melancholic bass, cymbals, and guitar riffs. It’s perfect mood music for those rainy days when listening to vinyl. I fact, Sundaes’ very own Max had this to say about Lullaby…
“It’s been raining a lot in Nashville and I’ve been watching a lot of Anime. I love how it can turn from dreamy-soft to insane-chaotic in an instant.” Watch below. - The Girls at the Rock Show

"Interview: Sundaes"

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Lovely thank you.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Smoke Signals“?
“Smoke Signals” is a song about a boy :).

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

It’s a song about things you hoped might happen and thinking about the consequences of actions you didn’t take in hindsight.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

There’s a video in the works. I’m inspired by a lot of found footage and creating a collage out of iconic images and fitting them to a new purpose. I went in that direction for the video for “Everything,” but I’m excited to use a similar concept of “Smoke Signals” but this time with new footage mixed in.

The single comes off your new self-titled EP – why naming the record after the band?

It’s the name of the band, but it’s also a theme that runs through these songs. If I’m not feeling good a Sundae always make me feel better. The goal of the songs is in many ways similar to the goal of the ice cream. To take a feeling that is produces anxiety or overwhelm and turn it into something smooth and sweet that makes it better so I thought Sundaes was a good title.

How was the recording and writing process?

I wrote a lot of these songs while I was living in LA. While I wasn’t alone, there are a lot of lonely feelings I associate with Los Angeles, always being around other people, at a party, at a show, being in the sunshine but not really feeling connected. It was a very reflective time for me. The songs opened up a lot more when I moved to Nashville and started recording them here. I think you can hear elements of both places in the songs.

What role does Nashville plays in your music?

Being in In Nashville I’ve gotten to work more closely with other people. I’m surrounded by a city that celebrates a lot of my favorite influences for songwriting and music. I’ve been able to connect with more people who share those same influences and I think it makes for a common language. Even when you’re making different things than the people around you, because you celebrate the same things, it’s easier to work together.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Sort of what I mentioned before, I wrote the songs during a very specific moment in my life when I was living in LA. I’d grown up and lived in the New York area my entire life before going to LA. Everything was very different, no seasons, lots of sunshine, but it was also remote and kind of jarring. You drive everywhere and you’re in a dessert but surrounded by swimming pools and manicured landscaping. There are a lot of contradictions between being surrounded by warm smiling people, having a lot of fun, but not really having a sense that anything is real. It can be a really strange place.

Any plans to hit the road?

It’s going to be mostly shows around Nashville this spring but hopefully we’ll get a chance to get out on tour later this summer or in the fall

What else is happening next in Sundaes’ world?

I’m excited to have the whole EP out this spring, and to release the videos that go along with it. Sundaes is more than just the music for me. It’s my visual creative outlet as well. It’s fun to be able to make videos and art that fit each of the songs. Along with playing more shows I’m excited to be able to connect with different types of people through the art around the band. I haven’t had a chance to put as much visual stuff out with the music before. - Vents Magazine

"Music for the Soul: Sundaes - "Smoke Signals""

Hailing from Nashville we have Sunades offering up a solid rock banger that is romantic and as it is potently passionate. Smoke Signals with it’s sweet guitar licks and endearing vocals create something truly gorgeous for the ears. Smoke Signals is part a self titled EP released late in June. Check the track and stream it above! - Diamond Deposits

"Sundaes Releases New Track "Smoke Signals""

Sundaes offers a rendition of early oughts’ indie rock that proves a breath of fresh air for the broader independent music scene. The second new track “Smoke Signals” off their upcoming EP is no exception. Reminiscent of greats like The Strokes or The New Pornographers, it’s a guitar-heavy number with a driving rhythm and laid-back, meandering vocal melody that sticks to the brain. The new work impressively recycles the sonic traits of its influences while remaining fresh and relevant in its conceptual undertakings. Stay tuned for more details on their newest effort and upcoming shows. - The Deli Nashville

"New Video and Single Release: Sundaes “Everything” and “Smoke Signals”"

There seems to be a resurgence of early ’00s indie rock and I for one am here for it. We’ve already been completely enamored with The Britanys and now we may add Sundaes to our list.

In a press release, the description made us fall head over heels even more… Nashville-based indie rockers Sundaes are the lovechild of a wayward New York boy and the city of Nashville. Sundaes survive on McFlurrys, “Steel Magnolia’s”, and the complete works of Lana Del Rey. The band draw influence from a combination of early oughts’ indie rock, blues, and genre assorted hits or all eras. Dancing among the kings of country, a queen does her best.

Sundaes have shared their new song AND video. First up is the new track Smoke Signals, song is the second to be released from their upcoming EP (more details on the release to be announced soon). To tempt you to listen I would say it sounds like a shimmery mashup of early The Strokes, The Kinks, and Rooney… Which I am loving. Listen below.

Next up is the new video release for Everything which is actually the first single from Sundaes’ upcoming, self-titled EP was released March 22nd. The video is a nostalgic nod to the past, the retro beats pairs well over the video. The track is a bubbly and fun song that makes you want to dance around. Watch below. - The Girls at the Rock Show

"Tuesday Tracks: Your weekly new music discovery"

Sundaes, “Smoke Signals” – Inspired by blues and classic rock, this track is reminiscent of The Strokes. The muffled guitar, relaxed vocals and made-in-a-garage aesthetic coincide for the perfect preview to the band’s upcoming EP releasing later this year. The Nashville indie rock band has a distinct, captivating sound. The blaring bass and vigorous tambourine make this track a rock anthem, while the vocals are soothing, adding a softer, inviting sound. - Riff Magazine

"Kingston Music Reviews: Rock Playlist April 2017"

Rock Playlist April 2017 - Kingston Music Reviews

"Sundaes Send Us “Smoke Signals” In Hazy Indie Rock Infection"

Aside from their penchant for sugar, Nashville-based indie rockers Sundaes like to hit your brain’s reward system with their fizzy new single “Smoke Signals.” Rolling on a semi-monotonic cadence, “Smoke Signals” is embellished with sparks of folk and buoyant ambiance that spreads into your system at a plague-like rate. Stream below:
“Smoke Signals” is the second release of their upcoming EP, which they haven’t disclosed much details yet. Drawing influences from various genres and eras, Sundaes have already had successful sold-out shows and had their track “Walk My Street” featured as the soundtrack for Spotlight. You can find Sundaes on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. - Aupium

"BIRP.FM Best of 2017"

BIRP's best of 2017 playlist - BIRP.FM

"Best of Nashville 2017 Playlist"

"Alright" was featured in the Deli Nashville's best songs of 2017 - Deli Nashville


Still working on that hot first release.



Lovechild of a wayward New York boy and the city of Nashville, Sundaes survives on McFlurrys, Steel Magnolia's and the complete works of Lana Del Rey. The band draws influence from a combination of early oughts’ indie rock, blues, and genre assorted hits or all eras. Dancing among the kings of country, a queen does her best.

The band made their performance debut in the spring of 2015 with a set of two sold out shows at the Chelsea Hotel Storefront Gallery in New York. Fall 2015 the song “Walk My Street” appeared in the soundtrack of Best Picture Winner Spotlight. Everything”, the first single from Sundaes’ upcoming self-titled EP was released March 22nd. The full EP came out June 21st with the release of the single “Alright”.

Sundaes' first full length, titled "So Far So Good" is schedule for release summer 2018. It's debut single "Pretty Wife" is comes out in early May along with a music video. Music videos for "Talking", "Lipstick", and "LA Rain will follow shortly thereafter. The band plans to head out on tour to promote the record in the Fall. 

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