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Hangover Blues

Written By: R Fetcho&R Mckeon

I Like tequila in my margarita I like good whisky and good vodka too.. I like to medicate mtself.. in any way that I choose..oh yea..because tommorrow.. i'll sing the hangover blues....Cause when i'm drinkin...i'm not thinkin..of consequences and what lies in store..i think i'll have just one drink more..or maybe i'll just have two..Oh yea..because tomorrow i know i'll sing the hangover blues...(middle eight)...Beer and a shooter and damn she's lookin cuter..I take her home and when the morning arrives..I think I slept with thunder thighs..she looked like a fuckin mule...Oh yea...and now i'm stuck here wallowing in hangover Blues....with her too......(Another 8)..Mr. bartenter..won't you please surrender..that concoction that will make me feel loose..a bloody mary or two..any number you choose..oh yea...I've got to rid myself of these hangover blues..I've got to rid myself of this big fat chick too.....