Setra. Daughter of the Sun

Setra. Daughter of the Sun


Setra's velvety smooth vocals and introspective lyrics spin stories set to music that everyone, young and old, can relate to. She combines her vocals and acoustic guitar playing with rhythms and grooves triggered on her Mac iBook.


Upon first listen, one might be tempted to compare Setra to Sade or India Arie because of her sultry vocals and folksy guitar strums or to Tracy Chapman or Alanis Morisette for her catchy melodies and clever, magical story telling skills. But then, as one continues to listen, it becomes crystal clear why Girlistic Magazine called Setra's first CD "must have music." Now, with the release of her follow-up CD, it becomes even more evident that, like a delightful fruit that ripens with time, this "daughter of the sun" has proven that her music has universal appeal that can stand the test of time. Debbie Micell, a writer for ReversedInk Magazine, put it best when she said, "I guarantee you'll be singing along and wondering why you don't hear [more of] Setra's music on the radio."

Like Songs About It, her first collection of songs, Setra also wrote and produced Daughter of the Sun, the second collection of songs herself, staying true to her independent spirit.

You may have seen Setra perform and share her views in the documentary entitled "Love Letter to New York" where she, Clive Davis, Chocolate Genius and a host of others talked about their love of music and making it happen in NYC. Setra can also be seen on episode 7 of the hit show, "LA Ink," getting her sun tattoo while discussing her commitment to music and what inspires her, sharing her music with her television audience.

Award winning producer, Michael King, utilized Setra's writing and production talents for the ground-breaking documentary "Rapping With Shakespeare" which follows the lives of five high school students in Los Angeles, California's turbulent Crenshaw district. You can also hear several of Setra's tracks in BET's "Keith Sweat's Platinum House."

With so many talents and accomplishments already under her belt, it's clear why Setra's been sought after by Sony for her songwriting skills as well as her artistry.

"Getting a deal is not important to me," Setra says. "Being creatively free and staying true to the song is what it's all about."


Songs About It CD Available at various Internet distribution sites (CDBaby, iTunes, Tower Online, etc.)
Daughter of the Sun album released August 2010, available on iTunes, CDBaby and other online retailers.

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes long and includes the following songs:
Seeds of Love
Cool Rain
A Song About It
Sunny Day
This Time
In My Room
What If
Seeds of Love
If You Say So
Everybody Gets To Heaven