Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver


We are Pensacola's #1 ranked band on Myspace with over 1 million hits to date. A blend of southern funk rock, Sunday Driver is always a crowd pleaser. We bring a spectacle level of energy to every performance with a seamless blend of original material and covers that everyone remembers.


This band formed in 2008 as a collaboration between artists. We felt that there was a lack of three part harmonies in rock, and a lack of soul in the music scene that was happening around us. Thus, Sunday Driver was born. Combining the southern rock and country music of our youth, with an element of funk and a pinch of grunge, we've managed to develop a following that grows with every show. We are often described as a southern version of OAR, but it is hard to fairly compare a band like Sunday Driver that combines so many musical interests and genres.


Live from The Islander-2008

Live from The Islander has logged more than 35,000 downloads (singles and album sales combined) to date