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Sunday Mourning formed in 2005, is a band taking influences from love and hate, life and death, spirituality, and more. Currently local, the death rock band plays shows at venues like The Warehouse and Insomnia found in Atlanta, GA. The band was originally formed with Cole Hale, James Myrick, Cameron Parker, and Trey Dubey; now only features Cole and James as it's original members. The current line-up is: Cole Hale, James Myrick, Chris Perri, and Gabby Stein.
Cameron Parker and Cole Hale met when they were young, and eventually decided to start a band in January of 2005. The night they came up with the idea, they tried to think of an idea for a band name. They wanted a name that could have different meanings to it, and was sacrilegious. As they were thinking of a band name, Cole got an idea while thinking about a fictional group of serial killers called the "Sunday Morning Slashers". He thought of the name "Sunday Mourning", and it was agreed that it was perfect for them.
The first few practices featured: Cameron Parker on vocals, James Myrick on lead guitar, Austin Rider on Rythm, Cole Hale on bass, and Trey Dubey on drums. They messed around with their instruments, and played a few cover songs. It was more of just a way to hang out with each other, and occaisionally play music. However over time music was being written, and problems were becoming apparent.
By the end of February 2005, Cameron Parker quit and was kicked out of Sunday Mourning. The band rarely met through out March, and after a tragic event struck Trey Dubey, he quit in April of 2005, leaving just Cole Hale and James Myrick.
In the Summer of 2005, Cole and James started playing again. Although it was rather difficult playing with just a bassist and guitarist they wrote many songs together, including one that is still used today, "The Munsters".
After getting more into the local music scene, Cole and James found a band that was getting famous in New York, called Monday Mourning. They knew that if that band were to get famous, people would eventually start thinking that they stole Sunday Mourning from that band, and in June 2005, they decided to change the name again.
After being interested in Hunter S. Thompson, James decided to change the band name to, The Knights In the Kingdom of Fear, based off of The Kingdom of Fear by Thompson. The name would only last for one month, but during that time alot of different influences and songs came into the band.
Cole and James decided that the name was to long, and didn't fit their genre of music, and in July of 2005, they changed the name to Scarecrow, which only lasted untill that August. They then changed the name back to Sunday Mourning.
After changing the name back to Sunday Mourning, James soon found out that his friend Jake Popham played bass and was looking for a band to play in. James brought him up to Cole, and they decided to do the "Triangle Movement".
The "Triangle Movement" was a plan for them to change the instruments they play, in order to fit Jake in. James who had recently bought a drumset and was taking lessons at the time switched to drums, and Cole decided to play the guitar, and Jake was put in on bass in December of 2005.
Cole, James, and Jake practiced together every weekend in January to April of 2006. The band was doing well, and were doing great on their instruments. All they needed was a singer, and the band would be complete. In May of 2006 they would finally get one.
During the first few days of May, Cole and James got a friend of theirs, Chris Perri, to try out for the band. He was instantly put into the band after singing "Loss" by their partner band, Scarlet Androgyny.
The first few practices they had with Chris, they made and threw out alot of songs. Practice was well, everybody was friends, and the band was doing better than ever, and eventually booked a show at The Warehouse in Kennesaw, GA, for July 8, 2006.
The first show went surprisingly well. Bringing in 50 people, the band showed no sign of nervousness. The set-list for the first show was:

1. "Sally's Song (The Nightmare Before Christmas Cover)"
2. "Porcelain"
3. "Criminal Kiss"
4. "The Munsters"
5. "Twilights on Roses"
6. "Wicked Game (HIM Cover)"
7. "Bloody Sunday"

They played the songs well, did not mess up, and were liked by the crowd.

After the first show, the band wanted something to really make their music stand out. It sounded good, but it sounded empty without something. That is when the band decided to put Cole's girlfriend Gabby Stein on keyboards. Cole and Chris quickly wrote keys to some of their songs, and for the first time ever, Sunday Mourning had every aspect of a band, and were actually making a good appearance in the local scene.
During the first week of August, Sunday Mourning decided to record their music and used Z&P Records to do so. In two days, they recorded: "The Munsters", "A