Sunday Night Cruise

Sunday Night Cruise


Imagine alt rock with a twist.. finally the genre gets exciting melodies AND boundless energy combined with a passion for social justice that gives purpose to the package. This band has a license to print creativity. Hot off their European tour and coming to a stage near you.


It has often been said: "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."

Sunday Night Cruise is proud to be part of the solution.

SNC teamed up with World Vision at the start of 2006 and is happy to announce that at any concert they play, the audience has a chance to sponsor children living in extreme poverty.

"This is so huge" explains Stamler, "for so long we have been telling our fans to make a difference and now they can literally start changing the world while they are still standing infront of us!"

Along with their new guitarist, Niskanen, Sunday Night Cruise has upped their level of determination, starting 2007 off with the construction of a new tour bus.
"It feels like a brand new band" says Woods.
It very much is a brand new band as they begin working on their upcoming second album in May 2007.

With their new found sense of self and strong will to succeed, Sunday Night Cruise is quickly becoming that 'band to watch out for'. Coming to a stage near you, this is one act you won't want to miss.


The Terrorist

Written By: Sunday Night Cruise

this is a hold up / we aren't the only ones / that are a product of this new sensation / this is a stakeout the raid has just begun / we're cutting losses for the new creation / fall to the floor / fall to the sidelines / rise to the sky / victory's all yours and mine / to live surrender now / lay down your guns or open fire / to die and start again / lay down your lives / we are the first line / with many more to come / we are the army of the tribulation / this is the last time / we're gonna let you run / the end is coming for your generation / hide from your eyes / what's on the outside / find what's on your mind / we're on the inside

Famous Last Words

Written By: Sunday Night Cruise

I close my eyes at the start of today/ to be honest I'm afraid of what you just might say / you've got too much ammunition sittin in the microphone / you should have know better to leave well enough alone / but your tone it was blown way outta proportion / lack of talent compensated by more distortion / now you're forced in top of the charts of course and / no remorse when you sweatin cash outta your pores and / you poor fans they don't have a conscience anymore / if it's so wrong then what are you even singing it for / oh that's right keep tight with your phonies / don't bother to phone me I'm better off alone / Last week sitting in my basement / I heard you say / 'no way fame will never change me' / now it's too late / too late but life is great / anything and everything you want sitting on your plate / don't wanna be waiting / no need for hesitation / you know who I am / I don't need a reservation / one thing I hate is feeling replaced / 'fame will never change me' wish I got that on tape / simply stated we all know you've been created / heaveily degraded and shaded to grey / complacent attitude they tell you what to do / and no matter what you do it's never up to you / it's that or it's nothing your quickly becoming / something so stunning it's only begun

typically scripted / backtracks lifted / attitiude tripped what's left of the gifted / souls conscripted / purity sifted / through bitterness of lies uplifted

time to put somebody else first / don't go out with the famous last words


iconflict (2004)
Overnight Success EP (2007)