Sunday's Murder

Sunday's Murder


Sunday's Murder is an alternative rock band who seeks to rally music fans to support the revitalization of original rock in mainstream music. Through thoughtful wordplay and haunting melodies, the band captures emotions and imaginations with their music.


In a time where cookie-cutter rock and hip hop dominate mainstream music, Sunday’s Murder has succeeded at honing an original sound and is making waves throughout the Northeast. Hailing from Central New Jersey, the band seeks to be a revolutionary new face in popular music. Drawing on influences such as Oasis, Interpol, Pink Floyd, the band continues to garner recognition for their identifiable songwriting and sound. The band has been featured by the prominent Philadelphia radio station Radio 104.5 FM and was voted Top 5 in the Coldplay Music Video Contest for the Philadelphia region. The full-length follow up to the Band's EP will be available late spring/early summer '09. Visit for recent updates and news.


Self-Titled EP 2006
Forthcoming Full Length Summer '09

Set List

Originals- All the Way Alive, Scarlet In Disguise, Horror, Two Worlds Apart, Ghosts, Amaryllis Lane, Shooting In The Dark, March Of The Willows, No2
Covers- Wonderwall (Oasis), Other Side (Red Hot Chili Peppers), One Headlight (The Wallflowers), Rolling People (The Verve), Gas Panic (Oasis)