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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Band brings back punk"

Let’s face facts here: Punk has died in the mainstream music scene. However, everyone knows punk died out before in the early 80’s and then popped up again in the mid 90’s with the emergence of Green Day, Rancid and later Blink-182. So it was no surprise that punk died off again and was replaced with the emo, screamo and hardcore bands of today.

There seems to be hope for the future of punk and that hope comes in the form of Sunday Warfare. Anyone reading this would probably be asking “what makes these guys any different from other punk bands?” Well the answer to that is age.

New trends come from younger crowds and Sunday Warfare is just graduating high school. The band features Cam on guitar, Shawn on bass, Sebastian on drums and Scott on guitar, with all the members taking part in the vocals. The guys got together for the first time in early 2005 and started jamming without a drummer to get a feel for what kind of music they would like to play. Sebastian joined in November, and Sunday Warfare was officially born.

Influenced heavily by NOFX, Hostage Life and Shotgun Rules has also helped these guys bounce through a variety of different styles in their music ranging from the all too familiar fast punk zest heard in “Skydiving on the Moon” and a slower more melodic sound heard in “Stranglehold Hearts,” both of which can be heard at

Lyrically the guys strive to write political focused music.

“There are a lot of things we see wrong with society so we feel that since we're not taken seriously enough to go up to parliament and complain about shit there, we can start with music,” said Scott. “Our song “Fight War” is a message about exactly the name, fighting war, and was written in the wake of the Iraq-American war.”

In August of ’06, Sunday Warfare played their very first show in Hamilton at a battle of the bands, an odd place to begin, and won first place earning them studio time to record a three song demo, which is pretty damn good for their very first show. Since then Sunday Warfare have shared the stage with Shiny Toy Guns, A Soap Opera Coma and Bordertown as well as playing in Sarnia, Strathroy and Tillsonburg (where they played to a crowd of only three people because the show was cancelled but played regardless). Sunday Warfare will be hitting the stage again on January 20 at the Embassy, so check them out if you’d like to get your socks rocked-off by a really good band.

If you can’t make it out to the show then check them out on Myspace where you can listen to their three song demo and have a look at their other up-coming shows here in London. - Fanshawe Interrobang


Get up in arms next week with a performance by London punk rock act Sunday Warfare.

Although the band began as a drummer-less trio in 2005, it has since found itself a fourth member, tossed together a number of hardcore tracks and even earned itself a nomination for Best Punk at the 2008 London Music Awards.

While the group has recently been bogged down with school work, it has still managed to find the time to record a couple new tracks at Vincent City Studios, including Timebomb, which you can check out on the group's MySpace,

Sunday Warfare is recording new stuff and working to get itself on the Punk4Pink tour this summer.

Joining Sunday Warfare onstage will be the psychedelic rock trio The Electric Sevens. Sunday Warfare and The Electric Sevens will open for Pilgrim at Call the Office Tuesday night. Tickets are $5 at the door or in advance. - London Free Press


Sunday Warfare Self-Titled Demo
1. Skydiving On The Moon (The Voices In My Head)
2. Stranglehold Heart
3. Fight War

All three songs receive airplay on various college-style radio stations in London.



We're a band! Currently, we're constantly playing shows in and around London and southern Ontario. Our songs are catchy, heavy, and quick-moving punk tunes with lyrics criticizing everything from the world to ourselves. But, really, we're happy people.

Sunday Warfare started from scratch. Really. The first day we jammed together, we were a couple of sixteen-year-old kids who barely knew what guitars were. Regardless, the three of us (we didn't have a drummer yet) got together for a couple hours twice a week to hammer out songs and get better.

We jammed in a basement for nearly a year without an official drummer and then eventually found Seb through a contact at a local music store, giving us the line-up we still have today.

Before ever performing for a live audience, we somehow decided it would be a great idea to enter ourselves into not one, but two battles of the bands. Surprisingly, we won both of them and, in addition to money and goodies, we were given a chance to record a radio quality three-song demo for free.

So, using this jumpstart, we started playing shows in and around London, eventually garnering enough attention and support to bring out sizeable crowds to regular shows in and around London.

Currently, we're in our getting-through-school stages but are heavily focusing on writing for an upcoming 6-song EP we have planned.