Sunday Warfare

Sunday Warfare


Sunday Warfare is an intellectually-charged hardcore-punk-fused band with something to say. Described to be "mainstreaming the underground," Sunday Warfare uses catchy harmonizing and intertwining three-part vocals, a wall of guitars, intricate basswork, and dynamic drums to get their point across.


We're a band! Currently, we're constantly playing shows in and around London and southern Ontario. Our songs are catchy, heavy, and quick-moving punk tunes with lyrics criticizing everything from the world to ourselves. But, really, we're happy people.

Sunday Warfare started from scratch. Really. The first day we jammed together, we were a couple of sixteen-year-old kids who barely knew what guitars were. Regardless, the three of us (we didn't have a drummer yet) got together for a couple hours twice a week to hammer out songs and get better.

We jammed in a basement for nearly a year without an official drummer and then eventually found Seb through a contact at a local music store, giving us the line-up we still have today.

Before ever performing for a live audience, we somehow decided it would be a great idea to enter ourselves into not one, but two battles of the bands. Surprisingly, we won both of them and, in addition to money and goodies, we were given a chance to record a radio quality three-song demo for free.

So, using this jumpstart, we started playing shows in and around London, eventually garnering enough attention and support to bring out sizeable crowds to regular shows in and around London.

Currently, we're in our getting-through-school stages but are heavily focusing on writing for an upcoming 6-song EP we have planned.


Skydiving On The Moon (The Voices In My Head)

Written By: Sunday Warfare

Just short of sanity, the status of my brain
You’d be surprised as to what hopelessness remains
I’ve got the feeling that wherever I will go
Monsterish faces will pop out and say “Hello”

And I fucking wish they all would go away
The voices in my head

Touching on mentality, quickest as it goes
I want to run away but I’m stuck here in this skull
Rock bottom is so close I can touch it with my eyes
But everything you write in your clipboard is a lie

I’m agreeing with everything they say
The voices in my head

Get prepared to run away, because any day
They’ll be coming for you and I
Those white coats, they’re everywhere
And any day, they’ll be coming for you and I
The breakdown, I’m breaking down
I’m no longer one piece, but a pile of wrongs and wrongs
I’m shaking, oh won’t you kill me?
‘Cause any day they’ll be coming for you and I

Don’t mind the tinfoil, it’s merely protection
I'm trying to get away; I’m always on the run
You make fun of me because I know conspiracies
Just don’t come crawling back when they’ve got you on your knees

The most non-existent fun I'll never have:
The voices in my head

Stranglehold Heart

Written By: Sunday Warfare

I don't want to live in fear
Don't want to live in shame
I don't want to be afraid
Or feel the need to explain
These reasons are my own
These thoughts belong to me
My conscience 's screaming loud and clear
Screaming out angrily

It'll light your soul on fire
Make you lash out and fight
The fiery demon in all of us
Lives in a place not blessed with light
So do us all a favour
Take this stake you hold in your hands
Thrust it deep into your blackened heart
Killing the beast at last

The bond between parent and child
Is usually something special
Something everyone finds precious
Supposed to be filled with love
Then there are the few sad cases
When the love is thrown aside
When that special precious something
Is lost in the tears of the crying

In the end it falls apart
The pain becomes too real
You slip away forever
There are no beats left in your heart

Fight War

Written By: Sunday Warfare

If everybody fought like they do
Extinction would make its debut
The loss of all for the profit of one
Keeping humanity on the run
The empire strikes first but it won't follow through
If you're not with them they will destroy you
They screw the right ignore what's fair
They're dropping bodies everywhere

And I'm looking out for what is right
But I can't find anything good in sight
And I'm scared right out of my head
'Cuz in just one second we could be dead
And when we see our final day
We'll know there was another way
Can you say that you are proud?
Would you say that you were proud?

So will you fight the fight that's worth it?
'Cuz I will fight 'til I unearth it
After all, we're only small
When we're pushed up against the oppressing wall
This time fight with no violence
No guns, no blades, no killing weapons
We will heed the battle call
And we won't stop 'til you've killed us all

Idol (first song ever written)

Written By: Sunday Warfare

I've got nothing to say so I'd rather not speak
Don't look this way if it's the truth you seek
I'm a factory of lies constructed by popularity
I pollute the skies and reduce clarity

But now I see clear, tt was through these blinded eyes
You're not so big now that I can see who you are
There was a time when you were my god
I'm ashamed of those days now and I've come so far

You're a pane of glass and I want to be you
Now I realize I don't cause I can see right through
You are my favourite gas and I want to breathe you in
With one spark of the match, let the fireworks begin

Standing tall, feeling great
I run my own life, I decide my own fate

Stuck in Yesterday

Written By: Sunday Warfare

What would you do if there were no tomorrow?
Would you live in fear, misery, and sorrow?
Would you work ahead and try to make it right?
Knowing that the very end's in sight.

Now, are you right here or are you stuck in yesterday?
Trying to correct what you did the wrong way?
With your flipped life do you hope to consummate?
Living in the past won't make it all right.
It's not all right, it's not okay
You're out of sight, stuck in yesterday

What was before determines what lies ahead
But you can’t revive what's already dead.
Look out, what's on the horizon
You're headed in some backwards direction
I'll see you outside of your head


The Patriot

Written By: Sunday Warfare

There is a man without a face, instead of eyes he has no doubt
As he's looking down upon us, he is spitting slogans out
His words are spilling out of him like his pen's thrust threw his heart
And with every word you don't know there is no truth behind his art

Meet the patriot
Riding on his chariot
Heading to his God-given throne
He's making the world his own

There's common man without a mind, instead of thought he has a book
And it's verses are all followed and its legacy mistook
Our families are indifferent, all houses are aligned
Everybody is conforming to a cookie-cutter life

Stopping Hearts

Written By: Stopping Hearts

I’ve seen the fires set by our own sun
I’ve seen the drownings in the sea
I’ve seen the wind displace so many lives
I’ve seen the world open on me
I’ve seen the swords just dismember them
I’ve seen the bullets tear them apart
I’ve seen the explosions disintegrate the bodies
Yeah, I’ve seen the world – it’s stopping hearts

Point your eyes to the flags
We stand on guard
Can you feel your life beat?
Eyes to the flags
You call this art?
Can you feel the ground shake?

And I will say no more than those justifying it
Say no less than those in the middle of it
Lose no less than those effected by it
Gain no more than those behind it

It’s just for you that I’ll extend this hand
I’ll but humbly pull you up
And just so fast, you know I’ll kick you down
I’ll be the first one to the top
It was the world that gave birth to us
She gave us life, heartbeat, and hands
And with these hands, we created this
Is it this that’s going to kill her?

The Bells Don't Ring For You

Written By: Sunday Warfare

Starts off so right, so easy
Look into my eyes, are they lying? (it goes on)
Build it up, fortify it
Until it becomes sense of duty (and not of love)
Break it down, so easy
Let it crash down to the ground
While I'm not looking (it goes on)
And as for now I'm reeling
You've got me just a little lost
There's no forever (oh, but it goes on!)

Over coffee isn't easier
Too much is wrong for such a social place
But don't admit it, lie straight to me
Whatever happened to your honesty?
Yeah, I guess I really should have known
I'd be better just on my own
I always looked the other fucking way
The bells are ringing and they make your day, good night

Vision's gone so dark, so blurry
I'm reaching out but nothing's there (no it goes on)
Look at our "happy" faces
Uneasy smiles and translucent eyes (it goes on)
Yeah, you know what?
You are the best fucking actor I've ever met (I've ever met)
And the show goes on, curtains drawn, crown applauding
You've just given the best performance of your life


I didn't understand it: forever ended
But we went on like nothing was wrong
Were your eyes wandering while they were locked on mine?
Betrayal number three: there is no clean break

Don't think it's okay / It never will be
You lied straight to me / And now I'll never see the same
Don't play the victim / You did this to me
You sure got me good / And now I'll never be the same

Lower Your Standards (Until You Get What You Want)

Written By: Sunday Warfare

I keep a penny in my pocket so I'm never broke
I keep your picture in my wallet so I'm always home
I keep an easy disposition, you keep the writing all over the wall
I said I'd never keep a promise, and it was the only one I ever broke

When I couldn't walk I tried to fly
And I broke my legs one hundred times
A shattered mirror, I admitted:
This will not be an easy fix
I did try to recouperate
But a bead of sweat slid down my face
It cut a line, caused it to split
Now this will not be an easy fix

I've got a battery for my watch now, but time it just, it just stands still.
I've got an enemy for a friend now, but I feel no companionship.
And I think this time I'm gonna disagree,
you never should have written all over the wall.
I feel no wound but I'm bleeding,
perhaps this really is the end.

And it's okay because it's easy
And it's easy because it's practiced
I'll let my skin melt, I'll let me bones break
I'll let my eyes burn because it's easy
I have a big head, I have a small heart
I have a knack for pretending that it isn't hard
I am a liar, I'm just pretending
Everything I've ever done was just a forgery



Sunday Warfare Self-Titled Demo
1. Skydiving On The Moon (The Voices In My Head)
2. Stranglehold Heart
3. Fight War

All three songs receive airplay on various college-style radio stations in London.

Set List

(All original songs)
Skydiving On The Moon (The Voices In My Head)
Stopping Hearts
Fight War
Lower Your Standards (Until You Get What You Want)
Waking Up To The End Of The World
Pistols Or Pens
The Bells Don't Ring For You