Sunday With My Girlfriend

Sunday With My Girlfriend


Sunday With My Girlfriend From Indonesia , Genre Powerpop/Rock . for info follow our twitter @SWMGrock


Sunday With My Girlfriend formed in 2009, exactly 13 november 2009, domiciled in the town of Serang, Banten, with first formation: Vocal: Ismi, Guitar: Irwan, Bass: Pewe, Keyboard: Mirsa, Drums: Tiley. after the lapse of time passed, the formation was changed to:

Vocal: Mirsa (Twitter @ Mirsamuthia)
Guitar: Irwan (Twitter @ IrwanSWMG)
Bass: Pewe (Twitter @ Epewe)
Drums: Aaron (Twitter @ Harunmandala)
Keyboard: Vera (Twitter @ Veraluqyana)

Our music genre Pop / Powerpop / Punk with a touch of vocals of a woman who is very delicate genre of music makes us more attractive, for more information can visit our other websites such as MySpace, PUREVOLUME.

Throughout the trip Sunday WITH My Girlfriend we have participated in various events held in cities or outside the town of Serang Serang this. Along the trip we were all determined to continue giving a different feel in carrying our music and arranges music.