Sunday Wonder is the modern day superhero of todays music industry.


She has developed her craft over the past 10 years working in Toronto, New York and the UK with Independant and signed artists. She has penned a theme song for CBC (Canadian TV programming), been featured with Phonte (Little Brother) on the "Always Something" Remix by Selan (Up Above Records), and been featured on K-OS (EMI's) debut and sophmore albums.

Born in the UK, she has been writing songs since she was 8 years old. She moved to NY in '00 to work with cats on the underground hip hop scene there. She has now developed as an artist and found her own voice. Ready for the world....Ladies and Gents ...I present to you Sunday Wonder.


Sunday has been a songwriter for seven years under the name 'Sage Sundiata'. She has worked and been featured on:
Hero's "On my Side" for upcoming self titled album (Thirsty Music)
K-OS's "Neutronix" Debut "Exit" (EMI)
and Sophmore records (EMI)
DLT Compilation (Warner/ New Zealand)
Selan "Always Something remix" featuring Phonte (Little Brother), and Sage

Set List

45 minute set of original music