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"Sundogs Ep."

by Keith Nolan,
The seemingly indestructible rock quartet known as The Sundogs bite back with an energy-packed, self-titled six-track EP. The excellent Irish producer Gareth Manix, also responsible for the recent gold status Jerry Fish album, produced five of the songs on this EP, showing that this band mean business.
Featuring on the recent sell-out Gigsmart Ireland: Best of Irish Unsigned compilation album, “U Want It” is packed with all the essential classic rock vibes and vitamins that a body needs. Try waking up to a sunshine breakfast in the morning without “You want it, and you need it…” in your head. It’s tough
Singer Neil Bailey has a unique vocal style, kind of like an explosive mix of Axl Rose and Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden’s lead singer/airline pilot. Bailey’s voice has a confident, almost instrumental quality.
The Sundogs are certainly flying high when it comes to constructing solid rock songs, and this EP does a good job of conveying their live show energy to the listener. The improvised bass vamping techniques of bassist Alan McAdam, combined with the guitar solos of Pat McCondochie, work well to fill up the sound-field before locking back with the guitar for a finger-burning fretboard trip.
Hang Tight gives the drummer an opportunity to shake up the drum kit, and he does so in earnest with McCondochie producing some lightening-fast riffs. The warmness of Wasted is like a chemical rush of euphoric melodies, with a Hammond organ as a prominent feature in the song, giving it a lively and energizing feel.
Killed Her With A Song, featuring some fine piano and bass fusion, is a song of defiant independence—an independence that has shaped and driven the Sundogs to success and hopefully to international stardom in the future. Mixing some more funky 70s ideas into their diverse style is a recipe that works very well in Miss You When You’re Gone also.
Showing that despite all the hard work and blistered fingers, fun and enjoyment is still a core element in the band as they finish up with the Bobby Day classic, Rockin’ Robin with Jackson Five-style vocals. This will rustle the feathers of any pre-conceptions you may have about the playing style of the band and shows that they can thrust and parry like expert musical swordsmen in a match they are ultimately destined to win.
Having Manix on board helping them weave their tapestry of sounds for the forthcoming album is exciting. As they prepare for a hectic national and international tour schedule to coincide with the release, expect a progression of new ideas and styles marking another stage in the Sundogs evolutionary path.

- ish magazine

"Sally Munro"

“Phantom listener’s will remember the fabulous “killed her with a song” an up-beat score with an ingenious hook” - Hot Press

"Jackie Hayden"

“Sundogs deliver with panache” - Hot Press

"Irish Tv Feature"

Featured on the Irish “Network 2” Television show “Fish”
Click the link to view text excerpts from the show
- Network 2 Television show Fish

"CMJ Radio Airplay Reports 04"

Receive full CMJ Radio airplay reports for June 04 by simply mailing your request to the above e-mail address.
- Space 380 Music Promotion

"Jackie Hayden’"

“Who Let The Sundogs Out”
No-nonsense quartet Sundogs should be back from their guest appearance at the NEMO convention in Boston by now.
Their impressive album Value for Volume cuts a swathe through the contemporary hard-Rock competition. ‘Falling Out’ starts out a bit Jethro Tullish but develops into a solid slow-burner before exploding into a joyous celebfest of anguished vocals and clattering guitars. Pat McCondochie adds terrific fretmelting guitar to the more uptempo ‘Always Yours’ which also boasts tight playing from bassist Alan McAdam and youthful drumsmith Ryan Heynes. The initially strident ‘Simple Thing’ shows they can also do subtle and melodic, that it’s not always full-tilt boogie time, with Neil Bailey’s impassioned vocals doing the biz like never before.

‘Jackie Hayden’ Hotpress – 27th November 2004
- Hotpress

"Tom Brannigan"

‘Simply shit-hot!' - 98fm

"Colm Hayes"

'Impressive!' - fm104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock.


Title: Always Yours / Simple Thing: Single (September 2004)
Format: CD
Copyright: Republica Records (Sundogs own label for release)
Cat. No.: SUNDOGS 001
Independent release that went top 30 in Ireland.

Title: It’s All Bells “Charity Cd” (December 2002)
Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD
Sundogs track: Rockin Robin
Copyright: Phutloose Records
Cat. No.:PHUTCD002
This release featured a host of Irish artist including Damien Rice.

Title T.B.A.: Memorial cd for Phil Lynot of Thin Lizzy (Due for release January 2006)
Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD
Sundogs track: The Rocker
Copyright: The Roisin Dubh Trust
Cat. No.:T.B.A.
Go to To listen to the Rocker!

Title: Sonicbids Hurricane Relief Cd (December 2005)
Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD
Sundogs track: I’ll Come Round
Copyright: Bailey/McCondochie
Cat. No.:T.B.A.
The proceeds of the CD will be donated to three charities: The Red Cross, the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic Emergency Fund; and the Music Maker Foundation.

In June 2004 the band started a CMJ radio station promotion with "Space380 Promotions" in the USA. By the end of the month Sundogs were getting over 230 spins per week. Full chart reports are available on request.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sundogs are original Irish Rock at its best. Six years of constant recording, writing and touring has culminated in an act with experience, professionalism and a wealthy back catalogue of material. With industry savvy not usually associated with unsigned rock bands they have guided their music careers carefully focusing on perfecting their musical style, compiling an extensive catalogue of material in addition to raising their profile abroad. The last year has seen Sundogs showcasing this material on both sides of the Atlantic and via radio and Internet market research particularly in the US and Canada. The band independently released their debut single “always yours” in Ireland debuting in the top thirty. The same single also reached the semi finals of 2004 International Songwriting Competition (World Wide), and the band have been personally requested by the competition organisers to re-submit an entry for this year. Touring venues regularly and having played to crowds of up to forty thousand people at numerous festivals, Sundogs have extensive live experience.

Sundogs is a rock quartet currently based in Dublin Ireland, front man Neil Bailey is an exceptional vocalist whose ability easily equals his recognisable contemporary influences such as Axl Rose, Chris Cornell and Robert Plant. Lead guitarist Pat Mc Condonchie cites Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Frank Zappa and Slash as influencing his guitar style to which he adds his own unmistakable flair. The tight rhythm section of Ryan Heynes who performed with Terry Bozio at age sixteen new edition Kieran Keegan on bass, completes the rock outfit that is Sundogs.

Achievements: 2005,
Sundogs have been selected to play the following festivals so far this year:

The 2005 NXNE Music Festival Toronto Canada.
June 9, 10, 11 2005.

“Hard Working Class Heroes” Festival Dublin Ireland ~August 2005.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Music Festival & Conference in Louisville.
June 24-26th.

The US Indie Band & Film Expo 2005 Beaumont, Texas.
August 13th-23rd

Achievements: 2004,

NEMO Festival Boston USA” ~ October 2004.

“Hard Working Class Heroes” Festival Dublin Ireland ~September 2004.

Sundogs entered the Irish Charts in September 2004 with their Debut Single “Always Yours”, completing a nationwide tour of Ireland.

2004 International Songwriting Competition (World Wide)
“Always Yours” reached the semi Finials

In June 2004 the band started a CMJ radio station promotion with "Space380 Promotions" in the USA. By the end of the month Sundogs were getting over 230 spins per week. Full chart reports are available on request.

Within months of their first gig Sundogs were crowned the Irish winners of the Emergenza live music competition. This involved a Tour of Europe climaxing at the Taubertal Festival (Germany) where Sundogs played to a crowd in excess of 40,000 people.