Sun Domingo

Sun Domingo


Sun Domingo's sound is melodic and smart, with rich three part harmonies and rock solid musicianship. Imagine Neil Finn fronting The Beatles.


Sun Domingo is just about the hardest working band in the biz, playing over 200 shows and selling nearly 2,000 copies of their self titled EP in their first year as a band. They are known for their rich 3 part harmonies, driving bass, melodic guitar arrangements and introspective lyrics.

Neil Finn (Crowded House) and XTC figure into the equation, but popsters like Big Star and The Beatles set the direction. With a self-titled debut EP under their belt, the band is out doing what it does best: playing live. A little humor, great singing, razor sharp playing, and the ability to pull out covers from Zeppelin, Yes and The Police on a second's notice sets these guys' shows apart from the rest of the pop pack. Their music is a reminder of bands that could once play their instruments and also write a great song without overplaying, and it's all delivered with tight, clean precision. This band is on the road over 200 dates a year!

Sun Domingo is: Jason Pomar- lead vocals /bass guitar, Forrest Burtnette- guitar and vocals, and Edgel Groves Jr.- drums and backing vocals and Brian Chenault- lead guitar/vocals. Jason has a powerhouse voice with incredible range and not since Sting have we seen a bass player handle so much of the lead vocal duties and lay it down at the same time. Forrest & Brian hail from Charlottesville, VA. and have played in the bands Wisher, and Bicycle (signed to Capricorn Records). Brian is no doubt a world class guitarist and his stratospheric solos are something to behold. Forrest is the utility man, handling lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar. He can simply do everything, even switching off to drums occasionally. Edgel is the core on the drums, rock solid and powerful, he is the foundation of the band. A talented guitarist and singer as well, it is phenomenal to watch Edgel and Forrest switch off instruments in the shows. Just another thing that sets these guys apart...

Calling Charlottesville, VA their home, they are currently on winter tour and creating a buzz. Here is what some of the press is saying:

"I have seen the future of pop music and it is Sun Domingo. Their Cumberland's show was a breath of fresh air to a long stale King Street. This is one of those bands you want to see make it. Sometimes going out on a Wednesday night is worth it!"
Charleston Free Time

"This noteworthy Atlanta pop-rock band has it all: young, handsome cats, inspired 3-part vocal harmonies, hypnotic guitar figures, and a strong sense of brainy arrangements."
Connect Savannah, Savannah, GA

"Sun Domingo was a real treat. The focal point of the group was the lead singer/bassist with a voice that could give Sting a run for his money. He solidified that point by doing a dead-on cover of The Police's 'Roxanne.' The Outback crowd went nuts. I even got a little chill."
The Hook, Charlottesville, VA


EP- Sun Domingo- self titled

Set List

set list changes every show. Sun Domingo originals: All In The Business, Follow Me, Hot Little Room, The Race Has Already Begun, Simple Invitation, Gwyllyddyn, The Sweetest And The Saddest, Running Away, Elevators, Man Without A Name, Sway Your Opinion, View Of The Valley, Happy, Waiting On The Sun, Whatever It Takes, Dry It Up, Got No Time, Taking Richard, Belong, Drama Queen, New York's So Far Away, Drive, Fallen Angels.
Sun Domingo usually plays 2-3 sets a show, 60 minute, 75 minute or 90 minute sets.
Band does about 25% cover material in shows, Beatles, Radiohead, Police, Eagles, classic rock stuff.