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Denton, Texas, United States | SELF

Denton, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Pop New Age


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rough Trade"

in classic american style, sundress have emerged from deep texas with a very big shoegazing sound which takes a 90s british export (think blissed out spiritualized or a spaced out radiohead) and does it with such panache it's absurd that they're so young. indeed they might not have been born when six by seven or ride had their first salvos out, but here they take processed guitar and narcotic groove and bend it into a prism of americana to absolutely stunning effect, a little like those lost heroes. at times howling guitar psychedelia and at others heartfelt songsmithery, 'fever' is a harbringer of future greatness. - Rough Trade

"This Old House "At Risk" Track Review"

A couple weeks back (the same night as our DOMA showcase in Dallas), Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios hosted a show featuring DOMA nominees Matthew and the Arrogant Sea and Sarah Jaffe. But, as I scanned the listing for the show, I saw that it was a release show of sorts--only, not for Matthew or Sarah. Instead, these two area powerhouses were performing at the CD release party for a 6-song EP by a band called This Old House.

Um.... who? That's what I asked myself, at least.

Turns out, the band is yet another one of those Denton-based acts that's recorded with Jason Kelly of Fergus & Geronimo and Daniel Ziegler of Teenage Cool Kids. But the sound's a little bit different than you might expect. How so? Well, to help show you, This Old House was kind enough to send along an mp3 for "At Risk," which happens to be the band's longest song topping out at six-and-a-half minutes. And you can check out the narcotic summertime jam after the jump...

With it's ambient, cooed "lyrics," the last minute of the track sounds remarkably similar to Von or Ágætis Byrjun-era Sigur Ros, while the rest of the track comes across like it could be some hazy outtake from a long-lost live recording of a Tripping Daisy jam session (which makes sense, actually, because, as bassist Drew McCary says, other than the vocal track, the EP was recorded live).

For what it's worth, though, most of This Old House's other songs have tangible vocals. Check out some of the band's other songs streaming here.

- Dallas Observer

"DC9 in space performance "This Old House""

Last week, we welcomed the four young Denton gents in This Old House to Hal Samples' SPACE Studio for what, turns out, will be the final episode of the DC9 in SPACE series. We'll still have regular tapings with local bands, mind you--just not in Hal's loft space, as tonight, after an exhibit called "HOME," Hal's gallery will close its doors.

Many thanks to both him and his SPACE staff for helping us make this series a reality and a success far greater than any of us imagined when we first started this endeavor back in early May. Given the circumstances, there'll be no taping tonight; instead, we ask you to stop on by 2814 Main Street this evening and thank Hal for his contributions to this series, to Deep Ellum and to the local arts scene as a gallery owner for the past few years.

But back to the music: Sonically, it's quite fitting that This Old House was the final band taped at SPACE. Calming and ethereal, the quartet's atmospheric indie rock provided the DC9 in SPACE series a proper, peaceful goodbye. The band, named not for Bob Vila's TV show but for a painting at one of the members' homes, may only be a few months old, but its sound is a lush, intricate one, existing confidently somewhere between jammy and indie realms--and in quite an alluring way, too. You'll see what I mean in the above clip.

And, if you enjoy what you see, catch the band later this month, on November 29, at Dan's Silverleaf. - Dallas Observer


One S/T EP 08/2011
One LP In the works.



Sundress is an American Psychedelic-Pop band, formed in Denton, Texas in 2010.
Sundress was created by principle songwriter Ryan McAdams, bassist Drew McCary and guitarist Kennon Talley. After several names, due to legal matters and band member changes, keyboardist Jim Harrington and drummer Derek Kocich were brought into the mix to make up today’s present lineup known as ‘Sundress’…
Immediately, within months Sundress was receiving copious amounts of attention from an older crowd as well as their peers playing to packed crowds across Texas causing a ‘hypnotic plague’ and were deemed ‘Best New Act’ out of North Texas by multiple sources..
Sundress is described as having an ethereal or “Dream Pop” sound bringing in influences all across the board. The five young men harvest a brand new, much modern sound in the veins of Pink Floyd, Sparklehorse and The Beatles.
Within one year, Sundress has opened for much larger, modern acts like, Washed Out, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Mister Heavenly, White Denim, The Clientele, Vetiver, Tame Impala, Sleepy Sun and Stardeath and White Dwarfs. They have also been invited to numerous festivals like SXSW, 35 in Denton and Free Press fest in Houston.
After one year under their belts and promising futures, Sundress is closer than ever to finding its legs… It’s absurd they’re so young…