Our music is full of catchy melodies and rockin guitarmonies. We hope our music can touch people’s lives and help them through anything they might be going through.


Sundry is an assortment of influences that come together to create a very relevant and unique style. Each member comes from a completely different musical background. Raul (bass) is heavily influenced by funk. Michael (drums) loves to groove even when we’re rockin. Dave (keys) grew up on jazz and Chad (guitar) learned how to play on classic rock. We all met in college and at church. We loved jamming together so we eventually made it official and started Sundry.


The Hook

Written By: Chad Dorough and Aaron Campbell

As days passed by he slipped away, falling deeper
As nights went on he lost his fight, beating him senseless

Drowning his sorrows one drink at a time
He finally reaches his rope’s end
Seeing no way out this time

And as the world around you falls apart
I’ll be your light shining through
When you feel you’ve reached the end
I’ll be there with you.

Complete darkness piercing through
The cave around him falls
His whole world becomes askew
As tighter grows the grip of sin

Already There

Written By: Chad Dorough and Ben Reynolds

Mary Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow
With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maidens in a row
You can feel the fear of death take firm grip around your soul
But in this moment you can feel a peace that you have never known

You’ve gone too far it’s too late to go back now
Just close your eyes surrender intensions
A thousand stars have gathered just to witness
The shadows are extinguished by the sun

When you’re standing all alone and not a soul can feel you
And you can see the path ahead but one more step will kill you
And though you stumble through the darkness oh just be still and know
you’re already there

A thousand lights begin to dance in this silent masquerade
And as the circle closes in a thousand stars begin to fade
And even though this world feels cold there’s a fire that burns inside
It’s the strength of those who’ve gone before it’s a light that never dies

Long Road

Written By: Chad Dorough

You don’t think I can see the pain inside your eyes
Your heart is tearing. Your heart is tearing
Held by things you can’t escape, your soul is being raped
Your heart is tearing. Your hearts is tearing

It’s a long road out of hell
We’ll make it I swear
And I’ll clear a way for you
Just hold my hand, my hand

I don’t think we’ll escape without being unscathed
Don’t you know you’re worth it, every scar is worth it
Though your wounds have bled for years, you still hold back your tears
Don’t you know you’re worth it, every scar is worth it

Sweet Last Breath

Written By: Chad Dorough

Well, loves tied has drowned me
I can’t breath and I don’t care
Take me down slow
Immersed in love I will go

Well it’s not hard to give up everything, everything
To be hear with you
What a sweet, sweet last breath

Fill my lungs with your soul
Unify our hearts as one
Take me to your depths
Hold me there ‘til I loose breath


We have our self-titled EP on itunes, Amazon, and rhapsody.

Set List

Our set list can be thirty minutes to an hour.
The Hook
Long Road
Already There
Kill Them
Hey Jenny
Hit So Hard
Rock This City
Sweet last Breath
Letter to the Lost