Suñev is the harmonious synthesis of four great artistic traditions: Jazz, Indian, Western and Arabic. The music is compellingly beautiful - melodious and rhythmic. It raises the threshold of creativity, yet has the capacity to relate to the soul within us all.


On a misty summers day four great artists met for the first time at New Hall, once King Henry VIII's favourite hunting lodge in Chelmsford. They shook hands, exchanged a few light hearted introductions, laughed a bit and then moved into the boarding school for the next seven days. Their project - to create a totally new fusion of musical genres bridging India, the Middle East and West. In the week six fantastic tracks had been recorded and the stage was set for the arrival of Suñev. This band is totally unique - not only are all artists classically trained in different instruments and genres, but they also bring with them the highest calibre of expertise from their cultural heritage.
This is truly a crossing of time and space. Tradition meets modern, Western meets Eastern. Great melodies interact with complex rhythms. The live shows are breathtakingly fantastic. Improvisation and interaction between the artists is on a level unheard of in world music. This is global jazz at its most virile!!


Bickram Ghosh: George Harrison's Brainwashed, Ravi Shankar's Grammy award winning Full Circle, Tabla Odyssey, Talking Tabla, Dharovar, Raag Rageshri, Rhythmscape, Interface, Folktail, Beyond Rhythmscape, Shankaragamala, Drums of India. The lnaguage of Rhythm, Rhythem and Zen, Anoushka Shankar's Rise,
Pete Lockett: Taiko to Tabla, Network of Sparks one and two, Parallax Beat brothers, Pete Lockett Live in Istanbul,
Jesse Bannister: Raga Nova,

Set List

Typical set list consists of about 6 pieces with two improvisationary drum jams. Songs iinclude: Wednesday, Chosen,
Most pieces are about fifteen minutes long and the repertoire is varied and extensive with melodies, rhythmic interaction and much improvisation. The live performances are mellow, intricate and dynamic.