Chicago, Illinois, USA

"We are what Chicago Rock sounds like!!" Original music that echoes some of the rawest bands to ever grace the earth. Tone that cuts through the crowd, catchy riffs, and vocal harmonies that are addictive. Some say we were born a few generations too late.....Well, why don't you decide!!!


Originally formed in 2007, Sunfallen continues to be an evolving story featuring a cast of eclectic characters. These individuals have shaped each other into a group that either belongs in jail or in line with todays upcoming bands. Originally formed as Jay OMalley and the Outsiders, the sound has transformed from acoustic-based college rock to a refined style of rock that is openly embraced everywhere they play.

Founding member, Jay OMalley, hails from Chicagos south side and his first project was a power trio called Nite n Day. The group quickly gained a strong local college following but the band was short-lived. After the band decided to go their separate ways, a solo acoustic act followed along with the release of a solo EP entitled, "The Great Inscape." The acoustic act later formed into a full-fledged band that was soon to be called Jay OMalley and the Outsiders.

During a job interview, Jay saw a punk stroll in named Joe. Joe had a certain arrogance to his walk that was accompanied by his spiked Mohawk and skater shoes. Somehow the two both landed jobs and became partners for a short while. They both played in bands and had things in motion. Joe was playing in a power punk quartet called Last Known Hero and a punk emo project called Searching for Charlie. Joe agreed to come to a solo acoustic show to see Jay open for a band. After the show, the two agreed to start a new project.

Zack Eret, also a native of Chicagos south side, began playing bass as a member of the band Quickdrive. Zack had played with Brian Phillips in an earlier project that was short lived and decided to attend Brians current acoustic show at a local bar.. In need of a bassist for a college show, OMalley asked Eret to fill in with the band. The show went very well and there was so much chemistry between the members that it was apparent the band had to keep playing. Zack is still to this day considered the backbone of the band, the cheese to everyones macaroni. Zack is very skilled in bass/guitar vintage amp tones, live sound, dance choregraphy, and most importantly, skin tight stone washed jean shorts. He is what some people might call a Tonemaster. A string of shows followed each month, along with a wider range of sounds and musical styles, until something new was created, this was called Sunfallen.

While visiting some friends at a NIU fraternity party, Jay was approached by an inebriated college student who claimed to be able to melt girls panties off with his guitar licks. Later that night, a severely intoxicated Jay stepped on an empty beer bottle and sliced open his heel. He again ran into this confident guitarist who said his Mom was a nurse and that he should probably go to the hospital...ya know, because his mom was a nurse. Jay agreed and a young female was recruited to drive. Several months later Jay asked that college student to come play a show with him. To his surprise, Brian Phillips had some hot licks on the guitar and sure enough, proceeded to melt the panties off of all the girls at the bar. To this day, Brian guards the secret to that trick with his life.

Prior to meeting Zack, Brian and Joe, in fall of 2005, Jay shared a stage with fellow acoustic troubadour Matt Starr at a U of I party, in Champaign, IL. Both players were equally impressed with the other and a drunken friendship was formed. Two years later, both played at the same party again with their respective bands. It was Jay with Sunfallen and Matt with his newly-formed trio, Calling All Cars. Jay asked Matt to fill in for a couple acoustic gigs after that, in early 2008, Matt officially joined Sunfallen as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Matt fills in the sound with keys, organ, guitar, harmonica, back-up vocals and the occasional lead vocal.

Taking rock n roll in the direction it was intended to go, Sunfallens sound is gritty, sassy and raw. As with the Rolling Stones, Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin, Sunfallen strongly emphasizes the influences of blues and soul in their music. Along with more modern influences such as Wilco, The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, and The Black Keys, the band puts a premium on musicianship and stage presence. Matt says We dont scream at you, we dont whine to you, we take every day struggles and victories and play them back for you in a way that makes you feel good. The way music used too. We are a real rock n' roll band." Name droppers, bloodsuckers and fake plastic people in the industry may not drop a line.



Just an Echo

Written By: Jay O'Malley

She keeps her candles burninEven though the sun shines so brightShe keeps her clean clothes foldedKeeps the dirty ones crumbled and dryAnd her hair smells so damn prettyLike a cold rose on a warm summer nightMaybe things would never quite work outYou know they never loved you as much as I did
Oooh this just an echo of youAnd I can’t let go of you Oooh its just an echoOf You--- Mister policeman gonna take me awayMix of rain fallen down yo faceThe smell of you that’s on this sheetI never had the time to wash it awayThe blankets and the pillow caseAll surround this one big empty space
Oooh this just an echo of youAnd I can’t let go of you Oooh its just an echoOf You--- I still keep the candles burninEven though the sun shines so brightI keep the clean clothes foldedAnd keep the dirty ones crumbled and dryAnd the sheet that smells damn prettyLike a cold rose on a warm summer

Devil on The Shoulder

Written By: SunFallen

Blue Flames and Dark eyes
When its so hard to love
The hearts and the promise kiss
They can see it from above
Ooh The Devil on your shoulder
Telling you it's right
Ooh The Devil on the shoulder
except for the angel on your right

We can seem to seperate
the wrong from the right
obsession complusive ways
They start to make us fight
Take a deep look at your soul
and strip it down from with
is it full of dark black gold
or white light heroin

Ooh The Devil on your shoulder
Telling you it's right
Ooh The Devil on the shoulder
except for the angel on your right

Ask yourself whats your vice
the drink or the smoke
maybe that plastic card
you always seem to hold
take deep breath tonight
and think about your sin
is it just the darkest one
or the one your hiding

Ooh The Devil on your shoulder
Telling you it's right
Ooh The Devil on the shoulder
except for the angel on your right


Backs to the Sun and Life on the run.. EP 2012
1.Firemans Son
2.Step Outside
3.So Cold
4.Only Eyes

This Is How We Became........EP 2008

1.Caddillac Kid
2.Just an Echo
3.Devil on the Shoulder
4.Bleed Down
5.No End
6.Take a Hit on Me

Set List

Sets are in 45min-3hrs blocks. Songlist ranges from originals along with some great mondern and classic covers!!!


Cadillac Kid
So Cold
Firemans Son
Just and Echo
Only Eyes
Immigrant Song-Led Zepp cover
Step Outside
Mississippi Queen-Mountain cover
Take a hit