An explosion pop band from the Bay Area of California. Sunfighter looks to take its music where the sun shines and overthrow it! With colorful harmonies and creative genius from brothers Matt Platinum & Sam Greenleaf, the band shares a common goal, rocking hard and making money longer than the sun.


Sunfighter was born from the ashes of the now defunct bands Spacehook and Flash Gilmore. Largely brewing out of Alameda, CA where brothers Matt Platinum and Sam Greenleaf and close friend Eamon O'Connor all grew up, the band found its heart beat while Matt was away for College. Here enters Fed, who slowly made his way from the Los Angeles area to relocate closer to the band. Now, with the ability to easily rehearse regularly, the band decided to take everything one step further. Pushed by the creative genius of the two brothers and the ambitions of the entire unit, the band bunkered down and began recording their debut album. At the same time, they started hatching plans for a west coast tour. As the stars aligned, Sunfighter was soon on the road for their first official tour. Completely self-promoted and booked, the band made its way as far south as San Diego, CA all the way up to Seattle, WA for a 14 show tour. Upon arriving back in the bay, the band greeted its closest fans, friends and family in Oakland, CA where they hosted their CD release show for their debut 9-track album "Sweet Machine." Next stop? Well, the suns rays cover a lot of ground, so Sunfighter will keep doing everything it can to beat out the sun and cover the world under its own umbrella of good times and rock n' roll.


Debut album "Sweet Machine" available at All tracks can be streamed and are also available for digital download.

Set List

Always changing. Variable based on set time.