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Sun Glitters

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg | INDIE

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bowlegs Lookout"

“Sun Glitters is Luxembourg man Victor Ferreira, his tipple is dreamy, melodic Pop, awash with star-gazing electronics, cut and paste samples and tripping beats. And the fact he has recently remixed for the likes of Purity Ring is a sure sign he’s hanging with the right crowd.
- Bowlegs Lookout

"New Idea #50: Sun Glitters"

It's our 50th New Idea, and it's nothing but a pleasure to be able to offer up that milestone to one of the most exciting artists we've come across so far. Sun Glitters hail from Luxembourg. That's the same Luxembourg whose football team went an astonishing 12 years without winning a match, and whose population clocks in at just over the half million mark. Of course, that's all by the by, but it's always going to be intriguing when genres and ideas of music arrive in countries you may not expect to be cultivating anything of a scene. It's great to hear a fresh ear putting their spin on things, as was heard on Sun Glitters' out of the blue mini LP 'Everything Could Be Fine'. The record - awash with chillwave and hypnogogic vibes which have already filled this first quarter of 2011 to it's brim - cleverly sidestepped any accusations of bandwagon-jumping and pulled the genre into an entirely different world. Here, wonky beats and pitch shifted vocals rest atop a tunneling sub bass that when put together gives us an album of sleepwalkers' lullabies. It'd seem we have one of the most forward thinking and inspired producers of the hazy pop generation on our hands. Thanks Luxembourg.
- Rock Feedback

"The Fader"

Lovely buzzing sounds from Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters, two minutes of tiny drums and wave-wash wrapping up airy backing vocals from LA’s Steffaloo. It’s not a complicated song, it’s not a thinker. It’s a good way to pass the time, a good way to clear your head, a springtime sweatshirt when you’re not sure if a jacket is enough.

- The Fader

"The Fader"

Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters has been a healthy presence in a certain part of the internet lately. Maybe as a function of working constantly with like-minded bliss-centric electronic artists, or by having a perfectly sound-explanatory name, but probably just from nailing an exact tone. Today Ufolk released an 80-minute Sun Glitters remix album. It showcases how his work has been interpreted by Blackbird Blackbird, Niva, Teen Daze, Space Ghost, DannielRadall and Papercutz, among others (!). It’s an ambitious project, as much a compilation for the 17 remixers’ incredibly-not-really-overlapping styles as it is a celebration of Sun Glitters, but the fact it curates so much so well—never dragging, always turning you on to something or someone new—is a real testament to everyone involved.
- The Fader

"Futur Sequence, April 5, 2011"

Everything Could Be Fine' is a blisteringly beautiful and chilled debut that will appeal to dubstep, synthwave and electronica fans alike, firmly putting Ferreira down as one to watch for 2011.
- Futur Sequence

"Dead As Digital, March 2011"

When I first listened to Sun Glitters debut release, Everything Could Be Fine, I was smitten. I lay back and played the tracks on repeat as lazy phrases and disconnected thoughts jumped through my head… Somehow time seemed to stretch and calm. Through the album I kept waiting for a time I would lose interest, I had work to do! But it just never happened, I honestly don’t think there’s a song on this record I don’t love. …
- Dead As Digital

"Pitchfork's Forkcast"

Sun Glitters "too much to lose" on Pitchfork's Forkcast, March 21, 2011
- Pitchfork

"Head Under"

Wassup world – been enjoying bobbing around in the pools of heavenly goo that run together to make “Too Much To Lose” – this hot’n‘heavy, soft-focus club sleepwalker by Sun Glitters. Taken from their self-released “Everything Could Be Fine”, it’s a gorgeously patient, magnetic listen – poltergeist-pitched vocal squeals hovering in and out of thick, cosmic synth clouds like formation fireflies in Summertime dead of night. - Transparent

"No Fear Of Pop, March 14, 2011"

Pretty stoked by the by the lush and mysterious sounds of Sun Glitters, which is the recording moniker of Victor Ferreira who despite his name appears to be based out of Luxembourg. He has just released his debut Everything Could Be Fine via bandcamp, a piece of very dreamy (sorry) and slightly melancholic sounds that rely on intense beats and awesome vocal manipulations that heavily remind us of the output of a certain Balam Acab – which is, given our tremendous love for that young Pennsylvanian, anything but a bad thing. Listen to the wonderful Too Much to Lose below, and then cop the whole thing over here. - No Fear Of Pop

"Today, we get to complete the trifecta…"

“Over the past few weeks, we've seen Luxembourg's Sun Glitters pop up in our download feed a couple of times with one original track and one remix that producer Victor Ferreria crafted for the blog-adored Purity Ring duo. Today, we get to complete the trifecta, and offer you a remix of Sun Glitters' "Love Me" by Portugual's :papercutz (a.k.a. Bruno Miguel and friends). On this remix, Miguel inserts some ominous sonics and thick atmospherics into an otherwise blissful and anthemic tune. You can hear more versions of tracks from Sun Glitters' Everything Could Be Fine album—by the likes of Teen Daze, Blackbird Blackbird, and other blog-friendly artists—on the Everything Could Be Remodelled and That's Fine! - XLR8R

"XLR8R, April 18, 2011"

Not wishing to diverge from the customary chillwave aesthetic, Victor Ferreira has chosen to use the moniker Sun Glitters to adorn the, well, glittering, sun-soaked productions he's been releasing lately. Here we've got a one-off track that the Luxembourg-based artist has thrown up on his Bandcamp for free download, "outside (reprise)." The track is a heavenly trot of sorts, one in which gorgeous melodic pads are accompanied by a broken march of a drumbeat. What sounds like solitary notes on a somehow sweetly distorted guitar and a drastically pitch-shifted vocal sample repeating "outside" provide the decorative high-end catchiness that one would expect from a post-everything-era chillwave beat. Although it's not our favorite outing from Ferreira, that honor goes to the excellent "too much to loose" from his recently released everything could be fine LP, it's still a worthwhile listen from a promising producer nonetheless.



everything could be fine
(self released on Bandcamp, 2011)

everything could be fine
(Released on cassette at

everything could be remodelled and that's fine!, The remixes
(Released on Bandcamp at, 2011)


cosmic oceans (feat. Steffaloo) (Bandcamp, 2011)
Sun Glitters vs Space Ghost (s/t) (Bandcamp, 2011)
Think twice (feat. Steffaloo & Bermuda Bonnie) (Bandcamp, 2011)


outside (Bandcamp, 2011)
things are (Bandcamp, 2011)
felt asleep (Bandcamp 2011,


MUSIC 4 JAPAN (Featuring Sun Glitters  love me, The :Papercutz Remix)
61 Tracks. 100% profits go to help Japan relief efforts,
31songs for Japan / V.A.
Released @ Flau! (, 11 May 2011

Blissful Allusion / V.A.
Released at LYFSTYL,

F O R T Y O U N C E  vs  S M O K E D O N T S M O K E / V.A.
Released at Fortyyounce,

Remixes for:

:Papercutz "Encatamento"
Purity Ring “Ungirthed"
Niva "Boy from the sun"
Lushlife "Still I Hear the Word Progress"
Babyoil "Manipulation of the Paradigms"
Blackbird Blackbird "Hawaii"
Teen Daze "Surface"
Shigeto "Lineage"
Lanterns On The Lake "Ships in the rain"
Cadillac "Dreams"



Sun Glitters sound is an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies driven by alternately dense and relaxing beatwork combinations between downtempo and wonky beats.

Boards of Canada, Burial, Balam Acab, Holy Other, Gold Panda.